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  1. £53 here: http://www.vwspares.co.uk/product_info. ... cts_id=574 I only ever heard of them coming as one complete unit!
  2. was8v

    2.8 or 2.9?

    Passats also got the 2.9 didn't they?
  3. Is this for a VR6 or 4cyl? Vr6 I believe you have to jack the engine up out the way as the sump is in the way of one of the bolts. Duh just noticed G60 in your sig so you won't have that problem.
  4. was8v

    Engine Mounts

    Front mount is dead easy, support engine on jack and replace. Cheap from GSF too. Don't drive hard or far - some VR6s have a "reverse" dent in the bonnet where the engine hits the inside from having a broken front mount! Should notice an improvement in gearchange and smoothness when you replace them.
  5. was8v

    Car Ramps

    You should look at getting an account with royal mail for the business. For small(ish) packets you weigh your own and print labels. Then a postman picks up the mail once a day. either that or https://www.myhermes.co.uk/wps/portal/PN_CTR/ £7 postage is a big barrier for smaller items. I'd be interested in some extensions (I use a scrap of floorboard at the moment!)
  6. I had an injector stick open causing a missfire on one of my VR6s. The engine made a loud knocking noise as you describe (must have been the petrol causing bore wash and causing piston slap? it was a pretty scary noise to be honest and I thought the worst). Once I replaced the injector it was as smooth as silk!
  7. a wee bit of Corrado history that one times and owners haven't been kind for that one :( robbed of its black leather recaro interior and replaced with an early cloth interior This is my old car!!!!!! - I bought in Oct 07 and sold feb 09. I did a lot of work to it (mainly suspension and niggles) and the PO to me did lots of engine work (replaced chains and tensioner etc). It just needed cosmetically tidying a bit when I sold it. PM me for more if anyone is interested in buying it.
  8. Great news! Don't talk to me about water pumps. Just make sure the one you are putting in is a genuine one. I got the change down to 50 minutes after doing it 3 times within a couple of months due to pattern parts.
  9. Thats sounds great and would easily that would get £1500-2k! Then you can walk into the dealership and get a straight sale on a new car. The scrappage scheme isn't all its cracked up to be. My father went into a Land Rover dealer after a new Freelander 2, list 22k in the spec /options he wanted. He gets them down to 19k. He then said "righto another grand off for my scrappage car". The dealer shook their head and said scrappage scheme is 2k off full list - so same car would be 20k with scrappage and 19k with no scrappage. Nuts, just proves car dealers prefer the easy life and will still give a better deal on a straight sale.
  10. I had a wobbly gear stick on my last Corrado and it was the bolt that secures the cable end to the selector on top of the gearbox (with the shift weight on it). The weight was waggling around - just needed tightening.
  11. If you can get that lot done for £1500 I'd be very surprised. Lol so would I unless you can do it all yourself. Thats what I did with my last C and would do with the next. Unless I saw one for sale that had already had it all done recently :) Yes you could just buy a TT :lol: - but its just not the same, not as special as a Corrado. Yes it drives better and is much more comfortable and safer, but its just a little dull. My head still snaps round whenever I see a Corrado, I will get another VR6 sometime...
  12. The cars going to be tired at this age at any price. Buy at £1500 with decent MOT, fit new suspension bushes all round, new dampers and engine mounts, new fuel filter, full service and bleed new fluid through the brakes. A tank of V-power and it should drive like new then and better than a £3000 car. Then buy all the annoying missing little bits of trim and nicer seats off here :)
  13. was8v

    Rear ABS ring??

    Best to fit new ones - if you refit the old ones its pretty likely they will fall off again after a few months (happened to me) and then you have to take the hub apart again to fit new ones.
  14. I went from a Corrado Vr6 to an Audi TT 225 Coupe. Not as practical as a corrado (useless rear seat and boot space), but faster and much more comfortable. Handling is very good but can be improved with the addition of defcon front wishbone upgrade bushes. Now if only i could get the damn oil pressure warning to stop going off all the time when the pressure is fine :mad2:
  15. How did you diagnose that! Is it the hall sensor in the dizzy thats gone? I hear they cause lots of funny problems with G60s
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