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  1. Unfortunately I have to give that one back 😞 but I may try something similar at a later date 🙂
  2. Next task, the rad fan driver The mk5 fan is too big for the rado rad so I have a slimline in place but I wanted to have the control from the ECM which sends square wave pulses at different frequencies for the speed To get that I needed the mk5 controller board that is on the back of the rad fan, so started by stripping it from the motor The tabs that would usually connect to the brushes were folded back and wires soldered to them The wires were then run to the slimline, it also has the output for the second fan if I choose to add it at a later date I mounted it to the inner wing so it will be mostly tucked up behind the headlight The whole electronics is potted into the metal heatsink housing so nothing extra was needed
  3. Great work, How are you finding the lift?
  4. That was in a local detail booth, was a little worried before it went in but the paint wasn't too bad
  5. Another post and some more pics Also fitted the fuse box and battery box from a mk5 Also had some photos of my R by a friend of my son who is trying to build a portfolio, was pleased how they came out
  6. Set up my TPMS sensors today. I dont have CAD of the wheel and tyre so had to go old school by cutting an old tyre up, small hint, if you have a door directly into your house from the garage, best not to cut a tyre up using an angle grinder, the wife was not happy with the smell 🙂 The TPMS I have is F1 technology so has an infra red sensor looking directly at the tyre carcass as well as the pressure and air temperature, not much use on the road but adds to the gimmicks I've set the pixels to look at 5 points across the flat of the tyre, some teams have them looking at sidewalls because of camber they use but I won't have alot of camber so not a concern. will see something like this on my display In other news, the battery bow arrived so that will be looked at over the weekend
  7. how was it, have a good drive
  8. I need to go through it thoroughly being second hand but thanks, that good to know 👌
  9. Decided I would put the fuse box under the bonnet using the mk5 fuse box, so will wire it to this rather than the fuses I mounted under the scuttle Waiting for a battery box to arrive so I can have the matching pair. I did have the battery in the boot but thinking it can look better under the bonnet in a proper box
  10. Had my wheels refurbished this week Just need to get the centre nuts anodised black now And had these done for my Golf 6R
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