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  1. I have heard chris Ferry mention he had manual window parts in the past.
  2. Cool I have read you need to etch primer alloys so now this confirms it.
  3. Cool thanks- I think its fair to say the slave is the good cylinder and the masters are the real pain the ass ha.
  4. Would you mind if asked what paint did you use to spray your box looks very good. I know alloys paint can find it hard to adhere to. Cheers.
  5. I wonder if it has an A on then end as per etka. lol never easy been a corrado.
  6. Thanks mate I have the same issue still got the original one on my car and cant see it- I just want to put in a new slave with the gearbox rebuild - good sign if the sachs is stamped .
  7. Here is a genuine one described as an A on the end of part number as described by etka for corrado , but I cannot see no A on the end of the cylinder on photo. It is an FTE one but surely the stock one was ATE ? https://vwpartsinternational.com/shop/electrical-engine-parts/vw-golf-mk3-vr6-clutch-slave-cylinder-genuine-oem-vw-parts-brand-new-357721261a/
  8. Ok thanks for the info and photos much appreciated is the FTE not ending with an A by chance if it has a vag number - I have a Sachs clutch as well - was the sachs a direct fit ? You would like to think the Sachs one is newly manufactured not a recon like some of the Brembo stuff knocking about any hard press stamps on on the sachs. I believe the fte one to have a wider rod 23.8 mm and ate 23mm - could be wrong though. . Cheers.
  9. Its scary how much things are selling for - x2 window scrapers nos £600.00 not to long ago - glad I got spares in before the massive leap. Pretty scary really as parts more then Porsche from my recent experience of using both OE parts.
  10. More like 1750 then - but a schrick could easily fetch 2k these days in good condition - VSR 3k but I would not be surprised if they are 5k in a couple of years as are so collectable - its not really the performance gains as they are minimum its the collectability which is very much a VW classic thing.
  11. Interesting asking £2000.00 and some are saying bargain complete kit as well. I would not be worried if it was not a complete kit very easily sorted I could get a kit together in a week using aftermarket parts which is what schrick did anyway. My Schrick looked a lot more tidy then this one - I sold it for £1500 to a friend but new myself that shricks if marketed correctly could easily fetch 2 k now . Worldwide audience but for me it was ease of sale and no postage and also help each other out if we need part swapping- I got on o2a box off him last week for VWMS add on box build .
  12. They dont build them like this anymore 276 k miles on original engine. Nice rare body kit to and some fittipaldi. cool motor in my eyes. I know the kits sell for 1.2 k alone https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1990-Mercedes-300TE-Carat-Duchatelet-W124-Sport-Chassis-Last-Owner-21-Years/133714898320?hash=item1f22076d90:g:UNEAAOSwCfBgagVU
  13. Thank You mate I will be buying the ATE one then - iy has the green rubber and from memory the vag one does as well so probably OE supplier. I imagine the TRW is very good as well and only £50 tempted as UK stock.
  14. Ok thanks mate after reading the sachs post it was the union bolt that smapped nothing wrong with the slave - looks like its one of thos parts ready available what a shock - I take it ATE is the OE to Corrado from factory. On the other hand the master is a rare beast I have a nos of them though. Thanks
  15. Hi does anyone know the slave diameter for the slave cylinder on a VR - the part number is 357721261A - but I have seen folks buying ones that do not fit in the past. I have heard the sachs one is not a direct fit to the factory hydraulic line union bolt. I thinking of buying a TRW one which I always thought was a good brand. Has anyone got a genuine used one with ATE ? Might have the ATE part number on it thanks as they also do one. Would this one work says on description Manufacturer Restriction: FTE Diameter [mm]: 23.8 https://www.ebay.co.uk/.../TRW-PJK113-Clutch.../164693871243 Not interested in Febi or Topran when TRW and ATE are available. Also seen this says 23 mm ATE is this the OE one. 23,00 Construction year to:07/1995 ATE:Slave Cylinder, clutch Item number:24.2523-0908.3 Our price:78,96 £ Manufacturer part number:24.2523-0908.3 Manufacturer:ATE EAN number:4006633275156 Condition New Use number: ATE 040049 https://www.autodoc.co.uk/ate/194702 Thanks
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