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  1. nice and shiney. I've been stripping all the headlights I had in the garage and found 1 with a decent mirror finish 😞 still, half way there
  2. Feature was in 98, be lucky if the car survived let alone the pods, shame they covered the plate so cant check it Prestige doesn't look to exist any more and bbg Distribution looks to have moved on to AV under a new name of peerless AV https://eu.peerless-av.com// Maybe they still have info on it
  3. Prestige car audio did the install and I assume they were bespoke door pods made in house
  4. Was going through the piles of old magazines I have and noticed one of the 'Car Stereo' mags had a Corrado on the front, that obviously sparked my interest so though I'd share I'm not convinced the sub box is the best looking I have seen but the door builds have given me an idea of what I need to do to mine
  5. certainly does scrub up well. What gas struts you gone for under the bonnet?
  6. I split the base from the mirror cap to spray them, there is a heavy duty spring that holds them together, I used the stud and nuts to compress the spring so the 2 parts could be split
  7. Thanks to Seanl82 for the links, I have refreshed the roof strips, couple of poor quality before and after pics Annoyingly, during their storage, I have managed to break the front of one of the strips so will be looking for another at some point but no rush Added the side repeaters to the mirrors Stripping and rebuilding the mirrors was quite simple using a peice of 6mm stud and a couple of nuts with built in washers
  8. All speakers are CDT, they'll be powered by Genesis amps https://www.cdtaudio.com/
  9. Moved the leccy window switch Not 100% happy with the handbrake button, will most likely put a surround round it for now
  10. V5 has finally arrived, yay 🙂 so now on a push to get it ready for an MOT Not much left to do for the MOT, so started finishing and putting the interior in Alarm and separate immobiliser are fitted, Rear seats and rear cards all in Due to the electric handbrake I dont need the old lever so there is a large hole in the centre consul, well not anymore, all filled and changed to be a recess for inductive phone charging The gear select surround had to be raised to accommodate the DSG selector Had to cover the whole lot so now matches the roof lining and pillars Yes, thats the wifes phone to demo, that why there is a photo of my son on it Needed to make a small flap that lifts up for access to the fixing screw
  11. E5 is not good for cars, my 6R needed new injectors because the plastic filters inside the injector got broken down by the ethonal and blocked the holes making it run weak and missfire... not good on a mapped engine Gonna be interesting to see how long before the big bills start for everyone that uses the e10
  12. splashing the cash 😄 nice original touch
  13. Getting a little peed off with the DVLA now, sent the V5 to them on 27th May and it still has not been updated 😡 They have received it and apparently they started looking at it on 21st July and it can take 6 weeks from that point. They better not send it back not updated with a problem
  14. Forget I asked this, it is an old alarm no longer available but I found a web page that said it had stock, turns out they had not updated their web site for a few years and it was not in stock, quality alarm supplier website 🤦‍♂️
  15. I have an old Scorpion 1218T2 but the immo seems to have stopped working an is live all the time, not immobilising, I have seen a Scorpion SA30 that seems to do what I want, does anyone have any experience of them?
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