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  1. No the gearbox will bolt up fine
  2. great work and excellent pics too.
  3. I love the way Graham raises the bar and then goes above it himself!
  4. That would be a shame - many timewasters there unfortunately
  5. does anyone know the Furniture Clinic corrado beige colour code?
  6. did this sell then? Awesome build thread
  7. did you manage to scan it for error codes?
  8. Could you add this to the wiki at all? I'd be interested in seeing it. Shame about the Canadian Corrado site - some cracking info there, that seems to have been lost forever. Tried searching on the wayback machine but couldn't find anything. Dennis there was a real corrado genius, and also seemed like a nice helpful chap too.
  9. you could just use the AAA manifold - low end torque is improved somewhat with a small sacrifice at the top end. That's how i ran mine until i fitted the schrick
  10. Excellent work there oneohtwo! I'll be making one of these and compare with the existing loom i have as to which is better - and quieter!
  11. funny you mention the pantera - just watching some vids of old and modernised ones. Stunning car That and the new ferrari-engined lancia stratos. i'd love to buy a kit car of one of these as i'd never be able to afford a real one!
  12. Thanks Tony. Ive registered it on their website but don't really expect anything to happen. Are they likely to check for fingerprints or shall i move the car and get a new cat? I need to put the corrado on ramps to do the crossmember bushes but as this might take a few days I'm kind of in two minds now... Nice to hear of jacks collapsing on these scum, though
  13. thanks guys. I knew something was up as the door handle seemed a bit tacky underneath, where they'd obviously tried opening it. No obvious damage as it was close to the kerb, but i'll jack it up on the driveway and have proper look, A very clean cut on the downpipe where they've cut it off, so obviously experienced gits Hasan
  14. Good pics to use as a reference to how panels etc should actually sit when fitted. Chris had such incredible knowledge on the Corrado, literally to the nth degree.
  15. Nicked from the Yaris yesterday afternoon! Pretty brazen. Neighbours Ring doorbell picked up literally 3 seconds of video. How do you report this, who to, and is it even worth it? Replacement cost isn't too bad, just a hassle. There have been a few pikeys roaming around recently asking if we want our driveway cleaned... Thanks Hasan
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