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  1. how was it, have a good drive
  2. I need to go through it thoroughly being second hand but thanks, that good to know 👌
  3. Decided I would put the fuse box under the bonnet using the mk5 fuse box, so will wire it to this rather than the fuses I mounted under the scuttle Waiting for a battery box to arrive so I can have the matching pair. I did have the battery in the boot but thinking it can look better under the bonnet in a proper box
  4. Had my wheels refurbished this week Just need to get the centre nuts anodised black now And had these done for my Golf 6R
  5. At work we have a carbon shop that was fully certified to make aero parts and I have suggested we make some panels many times but its always been rejected by management (they know best 🤦‍♂️) they have now sold the huge autoclave we had and bought a couple of small ones the size of an domestic oven because we only make steering wheels now (check out the Aston Vulcan, Valkyrie, BMW GT4, Porsche GT3, 4, AML GT3 to name a few 😉 And yes, I do have a Porsche wheel that I keep thinking about fitting) I wish we still had the big autoclave so I could get the guys to make a few bits and pieces like this
  6. You have chosen to go with the speedlines then ?
  7. OMG, thats brilliant, Great job Do you have a mould for it now?
  8. Couple of purchases this week, got one driveshaft from Epytec, has the spline for the dsg CV one end and the Corrado outer CV spline on the other end 🙂 this is from their 02M box setup They dont have the short shaft because its shorter than the 02M version so I have a guy that can sort that, either that cut and weld 2 together or hopefully he will take the mk5 short shaft and machine the corrado spline on that Also got these from eBay With the change to the Passat stalks I need to have an alternative for the hazard switch and this from a T4 is just a touch smaller than the Corrado dash switches but will fit in one of the blank spaces, thought I'd use the single rear screen heater switch that came with it as it uses the same connector 🙂
  9. I have deleted the rear wiper so the saloon works better for what I need, there isn't the option to push the stalk back as you would with one that has the rear wiper 🙂 Thanks for the kind words, I just hope it all works in the end 😁
  10. This weeks update Not much done lately 😞 But have modified the steering column to allow me to fit the stalks from a Passat B6 saloon (no rear wiper on the saloon 😉 ) basically welded on a couple of plates that the stalks bolt onto and tried is in the car Next stage is to wire in the steering control module
  11. And one final update today, because I have the BCM from the mk5 I am also fitting the stalks so I am now looking at the wiper motor which means I can also look at auto wipers with this little sensor
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