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  1. I swopped my fan connectors to mk4 ones. Both sides. I've got some pics and part numbers in my build thread, if that makes it any easier?
  2. Might be easier to take them to a local garage (if you can find one thats open!) and they'll likely have a say 2 ton press to press them out easily. The bearing may separate during this process and will need changing
  3. I would leave it to an alarm guy tbh. I converted mine to OBD2 which wasnt too bad but the way the alarm wiring is done is quite fiddly. I had the original scorpion alarm and replaced it with a Toad A606i, which he comfortably installed after neatly removing the Scorpion. Then again i'm sure you're far better than me at electrics Easypops (not hard tbh!)
  4. fla

    Davina air con

    excellent work there Cressa! And yes i agree the Mk3 switches look and fit better than the diavia ones
  5. Couldn't you drill and retap, or use a helicoil Tony? If you get stuck I've got a spare set of mk4 rears
  6. yep i made a similar tool using wiper blade metal inserts - takes a bit of time to make but because the connectors are just so small it is still pretty fiddly to de-pin them. Useful post Keyo on the vw headlights relay - where or how is this wired up? Is there a slot on the relay panel it can plug into? Would be ideal if it does! Thanks for sharing. Btw it looks like this relay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283740920408
  7. yep absolutely. I have been chasing the rattles in my car for about 10 years now and there are still loads there - one is the damn plastic strip on top of the doorcard that i cant find a proper solution for. Anyway, your cars do look absolutely great - nice touch to show a video as well as some pics.
  8. Good to know some are still around. Does seem a shame that Rams' has changed hands so much. It did look superb when he had it.
  9. How much would you be looking for for the H&Rs Keyo? Any pics by any chance?
  10. These and the LM reps really do look good.
  11. Many thanks for that. I think i'll go out and buy every single one on the shelf and hoard them! Seriously though, did he mention any specific advantages, or indeed did you notice any difference? Just for my understanding..
  12. Great pics and an interesting update. Just to clarify, the Bosch plugs Vince suggests under a schrick are these ones:FR7KPP33+? When i fitted my schrick i replaced my old ones with the NGKs, wish i'd known about these before. Never mind, next service change...
  13. Just wondering the whereabouts of any of these again. Would be nice to see some pics if the owners are on here
  14. fla

    VR6 Baffled sump?

    Many thanks Shaun. Did you need to get the oil conditioner sensor too or was the sump completely sealed? Also, did you use the original sump gasket or just some sealant?
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