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  1. hi. Do you have the link for the repair clip and new bush? These should be plastic and not rubber though. As as a temp solution I popped it back on and used a heat hub to slightly melt the bush around the ball joint. Holding well so far.
  2. or if anyone has bought one but never fitted and would like to sell it I would appreciate it
  3. No plans for tidying things up on that front. Already done brake re-furb, bearings, new suspension and break-lines, BIAS valve so really only doing axle bushes on this occasion.
  4. Hi everyone, Replacing rear axel bushes shortly with powerflex ones. My question is what other parts am I likely to need to do the bolts? Brake BIAS valve is in good shape so no issue there, what other bots etc... should I order up to complete the job? Rear axel has never been dropped FYI. thnx Pete
  5. Due to a crazy year ahead (house / job and baby) I will realistically be unable to dedicate as much time to The VR6 Owners Club (www.vr6oc.com) in 2017, and also some of our team will be retiring from the VW scene. With a massive reach on social media (around 30,000 + on facebook) and a member base of 15,000 members we are still very much growing, with the recent launch of iOS and Android apps to allow members to access the community on the move in a format that is almost second nature to us in this day and age! It is time for a change and fresh ideas from a new generation. I will still be involved in the form of a webmaster taking care and developing the website / features and mobile platform applications but will be taking a step back from other activities during 2017 and possibly beyond from events, and day to day running of the club. Essentially looking to forming a new team with a modern approach for a modern club. I am looking to fill positions for the following; Club Chairman Event Organisers Shop Manager Social Media Managers Forum / Website Admins Website Content Creators I am really looking for people who can hit the ground running and have had prior experience running clubs in the past. you must have the time to dedicate to this active and large club and be regularly attend events - other positions are available that do not require this experience though. Preferably people who are interested should be computer literate and be comfortable with moderating a forum, posting content on a content management system, promotion of website via social media etc... If anyone has any questions, or is genuinely interested then please feel free to reply below :cheers: Cheers everyone :) Pete
  6. I neeed these myself, where did you order from? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Yeah that would be great mate - Id prefer to down this route and give it a go before having to go through the haste of doing the whole head-lining! I will measure up my new sunroof panel and let you know how much I will need ! cheers Pete
  8. As above, I have acquired a mk3 inner sunroof panel to go with my moon roof conversion. material on mk3 panel is different from standard corrado panel. What are my options? What material can I use so it matches? My thoughts were removing material off an existing headlining and having it re-trimmed - thoughts or can I get the exact same material somewhere? Cheers Pete
  9. Great day. 13 cars on the club stand and cars on the track. I managed put down a 14.0 @ 104mph More photos here: https://www.vr6oc.com/forum/gallery/album/101-gti-festival-2016-rwyb/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Weather forecast cool but dry ! perfect strip action :D Bring on Sunday! Still have a couple of spaces left too on the stand for any last minute folk.
  11. Yes have been building it with a view of racing with VWDRC. So will see what it has to give. I do need to think about meth and oil cooler too at some point but 294bhp will be enough for now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Supercharger AND a 3.68 final drive :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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