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  1. I would not see a problem with a Corrado as a daily. Couple of years without a Corrado now but can draw some comparison with one of the other cars in the household. 1998 E36 328i, 124k on the clock and its used as a daily by the OH. Feels more solid than my 6 month old Mondeo If you buy the right car then there should be no issue
  2. Most critical stamp in an M3's service book is the oil change at 1500 miles. Driven a few E46 M3's - immensely capable car but ultimately dull - at safe speeds on the public road they not stretched so ultimately quite boring to drive - anyone can drive an M3 quickly on the road - wheres the challenge in that had a good friend who bought a new E46 M3 - sold after six months and bought a Civic Type R, said it was more fun as you had to actually drive it rather than just point it
  3. It has got a heated rear screen though - wow Audi has not really lost the plot price wise - merely taking advantage of lots of idiots prepared to pay stupid money for a merely well designed car with slick marketing - if you were in business and able to sell everything you made would you not also push the prices up
  4. I know a reasonable amount about them. Designed by Alfa Romeo and built by Zagato - most people believe Zagato designed it but they had nothing to do with the styling Based on a shortened 75 floorpan, rear 5 speed transaxle, 3 litre 12 valve engine (basically the same spec as the South Africa only Giugario GTV V6) produced 210bhp Often referred to as Il Mostro (the monster) or its internal title ES30 Build quality was chronically poor, topped out at about 145mph but was a fabulously well balanced car Just over 1000 produced all in LHD between 1989 and 1991, only official colour was red with tan leather About 250 RZ roadsters were also produced between 1992 and 1994, in either black, red or yellow although I believe a couple were made in silver and white The SZ was approx £50 when new, nice examples are now around the £25k One of my all time favourite cars and close to the top of my "must own one day" list
  5. All sorted, discovered a small split in the insulation of the wiring to the coil pack plug, obviously creating a short - re-wrapped and running better than its ever done
  6. Alfa forums are like morgues so thought I'd try here in the hope that someone might be able to suggest something. The Alfa has acquired a misfire - it runs individual coil packs (£90 a throw). Changed MAF, plugs and crank sensor (all were on the "to do" list anyway) and still there Acquired a used but tested set of coil packs and changed them over - misfire still there but have isolated the problem area to be cylinder number 3. Every time a perfect coil pack is put there and car is started the coil pack cracks - I honestly have not got a clue what the problem is / may be Any ideas / suggestions gratefully received?
  7. Eunos is the name used for the MX-5 in the Japanese domestic market, easy to spot one as the rear number plate recess is square whereas EU spec cars are rectangular
  8. For the time he spent on your car that is seriously cheap
  9. All three cars washed and interior cleaned every week without fail, the BM and Alfas wheels come off every fortnight so arches and rear of wheels can be cleaned. Every wash involves all door, bonnet and boot shuts, underside of doors etc - if done regularly it only adds a couple of minutes to a normal wash as they never get truly dirty. Tailpipes and silencers of BM and Alfa polished every week and nderside of both are snow foamed and jetwashed weekly. Always dried using drying towels, windows cleaned monthly (at worst), all cars fully clayed, machine polished, polished, waxed / sealed twice per year Sad maybe but I find it relaxing - immediate resultys for your efforts and whilst doing that I'm not thinking about the crap of everyday life
  10. Good show, terrible organisation in terms of car parking and entry. Standard of the cars was not up to previous years but there was more diversity and less of everyone following the same trend. Great to have Corozin visiting us (great curry was consumed) and Noah got to travel in a Corrado again - he did upset a few owners in the car park who were getting out of a questionable Golf and he told them that they had a chav Golf - not bad going for a 3 1/2 year old
  11. First VW show for over a year for me this weekend - this time I'll be attending as a non VW owner as well - looking forward to it - been to every Ultimate Dubs and its a good season opener
  12. Yes it does - whilst it uses the same floorpan as the Mk4 Golf the slightly longer front overhangs provide fractionally more space
  13. Was lucky enough to get out and drive the above yesterday. Uses the Carrera 4S body but retains rear wheel drive only, the 402bhp engine thats a £8k+ option on the S etc etc Car I drove was a PDK version and have to admit to being seriously impressed with the smoothness of the changes, you often only knew it had changed gear by the display telling you it had, thank goodness Porsche have relented and provided paddles though, much better to use than the buttons fitted previously. Managed to have a play with the Launch Control - hit Sport Plus and LC buttons, foot on the brake and when you're ready release - absolute perfect launch (even on gravel). Definitely an onion type of car - you can drive it quickly and safely but to really get the best out of it would require you to strip away the layers, each one revealing new characteristics and abilities - not a car you'd get bored of quickly The 911 might not have the glamour of other cars in that sector of the marketplace but I walked thinking that its exactly where I'd sink my £90k if I had it to spend on a single car
  14. Has anyone ever stopped and wondered how hard the person in the other car was trying or how capable that person is behind the wheel. Just because you can keep up with someone is not the same as having a car that is relatively close in performance terms.
  15. Apologies - I meant the Mk5 Fiesta - was launched in 2002
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