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  1. Nightmare rescue have saved me a couple of times as well ! Have you got a fault reader ? Got any codes coming up ?
  2. To check the windscreen tray under the x3 plastic trims. One screw on the left trim and one screw on the furthest right trim. Just carefully lift unclip each trim by lifting up. Under there is a tray a cm or two wide and see if it is full of crap. You will need to take the passenger side off any way to get to the heater fan grill cover for inspection.
  3. Bloomin hell didn't know that I really need to read my manual.
  4. Have you inspected under all three plastic trims that meet the windscreen there is a channel that blokes up. This was the cause of Robs leak, he only took the plastic trim off above the heater gasket but the other two where blocked underneath with debris. Water will find its a way in without a door membrane. Personally I would park your car nose downwards as all the electrics are at the front of the car, want the water to work it way through the drains by means of gravity.
  5. Your loss mate £15,00 to post a year is pennies- does not cost anything to look at threads so just be thankful paying members subsidise your ability to look on the forum and keep it alive. . Good luck searching for anything on FB and the uneducated advise. A Community is something where every one chips in by the way.
  6. Like the lights - has anyone noticed at the moment a fair few well sorted Rados like above have come on the market and seemed to have increased the over all value considerably and not even peak season for selling a car. .
  7. Have taken them to the powder coater yet? The coolant bottle holder/ fan control unit that comes in two pieces is a good one to do and also the bonnet strut.
  8. Sean are you taking your new heat shiel to the powder coater ? I did as it clearly does not get affected by heat just rust ha.
  9. Literally is just a bit of rubber with adhesive on the back. It will stop the corners of the spoiler getting scratched, I put mine back on with a combination of double sided 3m tape and tiger seal. No 19 on diagram. As mentioned one is still available but silly money for what it is. Also has a sticky pad underneath it. .http://www.oemepc.com/vw/part_single/catalog/vw/markt/RDW/modell/COR/year/1995/drive_standart/76/hg_ug/827/subcategory/152010/part_id/3688633/lang/e
  10. Thanks to Tony one link down and one to go, come on you little hoarders who has four in a drawer that will out live them. Drivers wiper securing nipple 536955216 the nipple behind the motor.
  11. Just got it off chap with little difficulty as it was from a spare mech off the car so had good access. will drop you a whatsapp now as still got your moby.
  12. Sound Tony I've just got to get the link off the mech first mate and never done it before how do you get it off mate any ideas ? My email same issue as you chap.
  13. I can tell you a part that some of you may never have spotted that might well be missing. There should be a rubber buffer either side under your spoiler on each corner. Amazingly one side is still available for a whopping 16 euro for a wee bit of rubber.
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