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  1. Seems to be real quiet on here over the past weeks 😞

    I've been overseas to the states with Indy cars again, couple of boring photos from that first



    Honda showed their Indy engined truck



    I dont usually get selfies, it always a bit un professional but I was working on Roman's car so seemed rude not to


    I'm not used to taking selfies and must remember not to hold my head back as it emphasises my chins 🙂

    Anyway, back to the world of Corrado

    Gearbox is back together and refilled with oil, it needs filling from the drain hole on the bottom, there is an insert that you remove to empty and then you replace and refill, its full when the oil reaches the top of the insert



    I'm still waiting to buy a TIG welder so can't put the front back together yet as I want to make some ali pipe work.

    So started on lowering the gear shifter, had to remove the downpipe first then the heatsheilds, then saw that there was a good 30 to 50mm that it could drop before hitting the heatsheild, so will make a simple bracket to drop that.

    While the gear shifter was out I have started the small change to improve the look of the gear surround, bought the centre console from a mk4 golf and a gear knob and indicator from a Skoda


    tried to fit the centre under the dash and found it wouldn't fit to start with, I could only push it this far under the corrado dash


    so at the point I'm thinking, I spent £100 on these parts, if I start cutting then they are no longer any good to sell on so had a long think then decided balls to it, I'll have a go

    got it all to fit a bit better




    Still needs some tweaking to make it look right but I'm happy with it so far





  2. 2 hours ago, EJ Taylor said:

    Great thread Graham! Loving it. Just went back through it all. Keep it going!

    Thanks, been alot of twists and turns but getting there 🙂

    2 hours ago, EJ Taylor said:

    Have you ever been to Bicester heritage!? It's awesome.

    I have been there, went to a company called KWSP before they moved to Silverstone. 

    Great place, so many little garages with craftsman working and some real sweet cars, the Porsche's by the cafe were something else. A meet there is a good idea

  3. So a DSG mech is back in the gearbox with a new speed sensor for good measure, annoyingly I bought a new speed sensor for £100 from VW then found 4 more in various spares boxes in the garage that are probably fully working 🤦‍♂️

    As it seems is gonna the way of my luck this year, the oil had not arrived so that is this weekends job so I can power it and see what happens.

    I can then refit most of the front end, except I want to make up some solid ali pipes for the intercooler, but again, my bad luck struck and I am now waiting for the TIG welder I bought to arrive, apparently UK stock of this one ran out so they said it will be an extra 7 days to get one from china.... lol

    In the mean time, I will work at lowering the shift leaver which should hopefully just need some spacers 🙂

    I want to make the interior look better around the shift leaver, this is what it has now



    But this week I saw this, 


    I know this is from a Frankenstein car worse than mine but it has still made me think it may be possible to work into my design 🙂

    Parts bought, watch this space


  4. Started working on the problems found whilst driving it over summer, first to tackle was the DTCs found in the DSG for input and output speed sensors





    Stripped the mech from the box and removed the output speed sensor 

    I then sent the mech off to be checked out at ecutesting.com for the input speed sensor

    Then it went a bit wrong 🤬🤬 The mech was packed in a plastic bag, then in a box with 12mm polystyrene sheets on each side, 90 degree polystyrene corner packing, card board around the speed sensor that sticks out from the main body of the mech, more 90 degree polystyrene across the box to give more strength to the sides to protect the speed sensor, and finally bubble wrap to pack the rest of the space.

    All that and DHL managed to break ..... 



    ecu testing have said it needs 2 new solenoids and a new cage, plus the fee for the original repair which has not been confirmed yet.

    This has put the cost up to £700 which is a little annoying cos if it had been ok it would have only cost the price for the postage, 

    I've told them not to do any more on it and have got another one from a friend to replace it, fingers crossed that is ok 

  5. Small update, the car has sat in the garage since summer, I took my golf out in the rain the other day then put that back in the garage and left it, that seems to have been a bad idea as the floor was wet around it where the water drained off and has made the garage damp, that has resulted in some mould on the Corrado leather steering wheel 😞


    Its looking quite sad and dusty in there 😞


    on a brighter note, father christmas was kind and bought me some more add ons for my tool boxes


    Its almost full already 

    I got a spot in the Corrado club GB calendar


    and these arrived today 🙂 a pair of bad boy classic bb6 wingbacks



    Work starts on making some small improvements this weekend to be ready for summer again 

  6. Just for info, TT visors are bigger so the hole positions need to be moved but I did fit them





    Even the light works when the visor is down 🙂

  7. On 10/3/2022 at 9:31 PM, Cressa said:

    I do love those stripes 👍


    On 10/3/2022 at 11:23 PM, MJA said:

    Loving that Graham. Stripes suit is really well as Cressa mentions. Special car that with all the (complex) work you've put into it.

    Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk

    thanks, appreciate your comments 

  8. Been away again so not had time to do much on the car but did buy an induction kit from an Audi from a local lad. Some small ammount of cutting and it was made to fit the Corrado so will have a lower intake temp now, not that the temp was that high before, about 5°C above outside temp so will be interesting to see any differences.




    Anyway, while I was away I was playing with this, which was nice



  9. And today, made some changes to the front indicators

    Take an old headlamp reflector, from a bora in this case


    cut it up


    drill a hole in your good reflector holy grail headlight and glue the new lamp to it


    which gives you this


    Can still get to it to change


    And looks like this when all back together, click on the pic


  10. If I were you, I'd just solder the wires from those tweeters to the terminals on either side of the connections then you can use the original wiring, any second hand tweeters you buy will be 30 odd years old so not great in quality

  11. On 6/20/2022 at 10:33 PM, 1xshaunx1 said:

    Good result, but aren’t you better off with -1 degree for a lowered car?

    Yep, you are right, it was -1°, i missed the minus 🙂


    3 hours ago, Crasher said:

    The front camber on a Corrado should be -40′ except the VR6 which is -1° 20′

    -1° is somewhere in the middle and probably within tolerance at most garages 🤷‍♂️ I'll find out for sure when I take it to be tracked

  12. On 6/19/2022 at 6:35 PM, Wilko13 said:

    Cheers guys a lot of hard work paid off. It’s funny as many people say corrados never seem to win awards so there is now hope for all us owners lol


    When I took my Golf R to a show, a tdi with an R kit got a prize and it was said that he had made an effort where as mine was just a golf R with some wheels and lowered

    I build a car with a few subtle mods, take that to shows and get nothing, where as a rusty polo with a pen on the roof so people can write on it gets a trophy

    I think there may be some truth in the Corrado's never win, you did well 


    P.S. yes, I am a bitter old man 🙂


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