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  1. As description - they are handed so passenger side thanks . Can still buy them nee but my mate needs one and it will take weeks from classics to arrive !
  2. Keyo

    BBS Center Cap

    Just lever open - I will then use black tiger seal to re seal so it gives a new black back ground top snd bottom of decal . IMG_1461.MOV
  3. Keyo

    BBS Center Cap

    No worries mate -I will probs open the original ones up one day and restore them .
  4. Keyo

    BBS Center Cap

    Or you have the option of buying some reps new. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/1131197423/bbs-badges-70mm-black-silver-centre-caps?gpla=1&gao=1&&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping_uk_en_gb_a-electronics_and_accessories-car_parts_and_accessories-car_accessories&utm_custom1=_k_Cj0KCQjwgO2XBhCaARIsANrW2X1W8UpWO2VK_BKck50TfN7Ttb1FdTc0QdSUIzsBKI16p--oIuQwa4kaAoqeEALw_wcB_k_&utm_content=go_325945488_20231820168_88478017608_pla-106552232915_c__1131197423engb_102858184&utm_custom2=325945488&gclid=Cj0KCQjwgO2XBhCaARIsANrW2X1W8UpWO2VK_BKck50TfN7Ttb1FdTc0QdSUIzsBKI16p--oIuQwa4kaAoqeEALw_wcB
  5. Keyo

    BBS Center Cap

    There used but original bbs genuine - no broken tabs - one is very nice .
  6. Keyo

    BBS Center Cap

    Its known as a 70 mm bbs centre cap - came on RZ Rm and a few others. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/155108480669?hash=item241d2f969d:g:lbQAAOSwAixi7tAw I have got an old set - happy to sell them for the same price with free postage Or I have an excellent new rep set with gold script £40.00 posted.
  7. Met up with Mat today Huntington way- his car is real clean- looks great in Candy white. Running temps on way there 9 am 26 degrees weather- 98 oil and 98 coolant- average 70 - 80 mph. Running temps 13.00 pm 34 degrees weather- 100 - 104 oil - coolant 98 - 105 average 70 - maybe a bit more then 80 mph Average mpg 31.5 . Ass temp on leather off the scale unable to record.
  8. Great upgrade looks the business 👍
  9. Its has been a slow process on the garage build but things have been moving on now - my builders went on holiday so decided to do the slab after doing some research . Did the shuttering at the front then carried on to reinforce the concrete with lattice chairs at the base then mesh on top which gives a double layer tie- also squidgy 15 mm boards used around perimeter to allow for expansion . The concrete poor started at 5 pm 40 newton meter mix- then was was finished buffed off at 10 pm - it has been very challenging with the weather in the 30s- so opted for a pooling cure - wet slab and let the concrete sweat under the white reflective sheeting basically promoting a slow cure time with slow hydration (water escape) curing is what gives the concrete strength and if it dries out to quick you get plenty of cracking and a very powdery surface- only achieve 50 percent of strength as hydration is what causes the chemical reaction. Slab will be left to be pooled for 1 week- with sheets taken off every night- let the slab breath for a couple of hours then hose down and sheets back on. Walls and wall plate will by the on including cantic beams end of next week - then roof trusses delivered Monday and roof completed end of that week. Roof will be constructed with ready made trusses- tiles are Staffordshire clay Dreanoughts manufactured from local the clay pit and fired in the Black country - Arris Hips will be used to match the main roof which give a sharp roof line and low maintenance as you do not need to use mortar to point like a half round just a nail at the top and a dab on the bottom of grabber . Under sheeting I'm using the dreadnought extra thick. Im really in two minds just to paint the concrete blocks white internal instead of plaster boards and plastering. Same for the roof - really cant see no point plastering it - happy for the roof space to be seen and can stack the odd thing or two on the wooden trusses. Popped down the local quarry and they made me up some saddle stones from Granite to put under the base of the oak columns which will be placed on the façade of the front elevation .
  10. Ive loaded the video to the corrado forum facebook page- thats what I will do in the future as its a public page. https://www.facebook.com/john.luke.589583/videos/1118973352060476
  11. That will be because I’ve now got my fb page on private and the forum website does not cater to download a small video clip to the site .
  12. Not me mate i just changed the feed line from filter to bay and the soft hoses on the on the end of the hard lines - take it you have changed out your fpr if you have had fuelling issues - did you leave e 5 or e 10 in the car mate. If this helps this is the fuel line for ends. External . In regards to fuelling old cars- new pump - fpr- lines- and get injectors cleaned - fuel relay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/382558389619 These are the clamps I used. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132124984649 Fuel lines internal tank (sitting in fuel ) let me know and i will dig that out to if needs be.
  13. Check they aint had a nibble on that draughtstrip and built a tunnel - thats how mine got in.
  14. How much HP can EA888 handle? (third Generation TFSI) IROZ Motorsport offers a number of hybrid and big-turbo options for the Gen 3 EA888 engine in the Mk7 GTI, which, when paired with United Motorsport tuning and fueling upgrades, can produce 800+ horsepower.22 Sept 2021
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