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  1. Dox

    G60 Timing Check

    It doesn't look too bad, the engine turns over OK with a spanner on the crank ie no interference between valves and pistons? Has it been a full strip with dizzy removed or just head off?
  2. They’re not handed, so you can swap struts side to side and see if the noise moves?
  3. Salvage cars are often better buys than a laid up potential project, they were in use prior, the owner had no intention of selling and spending to keep the car in good condition. Sadly people would prefer a Pidgeon shit / grinder welded rot box rather than a solid car with some panel damage.....
  4. Dave16v recently bought the pump only for £65ish uk supplier, maybe drop him a dm?
  5. Nothing 😂 I did cut one up yesterday though. I went to Tatton Park VW show, around 10 Corrados dotted about, sun was out many visitors, cars exhibitors after COVID, it was nice to see
  6. Do you think it could have jumped a tooth on the timing? It might be worth checking static timing?
  7. That’s a big leap for a map. Darkside have done a few V6 quattros, big turbos deletes etc Proper fast cars and still do 40 mpg
  8. Egr / dpf intact or removed? must fly now?
  9. White plug by the oil cooler I think. I’d remove it and wipe it, being a coil (electro magnet) they can pick up swarf / metal debris, 4 or 5 mm Allen bolt I think
  10. Check the wiring to cam and crank sensors, faulty cam sensor usually gives long cranking before eventually starting - Roger Chatfield had this many moons ago.
  11. You’ll get an engine speed sensor code if you scan without the engine running. someone here contacted Vince after popping a few and his recommendation was to replace the crank sensor as it was still ok most of the time but gave false info on occasion causing a backfire into the inlet. generally if the dash reads rpm when cranking the sensor is picking up (which doesn’t mean it’s timed correctly for suck, squeeze, bang, blow - a bang during suck would cause your issue).
  12. Yes, I'm sure a faulty crank sensor allows fuel to be injected with the inlet valve open and a wrongly timed spark blows the box?
  13. Has the damper box thing blown?
  14. Starter / battery battery to gearbox also any corrosion (or paint) where the starter touches the bellhousing basically anything in the circuit that’s causing resistance (voltage drop).
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