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  1. Keyo


    Can someone please find me some 165 mm speakers on ebay for a 4 x 20 way Gamma stock stereo - will not be using an additional amp so want something that is good that can work well with a low amp from stock stereo - I just dont know anything about audio My budget is £60 - £100.00 Thanks
  2. Keyo


    Thanks I will see what they got.
  3. Cool that you can still buy the whole side panels for them and looks like the outer sill is actually part of the side panel. Looking at the price of 15k probably wont be shy off a 15k project so would be better off getting a well sorted one at 20 k ,
  4. Geri is this your old Rallye in Ireland ? https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1206983
  5. Have you got the front Kamei bumper(splitter) chap cant see it on the pictures ? Cheers/
  6. Sure if you own a 16V and a vr6 as classic weekend cars your not going to pick up the keys of the Valver often which will be crap for the car - might as well own another type of classic if your going to own two weekend cars.
  7. Keyo


    Can someone please help me find some 165mm speakers for my pods. I want to retain the original gamma 4 stereo which is only 4 x 20 speakers. Im not after mega sounds and want no additional amps etc - does it say on a speaker spec minimum speaker etc - at the moment I have stadard size Corrado 200 W in the door card alpine 180W in front and 150W in boot and the system sounds fine with the Gamma IV unit. Any help would be much appreciated or a link - budget £60-£80. Cheers.
  8. It is now £ 15.00 membership a year to join and post on threads. You can only post a couple of times if not a member- membership is to support the survival of the the Forum. t700bes is the username of the owner of the site if you have any questions about membership- it would be good to have you on board. Thank You
  9. Keyo


    Oh yes Kamei X1 kits are the business to but takes some bottle to fit one and as rare as.
  10. Keyo


    VSR mate but hard to justify hunting for one when a Schrick is in the bay - paying for the badge really for a VSR (double the cost these days) when Schrick is pretty cool in its own right. - Hey your car is pretty tooled up to so dont pretend your innocent ha - that is it for my car now 😬
  11. Keyo


    😀 Guilty as charged - a set sold earlier this year for £400.00 so was not expecting to win them but happy I did.
  12. It really annoys me when the add has a write up on the Corrado model normally copied and pasted - ok please just let us know what has been done to the car to make it a special as you state. Apparently these auction companies pay good money so if you have a car in bad nick but good to the unknowing eye could be the place to off load.
  13. Wouldn't be surprised if it needed a lot of work . - fake alloys and horrible aftermarket foggs and rear lights- what else trashy has it got- really relying on the 2 owner car comment as its sale point.
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