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  1. I've sent you a PM. Many thanks Si
  2. Hello there, right I've had a good look through my spares and have got some new black rubber mount buffer's, and new metal safety speed nuts. I've double checked regarding the round metal spacer sleeves, but don't have any of these spare I'm afraid. Let me know if you want both item's for £15, this is for x4 rubber mount buffer's & x4 safety speed nuts. or just the x4 safety speed nuts for £4 Si
  3. Hello mate, yeah these 3 item's in question are fitted to the 8v 16v MK2 Golf GTi, the 16v Passat, and the 16v's & G60 Corrado's. The Corrado 8v & VR6 only have the one fuel pump in fuel tank so these fixings are not used on this setup. All the others listed above have 2 fuel pumps so need these fixings, for the fuel swirl pot cradle support bracket. Si
  4. Another thread here I've found from 2014 giving advice on the boost return valve. Si Also found this guide for removing the boost return pipework. http://www.corradog60.co.uk/guides/boost-return-removal.php
  5. I've been looking on the VW Classic Parts site to see if there's any other information, this is what I found. Pulley with part number 027 145 255 (overall width/thickness 11mm to 12mm) diameter of whole pulley 98mm Pulley with part number 051 145 255 (overall width/thickness 19mm to 20mm) diameter of whole pulley 95mm hope this helps si
  6. I found this old thread off this Forum from 2006 regarding the SWG set up. Si
  7. Hello there, I can't promise anything but I might have a few spare, but possibly only of the black rubber mount buffer's and the metal safety speed nut clips, the round metal compression spacer sleeves I've only got the one new set, that I've used on my new set up. The black rubber mount buffer's are part number 191 201 274 (I might have some of these) ?? The metal safety speed nuts are part number 191 201 280A (I might have some of these) ?? The round metal compression spacer sleeves are part number 191 201 278A (I'm 95% sure I don't have any of these spare unfortunately) But will check. I'll have a look tomorrow in my spares and see if I've got any of the item's in question. Si
  8. Hi Dox, yeah kind of the 3 item's in question attach to the cradle bracket and help it to remain fixed to underside of car once bolted up. Si
  9. I think the bolt will pivot against the black fork like bracket that we can see the bolt going through. Looks to me as if you've got the early type pulley on, that should have a spacer plate behind it to kick it out more, i.e making it level with your crankshaft pulley. I've had a quick look on ETKA but it doesn't list the spacer plate, but does show it in the diagram. Early pulley 027 145 255 should have spacer plate with this one, as this pulley has a shallow centre. Later type pulley 051 145 255 this has a raised offset centre, making it kick out level with crankshaft pulley. The spacer plate is not required for this pulley. This is all I can think of unless the power steering pump is new and slightly different, or has been bolted up differently, but I can't see it's that because the adjustment bolt and bracket all line up. Hope this helps Si
  10. I might paint the swirl pot black not sure yet. I've painted the cradle bracket but will definitely paint that black as a final coat. Si
  11. Also wasn't happy with the original OEM rubber mountings as they made the swirl pot hang down a little too low for my liking, to be honest it wasn't that bad, but preferred it to sit/hang a bit higher up, so I got a Polly bush and cut off 4 pieces roughly about 10mm thick, just had to shape them correctly to fit how I wanted. Plus used longer bolts with an extra lock nut to be save. Si
  12. I've been meaning to update this but been busy, anyway here are some photos of the bracket that needed moving back a bit for the fuel accumulator, as it was too close to the rear axle beam bush bracket. It now fit's perfect. Si
  13. Good to see it's still alive and kicking, nice one 👍 Si
  14. Cressa that paint finish looks top notch Si
  15. Yeah I believe so just the lift pump and the strainer, plus the small adapter, are used on the MK2 16v golf also from roughly 1990 to 1992 VW Heritage had those 3 items on the shelf when I ordered them, but the rest is special order from Classic Parts. Si
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