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  1. Been away again so not had time to do much on the car but did buy an induction kit from an Audi from a local lad. Some small ammount of cutting and it was made to fit the Corrado so will have a lower intake temp now, not that the temp was that high before, about 5°C above outside temp so will be interesting to see any differences. Anyway, while I was away I was playing with this, which was nice
  2. And today, made some changes to the front indicators Take an old headlamp reflector, from a bora in this case cut it up drill a hole in your good reflector holy grail headlight and glue the new lamp to it which gives you this Can still get to it to change And looks like this when all back together, click on the pic
  3. Nice classic VW show yesterday, some good cars there
  4. GrahamU

    dash speakers

    I realise its a bit late, but this is mine, CD Tech speakers
  5. If I were you, I'd just solder the wires from those tweeters to the terminals on either side of the connections then you can use the original wiring, any second hand tweeters you buy will be 30 odd years old so not great in quality
  6. Very nice, finishes it off a treat
  7. Yep, you are right, it was -1°, i missed the minus 🙂 -1° is somewhere in the middle and probably within tolerance at most garages 🤷‍♂️ I'll find out for sure when I take it to be tracked
  8. When I took my Golf R to a show, a tdi with an R kit got a prize and it was said that he had made an effort where as mine was just a golf R with some wheels and lowered I build a car with a few subtle mods, take that to shows and get nothing, where as a rusty polo with a pen on the roof so people can write on it gets a trophy I think there may be some truth in the Corrado's never win, you did well P.S. yes, I am a bitter old man 🙂
  9. well that does seem to have cured it 🙂 drove it another 50 miles today without any problems
  10. Had a look at this today, could not find anything that would obviously be causing a problem, checked all bolts on the front end, made sure the wheels turned freely when on lock, or as freely as they can on s DSG, The only thing I found that was not right was the camber on the right front was at 4°, the left was still at 1° so I set the right back to 1° I havent driven it yet, dont like that wet stuff thats been falling from the sky 🤣 so hoping for better weather tomorrow
  11. Hmm, not sure how I can check that but it did cross my mind that it could be something like that, only thing is, it has driven fine until I came home from the show Sunday, its like something has worn or come lose, I just hope its not the gearbox
  12. no, nothing when stationary or driving slowly, or at least its not detectable at low speed, its the whole front that shakes.
  13. Bearings are fine, front and rear, lifted the wheels today and tried to wobble them but there was no movement. A wheel weight would also show in a straight line and when going to the left, its only when turning right at a speed above 10-15 mph
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