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  1. Dox

    Wiring amp

    You could connect the remote wire on the amp to the fuel pump then the amp would only run when the pump was running?
  2. You can blow the pistons out with a tyre compressor or foot pump. idea for electrolysis rust removal?
  3. The motor will have a 12v feed, then 12v to the relay you hear clicking from the switch. It could be the motor or the feed to the door has broken between the shell and the door
  4. It’s a short list car for sure if it’s convenient for location for the op
  5. Vw Corrado chat | Facebook 5 or 6 ads down ATM Seller's description For sale Corrado VR6 1994 Blackberry Pearl. Same mature owner for last 19 years. Car comes with a folder full of history/receipts/MOTs for everything that's been replaced/upgraded Lived last 19 years in a heated garage/workshop, run on Shell V-Power - mileage is currently 114450. Car recently sailed through it's MOT (no advisories) not due again until May 2022. Service history up to 86,105. I have done all the maintenance/servicing/upgrade work on-wards, including: Timing chains & tensioners replaced with genuine VW parts, along with upgraded later polymer top blade & tensioner. OEM LUK clutch, genuine VW release bearing and crank oil seal fitted while gearbox out for timing chain job. C&R Enterprises Stage one head, ARP head bolts & VW MLS head gasket. Later VR6 288mm brakes front, Audi TT rear calipers and Goodridge hoses all round. Scorpion stainless steel exhaust oval tailpipe, K&N filter in factory airbox. Spax top adjustable shocks and lowered springs, Powerflex road bushes throughout. Car has a few subtle modifications: All red rear clusters, high level 3rd brake light, single wiper conversion (possibly Bonrath) rear polished alloy strut brace, Momo Corse Tuner 350mm wheel. Autometer Carbon Fiber Series (very rare) gauges mounted in custom made real carbon fibre console, polished alloy handbrake lever & cover. ABT motorsport replacement rear badge and black Corrado & VR6 rear badges. Everything works perfectly, even the known Corrado weak spots: The rear spoiler, electric sunroof, heater fan (works on all 4 speeds) ABS works perfectly. Car is not a trailer queen, it's 27 years old and has been enjoyed. Underside of the body is totally solid no rust. All factory under-seal in place, undamaged. Few small blisters on the drivers front wing, that's all. Fuel filler, tailgate screen seal, windscreen seal, sunroof seal are all totally rust free. Located on outskirts of Sheffield S26. NOT interested in a p/x or swap. £6495.00
  6. Hold this thought, if you chose MK4 disks and used 6mm spacers to centre the calliper over the disk you'll gain 6mm extra wheel clearance?
  7. It mentions 2 thread sizes, so I'd be surprised if they don't come complete ready to fit?
  8. Visually the pic looks to be correct, also list two bolt sizes f10 x 1 (f being fine thread) and 10 (standard metric thread), which also is correct as previously mentioned two types of thread sizes for 288mm calipers
  9. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Full kit from c and r on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/110849740265
  11. HEL ad states crush washers which are used with banjo fittings. if in doubt phone and order from C and R enterprises
  12. It was on a MK4 based thread
  13. MK1 Leon Cupra 2003 /4/5 A quick google Mk4 Golf - Seat leon cupra brakes? | Volkswagen Mark IV Forum (uk-mkivs.net) They usually fetch a premium as they are a well known upgrade The Mk4 Brake Upgrade - Sizes/Info | Club GTI
  14. Dox

    Rough running VR6

    You can check coolant temp sensor with VCDS? Check the leads for cross firing (sparks jumping across leads) - in the dark and mist water on them with a hand pump spray. Cam sensor can give long cranking when faulty. Don't assume that recently replaced parts can't be faulty, 30 year old VW parts are often more reliable than Chinese replacements....
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