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  1. Wow that looks nice, but then again your reputation in revamping corrados is well established, Chris. Metallic shocks are a nice and unique touch too. Hasan
  2. looking at this again (second time in two days!) your attention to detail is really incredible, from the alloy light adjusters to the pipe p-clamps and replated nuts and bolts. It will certainly be a pleasure to drive. Wishing you a lot of enjoyment there JF. Hasan
  3. Wow JF that really is some achievement and what a superb result! An absolute credit to your efforts. And as Shaun says it's better than new!
  4. That Febi one looks ok to me and quite well priced too
  5. Is it no longer available on its own? Demin water is only about £2 for 2.5 litres from Asda
  6. Fantastic stuff Tony, who says corrados aren't practical!
  7. but the corrado looks better though!
  8. Hopefully this is the issue, i also have a slight clunk from the front that i cant identify - I'll certainly check those bolts too. Btw, should these structural bolts have any antiseize applied to them or will this adversely affect the torque and hence bolt tension (like wheel bolts)? I'm always concerned by either rust-welding on the one hand, or over tightening on the other Hasan
  9. Due to their design there's less risk of them seizing
  10. Garages do that all the time with gaitors unfortunately. But the new track rods do look great and hopefully the issue is now solved. Hasan
  11. I do find that once I've thrown my toys out once and stepped away from it, a few days/weeks break usually brings the interest back. James you're very right about replacements though. I've also got a Yaris T sport, great fun and quite economical too. But what I'd get for the money I'd sell it for wouldn't be half as fun...or useful. The Corrado really does tick several boxes though - rare, stylish, great street presence etc without the constant fear i know i would have were i to have a porsche or aston instead Hasan
  12. James, what a brilliant account of your travails! Car looks superb as usual
  13. Sorry to hear about the accident and hope you are ok Post up some photos of the damage from various angles, as a start.
  14. Great results there, might give it a try myself Hasan
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