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  1. Found 2 more annoying rattles - the d/side window.motor against the door skin. Thin piece of neoprene sheet and its gone. Plus some adhesive felt behind the door pull. Forgot to take pics but its nothing spectacular!
  2. Got a slight issue on my drivers door glass with the yellow plastic cable tensioner pressing on the inside of the glass. Not sure how or why its happened. You can see that the LHS of the yellow moulding is tight up against the glass. Ive used another bolt at the top as the thread had stripped in the frame but this is also tight up against the door skin
  3. Is there any way to auto block these airline spammers by eg blocking 'airline reservations' as a term?
  4. thanks all. Managed to obtain order a set of Febis at a sensible price, just need to wait for them to turn up. Just waiting for my other front bump stop to come - which is two days overdue and no reply from the supplier as yet.. Previously though i'd ordered what seemed like a pair from an ebay supplier (he showed two in the pic) and was almost 50% more than others but details said only 1 piece. Not very clear so not buying from them again.
  5. I usually avoid Topran items as they're pretty cheap quality, but interested to know if anyone has any experience of their rear bumps stops. Do they last long, do they actually act as spring assistors and any other pointers. For a VR with the bulbous base portion. If they crap i'll stick with getting Febi ones Thanks Hasan
  6. That looks good. James are you going to get this strip? If not I might buy it and try it out and see how much work needs doing to make it fit. And of course how it looks aesthetically - although that will depend on my trimming ability
  7. You're most welcome JF and congrats on getting it done. Some impressive work there! Great work on the shifter too - keep us posted Hasan
  8. That's useful, thanks. I'll aim for -1deg and see how that goes. Do you do camber before toe, or the other way round, or doesnt it matter?
  9. I found it quite useful but forgot to take account of the slope on my driveway. Planning to put it across the slam panel about midway to get a horizontal reference and then take measurements from there. Not sure how to adjust toe though. I guess it should be slightly toe-in? Also, what should the camber be? Around -1.5 or so?
  10. Went to replace the front top mounts and thought i'd check the bump stops. Should have thought about it before but they were well and truly past it! Ordered 2 but was only delivered one so have to wait for the other one. Used a Golf Mk4 one from Febi part number 18365. I also had some Poly bushes but not sure if they were for the front or back. Anyway, decided against using them here might check the rear ones though. The top mounts didnt look too bad, tbh and the bearings were fine too but i think it was perhaps not a bad option. Looking to do the wishbone bushes and perhaps rear axle bushes next year Just drag and dropped the pics so the order is a little confused!
  11. I'm interested in seeing where this is now too. Any ideas?
  12. I also think it sounds like an immobiliser issue or leads in the wrong order. Out of interest, what ecu is yours? AG or perhaps CP?
  13. looks new! Do post up some more pics when you can.
  14. ^^^ this Leads are well made but when you put the metal clips on the ends they're very tight in the lead removal tool. I mentioned this to him when i bought mine some years back but he said he's never had any issues from any buyers...yeah ok..
  15. Which parts aren't available now? I think there is an upgrade using a mk4 tensioner etc
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