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  1. i found that it seemed a bit too long but then realised i'd not seated the seal properly in the bends. From what i remember there was a plastic tube joiner between the two ends. But having a longer gasket is certainly better than it falling short and leaving a gap! At least it can be trimmed to size. But you're right for the price it really should be spot on.
  2. fla

    More needed items

    you can also use some self adhesive felt wrapped around the switch. Hobbycraft have some.
  3. what would you replace it with? I'd be wary of any open cell type of product but would any vibration damper like damplifier add any benefit?
  4. ah yes the sebrings. Been looking for that image with the modified lip. Look absolutely fantastic. The other ones i really do like are Estorils, if they were in 16 or 17" flavour. And 5 stud of course!
  5. fla

    Gearknob retrimming

    theres a cover on ebay for about £15 iirc
  6. fla

    V5 Starter Motor

    looks like an auto starter from the shorter spindle
  7. sorry to digress, but is there any solution to worn flocking on this piece? I was thinking of using some Tesa loom tape but i guess this would wear through in no time..
  8. fla

    Davina air con

    You've done well with revamping the system Cressa. If you wouldnt mind posting up the part numbers that would be useful. I'm planning to refurb mine too - might need to replace the condenser at the front as a lot of the fins have corroded away. I've got a new old stock one for a Polo which i was thinking of adapting but might just be easier to do a like-for-like swop.
  9. absolutely superb development there Sean, credit to your efforts and attention to details. I know the feeling of nerves - i get it every time i've done some engine mods or the car has been standing after its SORN period is over...but i have no doubt yours will be fine, its practically a better-than-new car in many areas
  10. This. No. 109. I would replace that first before doing anything else. It wont come up in a scan either.
  11. fla

    Late Cenre switch console

    You can repair it from the back with a soldering iron and some stainless steel mesh. I've also used copper wire melted across cracks and splits If you're really stuck you can slice off concealed parts of the plastic and melt them into and onto the crack. I think i have some pics of my repair. I'll try and dig them out and post up
  12. I think it just clips on to the side. I'll see if I've got a pic somewhere..
  13. fitted! Pics were a great help. It slots in at the top in the side opening of the fuse bracket and towards the front on the pedal box lip edge. Its not a super tight fit so it it rattles around i'll put some felt padding in there.
  14. Thanks Martin. So does it slot on the pedal box or elsewhere? Not a problem if you cant picture, i can just about see where it sits. I've been trying to fit it to the side of the fuse box but couldn't find anything to clip it to! Hasan
  15. Appreciated, thanks
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