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  1. I think we could machine that if one were available
  2. Anywhere in the engine bay should be fine to allow sufficient cooling. As long as they're not too near any plastic. Some screws to hold the resistors in place might be easier than sticking them. It'll help with cooling too as well as being easier to replace if necessary
  3. That seems to make sense. The power rating might be written on the fan but i guess a fair assumption would be a 15amp power draw tops. P=VI so 15x12 =180w resistor power rating.
  4. Thats great info, thanks Hasan
  5. Do you mean he's looking to sell the business?
  6. which is that 5 stud wheel? Looks like a smarter version of the speedlines, plus it is concave which i prefer.
  7. Some great info there. Confirms my(and others' ) thoughts of resistors stepping down the speeds inside the motor. If you dont mind would you be able to measure the resistance of each of the resistors there? I'm thinking of making another loom with the same resistances to mimic the operation with slimline fans. My current setup means i have speed 1 = 1 fan, speed two = 2 fans slow speed from fan control module, speed three = 2 fans high speed from fan control module Your skills are more than sufficient to rebuild it to a better standard than it was originally! Hasan
  8. fla


    oh ok. He obviously likes his sebrings as i cant imagine that being very easy or cheap to do. That said, they must rank as one of the nicest 17inch rims, albeit on a Rallye. Would be good to see them on a Corrado Edit: just done a search and they seem to be 18"
  9. fla


    Those look incredible! How would you get them banded?
  10. These pics seem to have disappeared. Any chance you could post up again please? My shifter surround has the same issue! Hasan
  11. Hi Philly, that would be great. Would you mind sending me some pics of the components first? We can then see which ones we would likely be able to make and then take it from there Hasan
  12. Would be worse if your name wasn't even Richard!
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