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  1. Hi Fla, not sure why, but I can't comment on my own thread any more.

    Car is still well, just had a bit of a rebuild and a charger fitted.

    If I can work out how to post on the thread again, I'll get some photos up.

    1. fla


      good to hear from you and thanks for the update. I'm sure others will be interested too. Its subscription now but only £15 per year so well worth it.

      What charger and what kind of setup? Did you sell the dash and the rest of the interior?

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  3. Got the bay finished...for now [/url] The bonnet and slam will get painted soon. Unfortunately, it failed the MOT though: Wiring loom hanging down on the passenger side - didn't know it could fail on that, so I hand't bothered refitting the passenger side lower dash. Headlight out of alignment. Both very quickly remedied and for the first time in 10 years, it's fully road legal! Will get some shots of it out in the wild, but for now this is all we have...
  4. There was still the 6 branch on it, but the scrap yard was very small with next to no room and there was no way I was having the car up in the air to access the exhaust. The wheels were still on it, but the one closes the fuel tank filler had actually warped due to the heat. Next pic isn't for the squeamish...
  5. Pains me to say this, but I recently found this one in a scrap yard. It appears it caught fire on the M5, there wasn't a lot left of it. I did, however, manage to rescue the supercharger, fortunately the fire seemed to stop just after the bulkhead.
  6. So Been a bit lax on getting the updates done. Spent a fair bit of time on the interior, getting all the wiring in and working. Starting to look a little more like it should here... Also, got the engine bay finished off. Unfortunately, the slam panel was damaged and the bonnet latch wouldn't operate correctly. Just as well we kept the original slam panel off the first Corrado! Also, the underside of the bonnet appears to be blue, that'll be a fair weather job. Now most of the wiring is proven, the interior started to go back in And finally, after (what feels like) months of work, it's finally back down on it's wheels. Tracking and camber need looking at, but not enough to stop a quick test drive around the block. Must be the furthest that car had been driven in the best part of a decade! MOT is booked for next week, fingers crossed!
  7. So, it's taken a while, but we managed to get the dash out without damaging it. It was really in there! Next thing to come out was the engine. There sure were a lot of modifications on it, can't believe he managed to get it running with 12v management! Unfortunately, there were a lot of holes drilled in the bulkhead to allow aircon etc, which is a little confusing as the air con condenser was removed from the bock. Either way, after about a day of welding, the replacement engine was ready to be swapped across You may notice that the inlet manifold is missing, that's because Paulina has been very busy on it Next we moved into the interior, took a while, but I managed to swap out all the modified wiring for standard. Then the carpet went in and for the first time in a long while, the dash
  8. Thanks Guys. fla - the interior will be up for sale once we've got it all out. I'll let you know as and when. The plan is to restore it as much as possible, but there will be a few mods here and there. The original VR had heated leather and the engine was strong, so all of that will find its way into the Storm. There is a good chance that the coilovers and wheels that Doug fitted will be staying, the look has very much grown on us! There is a bit of a deadline with this too, as Paulina is currently using my Mk2 (soon to be R32'd) to commute to work in as her Corrado is off the road. The tax runs out at the end of November and I don't want to re-tax it, so no pressure there... And if anyone was wondering what was going to happen to the 8v shell, it's going to one of our friends, who is going to turn it into a 20v track car.
  9. So, a few of you may remember this particular car, it spent a fair amount of time in this thread, undergoing quite the transformation. This story starts about 3 years ago when we bought my (now) wife, Paulina, a Corrado VR6. Little rough around the edges, but mechanically it was sound and we didn't have a huge amount of money. Went well for a couple of years Unfortunately, when we started looking at the bodywork, it transpired the car had been hit, and repaired with about an inch of body filler! Upon further inspection, it had been hit quite a bit, whoever done the repair work was some kind of genius with the filler, we couldn't tell, but we also couldn't get a magnet to stick to about 40% of the car! Needless to say, it had to go, after looking around, we found an 8v Corrado with running issues, then proceeded to re-shell the VR into it. While the car is very tidy and basically a standard VR, the insurance company see it as a massively modified 8v and decided to quadruple our premium! Anyhow, we paid up and have been running the car for 6 months now. That was until talking to Baz a couple of weeks ago, when he mentioned he had a Corrado with an R32 motor in that required some attention. Now, I'm looking for a load of Corrado bits to for a Mk2 Golf R32 conversion and he suggested breaking the car for the parts. That's when we found out it was a Storm, a plan started forming and a deal was struck. So, last weekend we had a delivery Which went straight into the workshop The interior was very well done and would be great once finished. However, this is a resto, so Paulina wasted no time in pulling it out Very happy to see that everything came out cleanly and all the standard fixings are in place. Hopefully next weekend things will start to move across
  10. Cheers! Do me a favour and remind me about this on the 8th if you're still after some. There's a good chance I'll have forgotten by then!! Thanks Dave Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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