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  1. Keyo

    Fuel hose size

    Thanks Moo. The G60 is back home from Jabba now and just got to change the matrix - do x 2 fuel line- change the coolant hoses and she is good to go once interior back in.
  2. Keyo

    Fuel hose size

    No worries Moo - its all sorted now even fitted x1 - will do the other 2 when i get a chance- the one pipe was horrid i took off - really crusty - essential job .
  3. A quick count of the thread would answer that for you ? However minus me off the list as Im going to make my own this summer as a little project.
  4. Keyo

    Fuel hose size

    Its for my G60 not my VR. Thankyou for all your help - so the 7.3 mm codan is the same thickness as hose no 20 on diagram ? I was going to order the original but just phoned dealers only available in Germany in classics which will take weeks- i can do all three then if the same size. Diagram https://www.ilcats.ru/vw/?function=getParts&market=RDW&model=COR&modelcode=76&year=1994&group=1&subgroup=133&part=38000&pid=3181&language=en Thank You great help on this matter you have been.
  5. Glad you got a set mate .
  6. Keyo

    Fuel hose size

    Ive purchased the hose. Are these clamps a good idea- if this hose is narrower then oe then the stock clamps will be no good i guess. size ABA-SSMINI-13 12,5 14 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132124984649?hash=item1ec3434549:g:30AAAMXQrhdTTD1s stock oe N90686701 spring band clamp size 14 x 12 cc1.jfif
  7. Keyo

    Fuel hose size

    Thanks very much for the good information - mine are not leaking but hard so on borrowed time. a) Please may i ask are the feed and return line 14 and 14a both the same diameter . b) How many meters do i require. c) Can i use the stock size oe butterfly clamps on this hose. d) Does not matter they are not in the moulded shape like oe. Cheers.
  8. Keyo

    Fuel hose size

    Thanks mate can you conform inner diameter for feed and return lines - cheers.
  9. Keyo

    Fuel hose size

    Did this hose work thanks I think you were replacing fuel hose 14A . The engine bay feed and return hoses for a g60 are obsolete, you can get the the single hose on the other still though. 14 and 14a obsolete - 20 available Diagram https://www.ilcats.ru/vw/?function=getParts&market=RDW&model=COR&modelcode=76&year=1994&group=1&subgroup=133&part=38000&pid=3181&language=en
  10. I think the financial point for ex owners is the costs to get them to live on - its not a case of change a couple of bits now many of them need a full restore- paint- rust cut out- and for the money in they could get a nice mk7 gti , bmw etc. part prices wont help either but I imagine for most of the popular cars from that era are mostly following the same pattern. its a case of do you want the costs involved of classic car ownership. English mg and mini have very affordable components and a great aftermarket. Ive always shopped around bargains that can still be had. Here are my last few buys and what sellers want. Me and my mate went halfs. Headlight lenses. I purchased 4 rhd right japan lenses £80.00 a pop each classics + 4 rhd left lenses hella nos germay £65 a pop - now a set of nos lenses will fetch £250 - £300 a set x 4 (1200 ) savings of 620.00 - now everyone mentions fogs and indicators - you can buy these aftermarket lenses but are they ever going to make rhd lenses again - doubtful so now is the time to buy unless you want to pay 200 in the future for x1 pitted lens, 9 nch servo for a mk2 golf ate or none abs corrado - commonly sell second hand for £90 - £120 - or occasionally heritage have in stock for £335.00 - right now autodoc are selling them for £127.00 so i bit the bullet and purchased 2. Its now out of stock just checked at autodoc and they hacked the prices up to 227 for the last couple - could well be the last ever run. Set of obsolete nos mk2 golf hella fog lights. Commonly sell nos for £400 - £600 a set. So you can buy the one unit complete with hella lens for £80 from classics and also buy the other side just the Hella lens for £60 and put that on the old unit. Another great saving and new original parts. These parts have not been purchased as to profit but to make sure I'm not the buyer of the 200 pitted used lens. There are many ways to make savings and make the hobby more affordable - Ive also recycled/ broke a couple of cars and sold old parts and then purchased new parts. Admittedly you ideally need internal domestic, commercial land or agricultural to do this as its an eyesore on a front domestic drive . In regards to rare collectable parts yes they cost a lot but your guaranteed your money back if you sell them on - unless you pay over and above present market value like the 2500 schrick of course.
  11. Ah got you - I sold one for 1500 complete nice condition vht painted last year - saw one sell couple months back for 1300 - lucky sharan breaker !
  12. Yeah he tried it on for 2.5 k at first but seems to dropped price now .
  13. Sometimes you wonder what cars would could of got 😂
  14. A low mileage corrado now unmolested will be worth much more then any engine conversion car- prices in the last three years have seen them sell from 18 - 27 k for a low miler storm and none storms, well documented - 11 k for the r32 is the going rate especially with a set of recaro which sell alone for 2.5 k in a day or two - corrado have not really been inflated by covid tax its just they have reached classic car status and with some folks spending upwards of 10-20- 30 k on renovation they would rather keep the cars then give them away for peanuts- hence price increases for a sorted car. This should be no shock as its just follows the other hot hatch appreciations in other brands - such as the pug- gt turbo etc - many corrado now are valued on agreed insurance for 15 - 25 k so the owners will be covered what they are into the cars renovation in the event of a loss . Mine has an agreed value of 25 k . Of course you can still buy a shed for 3 k but dont forget to add on the five figure renovation bill and 3 year project. You could buy the storm R32 and sell the Recaro on for 2.5 k and buy some stock leathers for just under 500 - and maybe get 1k knocked off the car which makes it around an 8 k car.
  15. Great work mate. Please I dont want to rock the boat but could you please ask if i purchased this would Zak add them to the loom and would he think its ok to use the waterproof relay box . I could post it to him of course. PDF sheet on link https://www.switchelectronics.co.uk/4-way-automotive-relay-box-holder?gclid=Cj0KCQiAq7COBhC2ARIsANsPATFfRS_g_XshgCZyNVEhlD3psUE8bGpfdo_mwQK4nEs53vR4kz4EPTUaAvHYEALw_wcB This 100 percent works as fitted to my one all ready . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294071135212 In total its a £25 add on but worth it imo.
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