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  1. VW spent time and money developing the manifolds (as well as the cylinder head) to the point aftermarket don't flow or work any better and tubular tend to crack. Due to the cylinder configuration 3 front exhaust ports are longer than the back set (inlets are the opposite) so OE and aftermarket are working with a compromise due to the uniqueness of the engine, on the upside we get the noise!
  2. FOR SALE! I’ll just start by saying how gorgeous the car is and it’s been mental turmoil to decide to ‘sell’ or ‘store and keep’. I doubt I’ll find another like it! The car has been accepted on Collecting Cars auctions; so, as they want professional photos doing which will be in about 10 days I’m offering the car up for sale on the owners club first. 1995 Audi S2 coupe quattro turbo ABY 79,000 miles! Rare and immaculate Amethyst Pearl paint with immaculate black leather interior. The car is showroom condition. Engine is completely standard. Only 2 previous owners! and they were husband and wife with documents to prove. Recent major service with belts and water pump too. Went to Audi Sheffield (and they loved it) prior to service it had a full health check and the only mention was rear brake hoses were ready for changing. So I changed them all, front and rear, for braided lines with stainless fittings. I also upgraded the front brakes to a fully rebuilt set of Porsche 4 pot brembos. I sourced a set of 18inch Avus and had them dip stripped ard re-coated to match the Audi centre caps. So all new brakes, wheels and tyres. The car drives like a new car, it’s smooth, quiet and feels very tight and direct. It is amazing inside and out (even smells new). I’m happy to speak to genuinely interested buyers over the next week or so and if it’s paid for/collected, I won’t put it in the auction. I’ll let it go for the agreed reserve we have of £22,000. This car is a real investment! I’m happy to arrange delivery at your cost. I’ve done the video myself so don’t take the pi$$ 😁 Works for me
  3. I had that fuse box on my old Octavia, check the fuse for the lights, there’s 2, the one nearest the screen (standard size - the other is super size) had been arcing on mine causing 7 lights to go out - can-bus etc
  4. I suspect you're correct, Coulster on here said similar after he sold his RS4.
  5. Marketplace – 1985 Audi Coupe | Facebook
  6. There will be some kind of markings on it if its special? "Nice and smooth" isn't normally associated with motorsport cams. It looks like its been stored inside a diesel transits exhaust?
  7. On the golf they mount them under the chassis leg underneath the battery in air flow for cooling
  8. Mk4s have a really poor unreliable slow speed fan set up, many years ago bigal did an external resistor fix, maybe worth a read? https://uk-mkivs.net/topic/224371-mk4-golfbora-radiator-fan-fix/ id wire the earth side direct to the body to eliminate voltage drop from the oe wiring
  9. You cant see the steering wheel and the road wheels at the same time once fitted so I'd match the horn push to the interior? Personally I'd order black with silver logo for an understated look.
  10. I've always had an issue with 4 stud and 5 spokes, its why I went with centre cap style wheels on my MK2, 5 stud and 6 spoke give me the same issue too. I do like the period steering wheel though
  11. Dox


    They're not banded, the centres are machined to become a split rim centre and bolted to a 17 inch rim
  12. Dox


    ATS cups look the dogs on a MK2
  13. Dox

    DPF cleaning

    Has the car got a functioning EGR? DPF regen needs one
  14. There has been a few cases of the thread shearing off the end of the CV, but factor in OE and aftermarket parts, confusion over tightening sequences, age and fatigue as well as bearing failure (which came first chicken or egg?).
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