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  1. I spoke to Julian or Chris I think in sales at VW Heritage back in 2018, made enquiries about the left side one as it was listed on VW Classic Parts site, also asked regarding the right side one which wasn't and possibly still isn't listed on their site, was told that it is available and looked like Classic had remade them back in 2017/18, also was told there's early and late type air guides, as they had them listed for G60 including the air duct guide tube/s. Might still be worth giving Heritage a call just in case, other than that it's like what Keyo has said could be obsolete again. Hope this helps Si
  2. Fuel accumulator bracket like I say has since been moved back in a more central position that fits much better. I'll upload new photos of how it looks now. I was so busy with work last year just didn't have the time to complete it. Si
  3. This is what I got made, this is a photo from late 2018 but the fuel accumulator bracket was too far forward, so has since been moved back as it was too close to rear axle bush bracket. Si
  4. Yeah I know they're not cheap. Si
  5. Hello mate, yes I managed to get one made by a fabricator I know who made it out of alloy. Cheers for the link I'll have a look at their website 👍 Si
  6. The above is a photo of my old plastic fuel swirl pot that has seen better days really. Thanks to Toby we can upload photos again 👍 Si
  7. I reckon that'll be a good project but will possibly need a fair few things replacing as it's been stood for 13 years. The blue smoke will probably be oil and white smoke could be coolant, so yes there's a possibility the engine might need looking at ? Si
  8. Hello and welcome back to the Forum, good to hear you're back in the Corrado saddle 👍 Si
  9. Link to thread I posted on late last year: http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?108683-Ignition-lead-plastic Si
  10. Yes as stated above all 3 items are available on Ebay from VW Parts International, think they're based in Lincolnshire. I've also checked on VW Classic Parts site, there's only the one plastic HT guide piece available now from them. Shouldered nut 021 133 915B still available Front plastic HT guide piece 021 133 917 Obsolete (was available last year) Rear plastic HT guide piece 021 133 918 still available Side plastic HT guide, fits above distributor / coil pack 021 133 919B Obsolete (was available last year) Si
  11. Hello there, welcome back to the Corrado Forum, starting to get the Corrado itch again :thumbleft: Si
  12. I think the very early first Corrado's from 1988 possibly up to early-ish 1989 were fitted with the 5 speed MK2 Golf gearbox, whether that was cable or hydraulic in 1988 ? They suffered ill matched gear ratios, so quickly changed to the Passat 5 speed gearbox, which matched the car and engines better in the Corrado at the time. The MK2 Golf gearbox has a close gear ratio, so is very quick off the mark, but the top end in 5 gear wasn't low ratio enough, but in the Passat VW I think preferred the longer gear ratios, which is why the Corrado feels more like a Grand Tourer (GT) cruiser, 3rd gear is especially well matched in this Passat box, it really allows you to use the power for a lot longer before changing up, whereas the MK2 Golf box you'd be changing gear a lot sooner. In my Corrado 2.0 16v I can cruise in 5th gear at 30MPH, whereas in my old MK2 Scirocco which used the MK2 Golf box, I'd have to change down to 4th. This is what I've read and from my own personal experience with these two gearbox set ups. Si
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