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  1. test the isv by pulsing it with 12v. You should see the flap open fully and then close without getting stuck. Give it a light mist of oil to keep it moving freely.
  2. selling my mums audi as it just doesnt get used. Only 36000 miles fsh Audi A5 finished in metallic black, 2013 model 36000 miles. 1.8TFSI Dual zone climate control Multi function flat bottom steering wheel with paddle shift Automatic headlights Heated side mirrors Engine start stop One previous owner Full service history 5dr Multitronic Its really a nice place to be. On autotrader for 13,450 but welcome to offers for a quick sale
  3. fla

    No spark issue

    Impressive that at your age you're getting stuck into identifying and sorting problems on the car - well done!
  4. Drey76 (new member) mailed me to say his friend [email protected] has some. Hmmm... not sure who's the spammer here. Mods like to check? Thanks.
  5. looking for a pair of oz racing superturismo rims 16" 7J For the vr so 5x100 obviously. Don't have to be pristine but good condition preferred. With or without tyres. Thanks Hasan
  6. p.29, p.266 Anyone on here? some cracking cars there though - the countach replica looks impressive
  7. just seen his shop (nkautomotive) - things do seems pretty astronomically priced, but perhaps some people do buy from him??
  8. Hi Fla, not sure why, but I can't comment on my own thread any more.

    Car is still well, just had a bit of a rebuild and a charger fitted.

    If I can work out how to post on the thread again, I'll get some photos up.

    1. fla


      good to hear from you and thanks for the update. I'm sure others will be interested too. Its subscription now but only £15 per year so well worth it.

      What charger and what kind of setup? Did you sell the dash and the rest of the interior?

  9. what happened to this one?
  10. The sump bolts aren't overtightened are they? Its only thin steel so could have bent slightly. I've bought an alloy sump (not fitted yet) in case i need to change over. Incidentally i had an oil leak from the oil filter cap, which i didn't actually find but the oil drop disappeared after replacing it. Had already changed the oil filter housing gasket, reseated the sandwich plate, new sump gasket, crank sensor seal but it still leaked. Just a thought - sometimes its the most unlikely sources
  11. I've got a roll of blue faux leather vinyl with a fabric backing thats good for laying on bodywork to avoid paint damage. About 1.5m wide. Very soft and flexible. 1m lengths for £6.50 posted. Do let me know if the price seems fair or otherwise. Hasan
  12. I've got a golf 5 mirror but without the mounting bracket. Would there be any way to mount it on the screen and connect it up?
  13. polish it and make it look like a delorean! This should be the ultimate nut & bolt rebuild. If any of you know a previous member here A20Lee, he did an astounding rebuild of his car chroming most of the suspension and under bonnet items.
  14. Sounds grand doesn't it! No, its just a private housing estate and dad probably has the smallest house there too!
  15. Good link Fendervg. Oils is always a funny one - i generally see if the oil conforms to 510.01/505.00. Used fully synthetic in mine on the last service but tbh its not really been run as its still sorned so only goes around my dads estate. Also used Mannol recently in the Audi which had pretty good reviews.
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