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  1. Hi I’m after a good condition g60 displacer , and any spare parts or broken supercharger for training at work and also to make up and assemble a complete charger. Any help much appreciated
  2. Hi I’m after front and rear seats for my Corrado . Black leather in good condition preferably with heated seat switch and wiring. I live in Cornwall I’m willing to drive a fair distance otherwise , courier would better option. Cheers
  3. Happy to pay, it needs some people to bring the forum up to speed . The knowledge that lies on this forum is extensive. This is required for most people to keep theirs cars going.
  4. Will you be making early amber front indicators?
  5. Hi Alex, sorry for the delay, any chance you could make me a full set? I can come and collect, happy to pay a deposit if required. regards Sukh 07958 940766

  6. Im in the same boat, i need to access my messages urgently. please super mods fix soon.
  7. Hi

    Sorry for the late reply.

    I should be able to get green steel line. I think there maybe limited supply at the warehouse at vw.

    A full set excluding both front to rear lines.

    Works out with materials , labour , postage and packaging £ 275


    This include both front rubber grommets and retainer clips to fit all lines.


    If your happy to proceed my payment details are below.

    •Bank transfer:-




    •PayPal:[email protected]


    I will also need your full postal address and contact number.

    Regards alex

  8. Hi

    Are you after a full set of genuine brake lines for a Corrado Vr6 it’s abs. ( right hand drive)

    Brake lines and unions are currently on back order however a full set will take 2-3 weeks to prepare.

    The price of pipe and unions have shot up over the years so this adds to the overall price of labour and postage.

    I can however make all lines in kunifer with genuine unions or aftermarket unions at a much cheaper rate.

    Let me know what your keen on and I’ll work some prices out .

    Regards alex

  9. Sorry for the lack of commitment guys on the brake line front. I’m happy to make all lines up except the front to rears ( long ones) as postage is too expensive and awkward ( 6 ft box required) And a big thank you to all forum members over the years that have bought lines. Cheers Alex
  10. I’m guys I’m after a few bits for my vr6 and g60. • 4 good fuse box clips • late vr6 centre console ( where the radio sits) • boot latch assembly ( mounted by two Allen keys on the tailgate itself • fully working drivers door handle • black passenger side kick panel • two black parcel shelf holders ( holds the speakers) •drivers side door inner top plastic trim Any help most appreciated Alex
  11. I’m really needing these seals too ,I’ll take two ! Watching this closely ...
  12. Hi Jon


    Sorry for the late reply I am still making lines.

    The cost to make them is eye watering as vw unions are expensive even with my trade discount.

    Still people are willing to pay because a ) they original and look great. B) they will prob last another 15-20 years.

    The green steel genuine lines are coated. During the bending process , sometime nicks in the coating can occur, normally minor, and can be dealt with some green paint.

    I’ve not had any complaints as yet from the sets ive sold.

    One main issue I also face is the cost of postage with 6 ft lines. And packaging them safely. This cost can escalate? Would you be able to collect? I can post all other lines no problem except the longer front to rear lines.

    Please can you confirm if your car is right hand drive, model year , engine type and if you have abs.

    I can then provide options.

    Regards alex

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