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  1. Yes the injectors operate on less than 1V , like Dox suggests it could be 5V. Are the spark plugs wet after cranking or can you smell any fuel?
  2. Quick one - will the Mk3 polo one fit? I think its a 9N0 or 9N3, from a 2002 model?
  3. Ah right, i understood that you'd just used a Polo setup directly without modifying it with the Mk4 stuff. So you still need both the mk4 and polo items?
  4. Check your 109 relay. Bridge it temporarily and try and start
  5. Do you have a part number here Dave? Or is it a Polo shifter from any year? thanks
  6. fla

    Upgraded light loom

    might just be just for the dipped beam - one relay for both sides.
  7. Just an update on the fan loom. Instead of the slight drop in revs with both coming on its almost unnoticeable. One fan is actually enough and quiet enough to not be intrusive. Don't think I've had both fans come on yet
  8. I've replaced mine with a bike cable. I think.it was around £10 all in. Its in my build thread http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?42752-Aqua-blue-pearl-VR-p-34-bonnet-cable-repair/page34
  9. Do you mind sharing how much bigg red charged James? I've got a set of rear calipers and carriers I want doing. Thanks
  10. Great work as usual Graham. Always raising the bar
  11. Remove the grill with a credit card type of plastic to avoid moving the tabs too much Are both sides of the bonnet stuck or just one side?
  12. 16s will certainly be smoother than 17s though...
  13. Surprising Mike. Mine needs regassing but it used to get super ice cold before. I'll be changing the condenser to a smaller one (from a polo) once i can get the hose connections made up because all the corrugations in the original are falling out!
  14. fla

    Central locking switch?

    What an obvious suggestion - thanks for that! And ive recently had a new Toad installed... Would this also allow you to open the door from the handle in an emergency as opposed to trying to get hold of the fob again?
  15. Any 3D images available to look into production?
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