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  1. Well the windscreen leak on mine meant that the soundproofing was soaked. Id made up some new pads with some mlv and closed/open cell foam. Decided to make up another foam piece to cover the raised profile in the rear and then stick the mlv on top. Just cut roughly with scissors but in the summer I'll do the other side properly with a knife. Carpet needs a good clean,, but again needs some nice weather to allow it to dry properly. The blue trim on the rear carpet piece ran and made a nice bluish green tracing on the edge. I hope it comes out..
  2. Good to see you back EJ, you used to give some great input related to car audio (among other corrado areas). This build should be truly amazing - always liked the r36 and truth be known i wouldnt mind a CC or Passat with it. Knowing your attention to details with your interior builds, i'm sure this will also be superb
  3. fla

    Davina air con

    Its on the passenger side undertray and the thermocouple goes into the piping housing insulation in front of the evaporator. I think some cars (like yours) just had a sensor in the outlet duct. I was hoping someone could explain whether the new thermostat could be installed if at all..
  4. fla

    Davina air con

    According to Bentley, the aircons with non regulating compressors have the thermostat like i have. Just wondering if any aircon experts can advise how i would connect this one in its place instead. Its got a thermistor as opposed to a gas thermocouple. There are three leads, red, green and black. I assume the black will be ground - is this going to be needed? The old Ranco A10 thermostat has only 2 connections Thanks
  5. Thats pretty serious Shaun, thanks for posting, great picture, certainly gives a lot of detail. Did you have new metal welded in? How did the body shop ensure all the old sealant was removed?
  6. looks like the sealant had failed in a particular spot - pulled off the trim and cleaned out the crud and rubbish in the channel. It seems the windscreen may have been refitted prior to my ownership (some 20 years back) and not too neat at that. The sealant seems to have separated at a point along the screen hence the entry point for water just by the DAB aerial. In the interim i've use some black gasket sealant and pressed the trim back into place. Didn't seem to have any water in the car after the rain last night fortunately, just some water condensing. I'll leave it open for a while to ensure its sealed ok and then refit the soundproofing and carpet. Thanks to everyone for the input. I'll be looking to get the screen replaced at some time and will see if there's any rust around the frame that needs welding or other treatment. That way at least any old sealant will be completely removed
  7. The Passat B4 seems a good option then - i like the idea of more light in the car, creates a feeling of more space. Sorry Matt, just for my understanding do you mean a Passat glass in a Mk3 mechanism? Thanks for the heads up to Leo GS Burley - i'll drop him a note and see whats available
  8. Anyone know whether a Mk5 sunroof would fit? Or maybe just the mechanism with the corrado panel?
  9. sorry to hear that Matt. I replaced my soundproofing with some MLV and some open and closed cell foam. Of course the open cell foam got soaked, but thankfully its dried out. My car is pointing nose up, hence running down to the back of the car. |I've just shoved in loads of newspaper on the side screen edge and along the inner sill but water, being the insidious thing that it is, will certainly find a way in somehow. In the interim, is there any kind of sealant i could use on the outside in the slot where the outer trim fits in? I'll be putting some self adhesive rubber around the window in the meantime until i can book the bodyshop Edit: just seen that the photos dont show the water droplets on the trim at all, just the rain and inside misting, so there's nothing to refer to. They look clear on my phone though
  10. Right, i definitely need a roof cover! Went out in the rain to have a look and its coming from around the top of the windscreen. Great 😡 I'll have to book to screen in to be replaced and resealed i suppose, but in the interim I'll probably pull off the old windscreen trim and replace with a stick-on seal, although not sure if that will stay on any any speed. Obviously it doesn't help if i have to drive in rain. Alternatively it could use some butyl rope on the inside and outside of the screen on top of the sealant. Not sure, but I'll need to think quick! The trim doesn't provide a seal its just an aesthetic, so i presume the actual sealant inside has somehow failed. Is there any way to remove the trim.piece at the front of the roof panel? It seems to originate about 5cm in from the corner, then track round, pool in a recess in the black seal and then drip into the car when the recess gets full. The pics might make more sense. Btw its rain on the outside as opposed to condensation on the inside, fortunately.. And condensation on the inside of the frame - so perhaps safe to assume that the sunroof is probably not the culprit..
  11. good shout on the roof cover - ill definitely look into that! Any suggestions on the roof seal? Would this be any good: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/385038501623?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=ghqy_imatbi&sssrc=2047675&ssuid=62a0Nzj5QWe&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  12. Some pics from this morning. Paper at the front was wet and you can see where water has tracked round from the top. Some has again dripped onto the vent and speaker pod. But the door was totally dry around the edge so perhaps its leaking from somewhere else? Is there something to replace the sunroof 'seal' with? I know its not supposed to be a perfect seal hence the sunroof drains. If i had a proper garage i could remove the headlining completely as well as the sunroof and look at it throughly. See the moisture on the windscreen (although none around the moisture absorber!)
  13. good point Shaun - i'll check the alignment of the door against the roof line and body
  14. Great pointers Matt, many thanks. Should have taken some pics but i'll have a go tomorrow. Anyway, refitted the membrane and cleaned up the butyl seal. Swopped back the old sunroof panel keeping an eye on the clouds! The metal sunroof panel was wet on the inside although there was a small amount of water on the inner panel. Like you say it is pointing to an issue with the sunroof drainage. I've just wiped everything down again to see what happens tomorrow - its been raining again so hopefully should see something. Or ideally not! I'm also just wondering if today the water was just condensation on the body frame as it evaporated as i've removed the A pillar cover. Most of it had droplets from the middle of the top down towards the dash and a few drops sitting in the LHS dash vent. Only a very small puddle in the back today - about the size of a 50p piece.
  15. Sorry, should have said the water drips were from the middle of the top edge of the inner door seal But i think you're right, its good as a preventative measure anyway, so at least that's eliminated
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