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  1. I thought people had moved away from the AGU in favour of the later DBW cars that are cheaper, easier to tune (flash map mot bench map) and more plentiful? I think I'd have a chat with Badger5 - they're still doing amazing stuff with the 1.8T, I follow them on fb. Badger 5 Ltd | Stroud | Facebook
  2. Dox

    Horn not working

    I’ve not done it on a corrado, but have on others. you’ll only have to move the nut a fraction. Can you navigate it via the plastic horns oriface?
  3. Dox

    Horn not working

    Slacken off the centre nut a little on the round bit inside the horn- lack of use makes them seize - I assume you've put 12v straight to them to disprove the wiring / buttons?
  4. Dox

    New Here

    Welcome, to view the whole forum you have to subscribe to help to contribute to the costs of running the forum
  5. Any wiring to the rear clusters shorting to brake light wiring including the hatch fogs n reverse lights - side lights need to be on when fogs illuminate. brake bulbs are live, pedal switch earths the circuit?
  6. Dave16v recently bought a pump replacement for around £70? halfway down the page
  7. Have the pins the relays connects to become loose?
  8. If this was mine it would be too tempting to jerry rig a fused 12v+ to pin 3 on the hall sensor - this would be at MY risk. Back in the day when G60 engine conversions were popular I'm sure G60 engines could be fitted to 88 onwards 8V PB engined MK2 Golfs (NOT earlier K-jet) cars using the base cars loom and adding a few wires to the ecu plug? My logic therefore would be an 8V ECU from a late MK2 Golf would start a G60 and allow it to idle? This would be at MY OWN risk, I'm only mumbling this so you can do your own research before taking a leap of faith. If in doubt ignore my ramblings
  9. So you’re missing 12v+ at pin 8 on the ecu and it’s corresponding pin 3 on the hall sensor?
  10. Ign sw will power up the ECU via the relay and you have power?
  11. Any old alarms / immobilisers fitted?
  12. I think you can also lock / unlock with the key in the boot? Something else to look at if troubles continue?
  13. The starter body earths on the gearbox housing, is that the current resistance in the starter circuit?
  14. Dox

    Facebook ccgb

    I can post, maybe you have to post in the threads prior to making your own posts? Lots of spam on there ATM
  15. Don't leave the car unattended with the battery connected until the issue is resolved, have a fire extinguisher with you when fault finding too. It could be something as simple as a self tapping screw caught on a single wire, most likely behind the dash if its been out?
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