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  1. great update Keyo, that Gemini will be fantastic to use!
  2. Hoses the wrong way round? For the wipers have a look at the rest position. I think with the tt wipers I fitted mine so they were both almost horizontal.
  3. Aha sorry i was sure it was one of the shauns/seans!
  4. Someone here recently used the audi 'hockey puck' pcv, cant remember who perhaps Seanl82? Just need to get the correct sized hoses for it. Alternatively an oil catch can. Both will be far cheaper than a vw/ford part
  5. Agreed. As an aside Chris any news on your previous cars? Hasan
  6. You won't believe it but hairspray is good. And it will just burn off once you use the brakes again. Give it a good few coats and you'll be fine
  7. Good idea if he can remove it. Can tend to play up every so often. Like the OBD2 onboard immobiliser. Good to know that then it allows normal operation of the car. You can then just probably use a regular AG ecu Hasan
  8. Ah yours is a CP ecu. That's a late and rare one. I think it has the immobiliser circuit on board. Check with Vince if he advises any alternatives Hasan
  9. fla


    Beautiful. But shame they're only 4 stud
  10. Great idea about replacing the fuel lines. Did you use hose from the tank to the fuel rail?
  11. James your posts are inspirational, no other word for it. Like many others, i look forward to your updates and pics. And i agree its probably one of the best colours for the corrado, with a nice cream leather interior
  12. There's an old name! How are you keeping John? Hasan
  13. remember you will need to decouple the mlv otherwise the vibration may even be amplified! Use a thin layer of a CCF as a decoupler and tape up any joins in the mlv layer. I might look to get one of those sound level meters to try and isolate the noise sources
  14. Reg M10 VW vr6 seen this evening in eastcote. Looked stunning!
  15. I put some closed cell foam behind the door cards but the problem is the door cards sit very close to the door skin so its hard to get a hood tight fit. I'm looking into some other materials, ideally a heavy open cell foam to absorb noise whilst also acting as a blocker. The other is a sound blocking films for the glass. Very expensive atm but hopefully in time the prices will come down But the corrado is quite a hard car to reduce noise in.
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