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  1. To put it into context, I could insure my MK7 Golf estate, 2004 BAM TT and my Corrado VR6 with Brentacre for around the same price (all 3), ie I'm not a high risk and don't live I a high risk area.
  2. Just to highlight the stupidity of insurance, 12 months ago I had a quote from Lancaster for a Volvo 940 estate (one owner who was going into a dementia home with his wife) valued at £1K with an annual mileage of 4K, their quote - £1200 on a classic policy
  3. Pics show on my iPhone but not on my laptop (spacer.npg displayed)
  4. Nothing to do with me! https://silverstonedreamcars.co.uk/shop/corrado-vr6/
  5. Be concise and polite explaining the situation, obsolete / unobtainable in your country etc You never know your luck
  6. https://cdn.flipsnack.com/widget/v2/widget.html?hash=dpigjcugvu
  7. Why not contact a windscreen manufacturers and ask to buy the mount? I've done this in the past and had stuff posted FOC just by supplying contact details in the first email
  8. I've bought cars with new pads fitted with a receipt for doing so and the fitter didn't clean rust off the carrier or copper grease the pads or carrier and they were jammed solid - I had to lever them out.
  9. They need stripping and cleaning every couple of years as rust on the pads and the carriers where they both meet leads to them jamming and the pads wearing wedge shaped if not corrected.
  10. Dox

    VR6 Newbie

    BBA-Reman http://www.bba-reman.com/gb/index.aspx
  11. Dox

    VR6 Newbie

    Take loads of pics, it doesn't take long to remove them, bleeding up after is a PITA
  12. Dox

    VR6 Newbie

    I don't think anyone repairs these since the demise of BBA-Reman? Your best bet is to get the pump and pedal sensor removed and find a TV or electronics repair place to reflow the solder joints - assuming they / you can't yourself?
  13. Dox

    VR6 Newbie

    Has it been scanned?
  14. If both rad hoses are hot then coolant is circulating? Condition of the waterpump? Assuming the aircon is deleted off the new engine and a smaller belt fitted is the pumps rotation correct? Is the engine from a known good source with no previous overheating issues?
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