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  1. https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/ Tried to find this link yesterday, stumbled across it today
  2. H369RHL has been sorn since Oct 2006. the last V5 was issued in Feb 2012, so there's some hope
  3. Ask your question here, if Toby removes the question we all know where the line is?
  4. I’ve got a Milwaukee battery gun, I can’t believe how good it is, I helped my neighbour remove the water boxer engine from his T25 to cure 35 years of bodges, there was only one manifold bolt we couldn’t get the gun on and it was the only one to shear Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. In fairness I doubt anyone would pay £15 to ask a single question? I wouldn't pay £15 to search for one of my previous Volvos or Skoda Rapid, but I would if I got a response meaning I could buy the Rapid back...... Maybe Toby could clarify if there's going to be any concession should someone for example wanted to search for a previously owned car by reg number? Or maybe a previous owner has come across something to reunite with a car they previously owned or a bereavement sale etc
  6. The forum has been upgraded this very week, contributors now have to donate £15 per year towards the cost of running the forum to use it, that's probably why you can't post? The members have been asking for an upgrade for some time and some of the regulars have committed to donating towards the running costs.
  7. VIP is for the largest image, us lesser mortals can use the next size down
  8. Looks more 1930 (than 1830s)? My parents had a 1930s semi built with engineering brick, drilling any hole was a nightmare the bricks were so hard Expensive business renovating property
  9. Taken from Hennys thread "I got my local engineering shop to CAM drill the holes as they have been drilled at a specific angle to the top face of the spoiler else what I'm doing won't work... "
  10. The wiring is single strand and it must have passed down one of the spoiler posts?
  11. Several weeks ago Stuart Taylor messaged me asking for pics of Hennys old rear spoiler, much to my embarrassment (it’s an age thing) I forgot... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Someone gave me this for xmas Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. The idea was anything that interests you, many ex owners are getting emails about the revamped forum and can contribute (star wars, watches, trainers etc) and hopefully they'll hang around imparting their knowledge both Corrado and other hobbies etc
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