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  1. I saw the dyno plot and it was definitely 298bhp, as he said, not the most reliable engine and needs very regular stripdowns, also changes rear tyre every 1000 miles - can't see the point to be honest but it was an expeience being on the back of it. Apparently he's had four numberplates ripped off by sheer air pressure at some seriously silly speeds
  2. Bumped into a friend of a friend this evening and ended up on the back of his bike for a quick spin. Seem to remember him telling me it was a 1997 Suzuki Bandit - must admit my brain got squashed with the force of 298BHP from a bike, full nitrous and a whole lot more - first time I have ever been genuinely frightened on the back of a bike
  3. ....lots of new SEAT Leons should be around, dealer launch event, centred around one of the big hotels in Newbury
  4. I have used a TomTom Go for about 6 months - pretty accurate but does sometimes send you the long way round, you have to ignore about 4commands to turn around before it will re-route you. I would not be without mine now but I always carry a map as well
  5. Had a new windscreen fitted to my Aqua G60 - small stone chip on Tuesday developed into big crack. Autoglass said they had made a mistake and ordered a screen with graduated top tint - would I mind if they fitted it anyway - errrr NO. Idiots advised that I needed new wiper blades when I picked it up - strange as I had only fitted new ones half an hour before taking the car into them
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