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  1. Hi, could I have 4 rollers please ? ( 2 doors) cheers Chris.
  2. Will you have the decals heat pressed on ? Good material for this, as is neoprene.
  3. I needed to go on the full site, not mobile to see it, strange...is there just red font on black mats ? Thanks.
  4. I'm quite a keen golfer, I'm a member of a club and play just about every Saturday and Sunday and a few days in the week when we get more light. We go over to the algarve for four days march/arpril time too. Also do 3 or 4 weekends at different venues around the country. Any of you play ?
  5. I've got a nice cosy garage, that don't help me coming out of work at midnight frosted up though lol.......They look good Jon thanks.
  6. Hi all, Anyone bought a good windscreen frost cover that there happy with ? Quality and fit. Ebay/amazon or other ? Cheers Chris.
  7. Chris! Hope your ok mate. Drop me a txt. 07449924039. Love to get in touch again mate.

  8. Hi Jan, keep me updated on this please. While I'm sending this can you give me a bit of advice please ? I noticed a clicking noise coming from around my timing belt. I took the cover off to find my belt was rubbing on the back plate 026 109 127 c the top edge is rubbing where it's bent over, it's like it springs forwards towards the belt automatically. Should it do this ? How far should the top part of the inner metal cover be away from the belt ? Regards Chris.

  9. Thread resurrection......I purchased a mk3 golf nozzle and tried fitting it this morning, looks identical but really tight fitting, goes half way in then no more, tried tapping it in and putting a touch of washing-up liquid on it but no joy, anyone else had the same problem ? Maybe needs the plastic sanding a little ? Thanks Chris.
  10. 50 next month. Had my G60 for 12 years, it's never missed a beat.
  11. Bilt hamber Hydrate 80 rust killer- barrier system......to start with.
  12. Will.... they push over the top raised edge and drop down behind securing it quite tight. No chance of coming off once clipped in. That's the best way I can explain fitting them.
  13. Hi, I would give new ones a good few Coates of hammerite or similar (Matt,satin or gloss finish) before fitting as these rust in no time. Acf 50 spray (anti corrosion formula) is brilliant too sprayed on after fitting. I've been using acf 50 for a few years now, it's not cheap but it keeps rust away brilliantly.
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