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  1. And one final update today, because I have the BCM from the mk5 I am also fitting the stalks so I am now looking at the wiper motor which means I can also look at auto wipers with this little sensor
  2. And in other news So much of what I am fitting needs the ABS, my first thought was to use an Arduino to replicate the CAN messages but decided that I could use a real one, well at least most of it as I dont want the full ABS fitted. The EPB, DSG, ECM, gateway and cluster all need the CAN data from the ABS, and hopefully with the front wheel speed sensors fitted the milage will work for the cluster so I can feed that into the MoTeC display. A little trip to my local breakers and I picked up the ECU from the ABS of a Passat that has the electric park brake. Stripped it from the hydraulic and grabbed the cable as well Stripped it down to remove all the coils, put it back into its housing and put a back onto it. Checked to make sure I have the data and its working 🙂
  3. Got hold of the cup holder for the dash Quite happy with how it looks
  4. Made a start on my dash insert. This was my first attempt some time ago, the climate is too big and needed the ask tray trimming which was never gonna look right My plan is to use the radio aperture of the Corrado and add a cup holder and the climate control mount then with whats left use for a couple of USB ports, 1 that goes directly into the rado and another for charging this is what I started with First stage was to cut the mk4 part into pieces I then stitched together the cup holder to the top of the climate using a soldering iron to plastic weld them Cut out the old ashtray and lighter and trimmed the edges to allow the mk4 plastic to fit onto it Then stitched it all together and finished up with this
  5. I know what you mean, I don't need the double din either but with mine being an early dash, my thinking is that the vents are larger, and with the climate in place I already have to modify the ashtray and the lighter surround so with the added space for the cup holder the height wont be far off with maybe enough room for a small panel with the USB chargers in it
  6. Nice work on the airbag, how you connecting the horn plate? I had to make up a panel that bolted to the back of the wheel so it used the same slip ring as the corrado, problem was it then covered the holes to pop the airbag panel off, so dont forget before you pop the airbag on 😉
  7. I'll get some pics of mine up as I do it but these are some pics that have given me the inspiration, they are from Tam on here but taken from Facebook Of course these pics are for a late dash whereas mine will be an early
  8. Was it you I saw had a rattle from the screen then a crack appeared? Not great to have it out after all your work
  9. And after seeing some good work on ebay, I copied their idea 😊 and will use this to modify the center trim and fit my radio, climate control and a cup holder better
  10. Latest purchased from ebay, had been quoted £100 each when I asked at a breakers, there were some cheaper on ebay then these came up and I got them for £28.50. Will check them over and maybe give them a service before fitting. Just need to progress this now so I can get some pictures up of them fitted 😁
  11. That link pretty much shows what I did, Mine had not blown, from memory, the plastic cover is clipped on, once that was removed I took out the bag then unbolted the explosive. I still have the explosive in the garage, have been thinking about a controlled experiment 😁
  12. I am looking to change the badge with either a plain one or maybe speak to renewert on facebook and see if he can make a Corrado badge to fit it 🙂
  13. The wheel from the mk7 golf / caddy / polo etc is not longer any good for what I need because it does not have the shift paddles This had been modified to use the Corrado horn plate and is up in the for sale section if anyone is interested So picked up this from a mk5 GTI, has the paddles and slightly better grips 😁
  14. Sold Before I put this on ebay, anyone interested in a steering wheel from a Golf / caddy Been modified to work with the Corrado / Golf 2 / 3 horn. Airbag cage only inside to make horn work, no bag or explosive Looking for £90 posted
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