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  1. I just did a go at trying to repair a mechatronics unit for a friend, by replacing the pressure compensator part, put it back on the car, and was going to go thru a "basic setting" procedure with VCDS, I eventually got passed the first part, where it gets the code 4 | 0 | 0, and start the car, it should then eventually go to 254 | 0 | 0 to confirm it succeeded, but it jumps directly to 5 | 0 | 0 . I noticed I got an error of 5'th gear not selectable, but was able to clear this error to it seems, anyone got any idea if there is any danger in trying to engage the gears even if this procedure doesn't seem to go all through.... Any tips and tricks would be appreciated. This is on a VW Passat 1.4 tsi, with a 7 speed DSG.
  2. Thanx appreciated, that would help 🙂 Also got it more or less confirmed from a local VW garage that they came up as direct fitment for each other so think this should be good 🙂
  3. Been a while since I was in here, but been lurking from time to time - didn't notice the new subscription thing until now 🙂 but still around and the Corrado is still on the road (although in a heated garage/workshop for the winter 🙂 ), too much salty roads to expose it to in the winters up here
  4. Anyone in here have any ideas if a HDV gearbox is a direct replacement on a car that have a JLU gearbox ?. this is on a 2.0 TDI 140HP, with a BKP engine (which at the moment have a defective JLU gearbox). Any tips would be appreciated 🙂
  5. Any tips on webshops that sells SAE-10 monograde engine oil without any detergents ? (seem impossible to get hold of here in Norway :( )
  6. Just some experimenting with "light painting".....the Corrado with some of it's "battle scars"....:)
  7. Not sure m8, I would just buy a cheap non return from ebay (can't remember size, but I think it's 8mm) and test it.....I tried all kind of stuff before I heard about this issue, and it have been working ever since (VW did actually have an official replacement as it was a common problem), but the part is discontinued.....
  8. Does it start at all ? - if it just takes a very long time it might be related to this: http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?82988-VR6-hot-start-problem-seem-to-have-been-resolved-just-thought-I-d-post-experience/page3 Look at picture....
  9. Personally never gonna part with my beloved Corrado VR6 (for me summer car as it's heavy use of salt in winter here in the north), but I have been thinking about eventually buying an Audi R8 (more or less as a "daily driver").....but as I like doing my own maintenance on my cars I was wondering if anyone got any personal experience with these cars - are they serviceable (I have 2 pots lift), or are they a pain to maintain. Also any info on quality of the automatic vs manual (as it getting "old" I'm mostly considering manuals)..... Any tips on what to look out for would be appreciated - this won't happen over night anyway so got my time.....lol...:) (The Corrado still gives a big smile on my face every fu*** day I drive it)....even got a complement for engine sound from the VR6 yesterday from an older bloke....lol....:)
  10. You sure the builtin "non-return" valve works - check my answer in this thread (with pic): http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?82988-VR6-hot-start-problem-seem-to-have-been-resolved-just-thought-I-d-post-experience/page3
  11. AFAIK this part isn't available anymore, I used to have a *very* stubborn bonnet release cable, was really hard to release etc......then I got a tip on draining in some "Vaseline oil", this I did a few years ago, and the cable is still "easy sliding", I bet it's better then new........ You need to disconnect it at the bonnet side, make some sort of arrangement to put the oil in (don't take much oil), and let it drain into the "handlebar side". Just thought I'd share this, as I'm sure I would have broken mine by now if I didn't do this thing - it was *very* hard to open. Cheers!
  12. Took it out of winter storage (way over due this summer).....and instantly put a smile on my face........love driving the Corrado.....:) Luckily have a 06 Passat V6 as the "winter beater".....so the sound of VR6 is with me all year, but always something special getting behind the wheel of the Corrado again for me :)
  13. Yea, also got an "updated" partnumber from the dealer (sadly also discontinued), but was able to source it from ECSTuning it seem: Part-number: 7D1 820 191 A https://www.ecstuning.com/b-rein-parts/a-c-receiver-drier/7d1820191a~ren/ (Crossing fingers it doesn't come with a quick connector....at least the pictures looks promising)...;)
  14. I have a 95 Corrado with the following dryer: VW: 535820191A I'v found a replacement, but sadly it doesn't fit without modifying some plastic on the car, which I don't want to do. Does anyonw know of alternative part numbers which exsist in VW system today ?, or know of other dryers that will fit. Attatched two pictures showing the old and the new one....... I'v seen an alternative part-number which also was out of date, where it was fitted to a caravelle - but haven't managed to find an alternative that exsist today...:(
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