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  1. 140k, Magic Black Pearl paintwork. MOT May 2013. Still has all the unique and hard to find Anniversary features. Unique Anniversary chequered interior (no tears or rips), Anniversary sliver dials, Anniversary gear knob, smoked front fogs/indicators, smoked side repeaters, smoked rears (16v spec), Anniversary red stripe on recently replaced plastics, all the unique red Anniversary badges included, red brake callipers, as are the correct original factory set of BBS RXII alloys in 16x7 (not the usual Polo GTi alloys seen for sale). Other factory options include Air conditioning and a tilt/slide sunroof, central locking. Tastefully modified, with Spax RSX Coilover suspension, full Scorpion stainless steel exhaust and CAT replacement pipe, the original CAT is included for MOT purposes, super chipped and fast road cam, polished rocker cover. Set of MK5/6 GTI alloys (17”), a de-baged grill, and Hella MK4 style head lights (originals also included in sale). Bodywork is in exceptionally good condition, and has been polished and waxed regularly (using Meguires and Colinite products) there are some small stone chips to front and bonnet that should be expected for its age. It also has the usual MK3 small rust patches on bottom of the boot lid. Car comes complete with a large file of documentation including the original sign off from the dealer, and the original glove-box booklets/folder. Location is Buckinghamshire near High Wycombe. Please note car is currently SORN so no tax. Please contact me for further details/ photos.
  2. Got your money back then? Good old Schuey, spices teh end of a dull race up with tricks again... lets see how this one runs... If they make it stick then it's another Brawn genius stroke, up there with winning the British GP in 98 from the pit lane, serving a 10 sec stop-go penalty! :clap:
  3. Oh for shame Alonso's totalled his car and will be starting tomorrow from the pit lane! That's if they can rebuild a split chassis... :clap:
  4. New rule for 2011..................... random sprinkler systems at each track! :clap: See the F-duct's banned from next year as well... looks like Ferrari's bodge of having to take a hand off the wheel worked...
  5. on the up-side however.... Another wet race??? Oh please please please :notworthy: :clap: :notworthy:
  6. Here we go again... Lots of rules for Ferrari... If you also read about their "Aero" test they have apparently been forced to try out a different chassis becuse of the new re-positioned mirrors... Yeah Right :brickwall:
  7. Thanks for the pointers Andy, but as I'll be "Client facing" I guess I won't get away with anything over 1-2 years old... Spent the weekend doing the rounds of the "local and not so local VAG dealers here... here are my findings.. VW (Citygate- Chalfont) - Sales guy was an arse, left us twice mid-canversation to see to someone else, talked me out of test driving the Scirocco (because it's Sat and we're busy) which was the car I went in to talk about.. then left us for 20 minutes to "get a deal" on the lease.. so we walked out! Stupid as there were 2 other salesmen just "milling" about... :gag: VW (Citygate- Watford) - took the receptionist 15 minuts to come and talk to us and see what we wnated... no saleman approached in that time, took brochures and left. :gag: Skoda - Palmers Watford - Appointment only on Sunday (open 11-4 according to their website though) :gag: Seat - St Albans - Again, shut even though website said Sunday 10-4 :gag: Audi- Amersham - in and out in 30 inutes after getting quotes on an 170ps A3 Sport-back Black edition.. test drive booked for next Saturday. :clap: Seat - Perrys Aylesbury - spent 45 minutes talking to a very nice (probably French or Italian) guy, discounted the Exeo estate as it has less leg room than the Leon! They are trying to see if they can find a Cupra R in group for me to test Drive... :clap: Mercedes - Aylesbury - Went there as has Skoda sign outside but was servicing only, however a really nice sales guy, and found that I could afford a B/C class without stretching my budget! :shock: So in sumary, I have no idea how VW sell any cars judging from my experiences... this was mirrored by a friend who went into VW Milton Keyes to get a mk5 GTi, and was ignored twice, so asked the receptionist for directions to the Audi dealers and walked away from there with an equivalent A3...
  8. Frankly if a company Insignia is the alternative why on earth are you even thinking of anything else? That's a nice car. You need to think about this with your head rather than your (petrol fuelled, funloving) heart. I take it they are much omproved over the Vectra's of old... ? The last one of those I drove tried to kill me John... random moment from the TCS decided I did want to turn left into a tree/ditch when accelerating.. missed both but V.scary!
  9. Yeah the £300 is the allowance we're given in lieu of the Company Insignia... I might just stretch to a low-spec 1.4 Rocco... but that would be dull... May go and see if I can test drive one of the Turvo/Supercharged Golfs... they should just fall into my bracket... and cheap tax too! :clap:
  10. Save me from the Insignia Please! :pukeright:
  11. Lets not also forget the Gas Turbine... another possible route according to some sources... I say Bernie should bring back his Alfa "Fan Car"... :cuckoo:
  12. Well it's lease or company car which seems to be Vauxhall Insignia hatch by the looks of the carpark... No experience of these but if the Vectra I had as a hire car for a week once was anything to go by... :gag: I'm not that "brand bothered" so doesn't have to be VW/Audi... Seat and Skoda look a better option, have found with a quick search an Octavia VRS for sub £300/month... but not sure if that's "maintained"... but then I don't anticipate having it more than 3 years so warranty will cover most stuff? Servicing and "consumables" tyres etc would normally be paid for by me if I was running my own car... Happy to look outside the VAG group... :ignore:
  13. and £300/mth to lease... under a company scheme... Ideas please... don''t know if it has to be diesel yet either... Open to all marques not just VAG... but HAS to be something that will put a smile on my face every morning, and good to drive... So hit me up...
  14. Not sure what to make of 2013's proposed engine regs... 4-cyl, 1.5l, Direct injection, bi-turbo... spoiler! :?
  15. They look even whiter in the photo than when I saw them a couple hours before this was taken! And the car looks more Blackberry in the pic too! :grin: That was probably the most Minging I'd ever seen your car Rob... :pukeright: :norty: Back on a Positive note.. they do suit the Rado much better than I thought they would (being a "JDM" Wheel).. you just need some 312's back there to fill them out now! Good to play catch up.. and it only took me 1.20 to get home by ignoring the Ghey-nav! :clap:
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