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  1. Good point I could be unwillingly building a small pond for them to sit in - I will probably will just 3m tape to battery inside my thermo battery bag.
  2. I might have to get one of them zip bags !
  3. So have just purchased this for the inline fuses cant see why it should not work. 4 WAY 12V INLINE BLADE FUSE SIDE HOLDER BOX WITH LID + 4 x 20AMP FUSES FU23 | eBay So lets see some good ideas for the relays to be waterproofed members 😀 Or is this the only real solution to buy this and get the cables out the existing relay housing holder? Still the the rears of the cables into relays will still be open to elements . Quality 4 Way Relay Box Holder for Standard 12V 24V 4 / 5 Pin Automotive Relays | eBay Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, Electrics are my weak point to say the least but I know the 3 way fuse and the ralays are open to the elements on this loom so Im looking to waterproof these area . The last picture I have seen on ebay I cant find a 3 way but will that work 4 way water proof box ? Link below. The relay section measures 9.5 cm long x 4 cm wide x 8cm with cabling. - I imagine I would have to cut the box and tape one side ? Anyone have a link for a suitable box ? Thanks in advance. Would picture below work for the inline 3 fuses ?
  5. No 25 on diagram shows you variations . there are some specific to abv and air con and chassis number. Please not this does not apply to RHD vehicles as were added aftermarket at dealers . If your is a LHD and factory fit then your fan controller does not mention air con off etka whereas there are x2 that do specific to ABV code. You need to state more information about your car- AAA ? USA - UK car - chassis number. relay. for vehicles with 2-speed radiator fan VW CORRADO (ilcats.ru)
  6. Keyo

    Indicator Relay

    Will be at gsf very common part mate throughout vag
  7. Keyo

    Indicator Relay

    Just google the part number on ebay loads of Bosch and hella options . I have change all mine and put on white number decals on them for id like factory .
  8. Ive always preferred the RZ version rather then RJ and the curved spokes so finding a set in 16 and correct fitment is the icing on the cake. I saw a white Rado with bmw 15 rz a few years back and it looks the business and is 7 J rather then 6.5 - has a better spoke pattern and also the centre cap is alike to an RS rather then a RM which I prefer. Its really my own take on what a 16 Speedline is for a VR - great little upgrade and been a 4 cylinder late body will fill the arches nice on B12 25 mm drop set up. Also will look fat on the MK2 - its a good solution if you dont want to fork out on rs splits or have the hassle of them getting stolen or polishing as its the closet look - a fake rs dare something like that was not an option as look fake whereas these are quality alloys at a fair price. I thought you had 14 BBS RZ on the Mk2 if you look at a rz and rj you will see there is quite a lot of difference- vag did a proper rz in a 14 but not a 15 or 16.
  9. Good mate I know the e30 basket weave the true RZ as the Corrado RJ but commonly get called the RZ. Are a direct fit for the Mk2+ rado so fingers crossed I’ve fired the gun . TB Sport Germany 16 7j 4x 100 ET25 German manufactured and TUV approved Certificate 16 RZ . Pop out the bmw decal for a BBS and im good to go fingers crossed. Yes in German but look at the detail they give fitting over calipers and weighing them.
  10. Thanks mate I have dropped that wheel on the head. Now looking at another wheel 7 j ET25 4 x 100 for the G60 - this is e30 fitment - 205 45 16 tyre- Im guessing this will be good mate no rubbing ?
  11. Thanks mate do you mean run in as all good no rubbing or meant will RUB for sure ? Cheers.
  12. Hi guys will these alloys work without rubbing - in green the 8j . car is on eibach 25mm lower thanks orange stock bbs RZ For late body g60 4 stud . new alloys are 4x100 Thanks everyone
  13. Cracking motor mate congrats- Mk2 16V is a belter- a car dear to myself owning one off and through three decades . Desirable colour as well Oak Green and 3 dr . Boom !!!
  14. Buy this and buy the other bits of hose from the car factors. https://www.heritagepartscentre.com/uk/021103493a-ventilation-hose-for-vr6-engine.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw7--KBhAMEiwAxfpkWDhHXMCRlSw1uaXEPr4wA39Y4XaTO84qfG8SS6CqY_SPy4C81oLk0xoCGjwQAvD_BwE
  15. Sure I would use both but I avoid the sachs one though unless your willing to by a new pipe off Hel Performance- pretty sure someone had an issue with one- of course I imagine Heritage have a Topran one for the price of a quality one so I would avoid them to ha,.
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