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  1. All speakers are CDT, they'll be powered by Genesis amps https://www.cdtaudio.com/
  2. Moved the leccy window switch Not 100% happy with the handbrake button, will most likely put a surround round it for now
  3. V5 has finally arrived, yay 🙂 so now on a push to get it ready for an MOT Not much left to do for the MOT, so started finishing and putting the interior in Alarm and separate immobiliser are fitted, Rear seats and rear cards all in Due to the electric handbrake I dont need the old lever so there is a large hole in the centre consul, well not anymore, all filled and changed to be a recess for inductive phone charging The gear select surround had to be raised to accommodate the DSG selector Had to cover the whole lot so now matches the roof lining and pillars Yes, thats the wifes phone to demo, that why there is a photo of my son on it Needed to make a small flap that lifts up for access to the fixing screw
  4. E5 is not good for cars, my 6R needed new injectors because the plastic filters inside the injector got broken down by the ethonal and blocked the holes making it run weak and missfire... not good on a mapped engine Gonna be interesting to see how long before the big bills start for everyone that uses the e10
  5. splashing the cash 😄 nice original touch
  6. Getting a little peed off with the DVLA now, sent the V5 to them on 27th May and it still has not been updated 😡 They have received it and apparently they started looking at it on 21st July and it can take 6 weeks from that point. They better not send it back not updated with a problem
  7. Forget I asked this, it is an old alarm no longer available but I found a web page that said it had stock, turns out they had not updated their web site for a few years and it was not in stock, quality alarm supplier website 🤦‍♂️
  8. I have an old Scorpion 1218T2 but the immo seems to have stopped working an is live all the time, not immobilising, I have seen a Scorpion SA30 that seems to do what I want, does anyone have any experience of them?
  9. thanks Sean, you're a star
  10. what seal did you order? I need to do the same
  11. Following. Alot of work done well, top job
  12. This weekends fun, setup the ride height as it was to low at the front and high at the rear, now sits more level, also set the camber with one of those bubble gauge tools so the fronts are now at Neg 1.25° but the rears are at Neg 2.25° And after going to an F3 team the other week and watching them set their tracking using rods and string I set the tracking, not to hard as it needed to be 0 which was quite easy to work out 🙂 Also did some more flatting of the paint on the wing, had to get rid of the runs that were staring at me while doing the suspension Then thought I'd have a go at some carbon skinning of the rear plate plinth, started with this Because I have removed the lock for an electric boot pop. I filled the lock hole My goal was to get something with a finish like this but what I ended up with was this 😞 wasn't good Luckily my work has a carbon shop and I sent the pic to one of the guys who has taken pity on me and will do it for me next week 🙂 Fitted the wipers to be sure they fit and work ok and cut up the SWG scuttle so it fits the larger mk5 Golf wiper motor Then, rather than waste all that carbon, I did use some of it to stick back together the scuttle panel And to finish up the weekend, I started the gearshift surround. It needs to sit higher due to the size of the DSG shifter. Now have the height about right so need to glass the 2 parts together and make them look nice
  13. They are very nice but retail of 700€ 😪
  14. And just because I can, I roughly fitted and wired in the light and rain sensor, that will be for the auto lights and wipers I thought this would be ok but I think I need to get the proper screen bracket and have a surround 3D printed
  15. The screen is capable of alot more and will be used to show other stuff as well, its a GEMS screen that I had from an old steering wheel project we used for work many years ago https://gems.co.uk/products/displays/lds4/ The same LCD and software is used by McLaren Applied for the PCU 8D in the current F1 cars The graphics are not great, and this is an old version so there have been improvements but its not my main screen so it will do I also have a McLaren PCU 6D that I had seriously thought about having put into the top of the steering wheel, but I have the shift lights on the MoTeC dash already so its just sat in the garage at the moment https://www.mclarenelectronics.com/Content/Products/PCU-6D/PCU-6D.pdf
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