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  1. Because the pump runs and pressurises the fuel line?
  2. Generally speaking that how prices do increase, someone gets ambitious, an another undercuts a bit and the prices roll up because of it. It happened with the Corrado over the last 5 years, speculators are now stopping enthusiasts owning the cars of their youth.
  3. Crank (position) sensor, cam (position) sensors are used all the time whatever temp, without them the ecu doesn't know where the engine is in order to inject fuel / spark.
  4. The pump should run when the key is first turned anyway? Turn the key to put the dash lights on (pump primes then stops), a second turn to engage the starter (pump runs continuously). Long cranking has been associated with a faulty cam sensor or its wiring?
  5. Got one near Crewe, I used it for an electrolysis experiment last year
  6. Suck Squeeze Bang Blow What's missing when the car dies? Does it have compression? Spark? Ignition colis are prone to failure when hot Fuel (wet plugs after cranking)?
  7. I've read on CGTi that Fiat coupe non turbo 284mm disks can be used on 4 stud cars, but need the centre bore of the disk opening up to fit VWs hub. You could dry fit a carrier with a 5 stud disk and see if the offset of the disk is suitable to redrill the disk to four stud (one hole would line up, you'd need to drill the other 3)?
  8. A short in the pump would blow the fuse, the ecu switches the low current side of the relay, so a pump short can't affect the ecu. Its more likely the capacitors in the ecu are old and blown? The ecu can also be damaged by not have a good engine to battery earth connection, starter current tries to earth via ecu sensor connections - usually its the injectors that remain fully open when this hs happened.
  9. Dieselgeek are the obvious ones, but don’t currently ship to the uk (do you know someone in the USA who could redirect?).
  10. How embarrassing (mum bailing you out, but respect to her). Im sure that was before my time, in Higgins defence he did honour all sales, he even went the extra mile to contact all after the ban as I think his PM status was removed, he's still a ,member hereas far as I'm aware
  11. "Fuel bomb"? Fuel pump? The pump will run; 1, When ignition first turned on 2, When cranking engine over 3, When the engine is running All the above assume the ECU is powered up? Tacho reads RPMs on the dash when cranking?
  12. Still available, I thought someone would have snapped this up? The seller has a pair of Scroth harnesses too...... Marketplace – Schroth harneses x 2 | Facebook
  13. The window motors only have 2 connections, you simply reverse polarity for up / down. I made up test leads years ago with crock clips from an old battery charger, wires with an in-line fuse and female spade connectors on the other end. I use them to test motors, fans, bulbs etc Id use the above to test the motor, then check the plug and switch connections for corrosion / breakage etc Id check the wiring between the shell and the door inside the trunking as I’ve have it break there in several VAG cars I’ve owned - some sheared completely, others broken inside the insulation, so looks ok, but if you pull on the wire the insulation stretches. It may be worth mentioning your location as someone local may be able to loan you a switch to try?
  14. Marketplace – Vw corrado monowipe single wiper conversion | Facebook Not mine
  15. Volkswagen corrado vr6, Front Black Leather Seats, 1996 N Reg | eBay
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