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  1. Yes many a weekend! cleaned the original of first which was peeling and generally unsightly and covered everything in site! then used Dinitrol, they recommended a fine spray of there cavity wax first all (along with using it for the cavities) then there black underbody seal via a compressor and spray gun, the arches were stripped back, rust convertor on any small bits rust which were just around the top were the suspension goes through, then zinc primed, stone cheap protection, paint in body colour and clear underseal to finish, think that was by Bilt Hamber
  2. Hopefully you guys can see these 😁😁
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome guys, would love to post some pictures but can’t seem to do it! Just says insert image from URL, anyone know how to do this when pictures are on an i phone?
  4. A quick hello from a returning Corrado owner, although it was 25 years ago! Picked a Vr6 up in March, I’m a member on the Corrado club and It was well known on there and I think the previous owner posted on here too. Although already a clean car wanted to take it to the next level so have been refurbing all the underside slowly. Hopefully get it too some shows next year to meet you guys 😁
  5. Hi Alex Are you still making these up? need one or possibly both for the rears on a Vr6, have e-mailed you but not sure if you received it. Bit of a stumbling block until i get these sorted😬 Cheers, Matt
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