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  1. I think the Volvo/ Saab ones were more undersized, any part numbers on them?
  2. The last I read even a scrap VR6 cat was worth £150, so don't go throwing it away.
  3. Phoned Audi for a CV boot for my TT, £36 plus VAT then told no longer available - I don’t know why we continue to buy their cars when they show their customers such contempt? Paid £13 for a GKN branded product from Euros
  4. JP have a bad reputation in the Corrado community for all items not just distributors.
  5. I'd start by checking basic timing with the camshaft cover off and sparkplugs out turn the crank bolt until cylinder number 1 piston is at the top of its stroke on the compression stroke, the cams should be opposing one another, ie \ / I'd confirm the TDC markings on the flywheel and / or crank pulley are correct by inserting something into the plug hole as I turned the crank bolt - a wooden or plastic cooking spoon is good for this as its unlikelt to damage anything should it become jammed. If that's OK you could confirm cylinder leakage with a leak down test
  6. Its probably the hardest thing to diagnose if its only when being driven and under load? Ignition Fuel Engine / gearbox mounts Try and watch the tacho when the issue is happening to see if it drops to zero. Checking battery connection, main engine earth connections for cleanliness and security. Make sure the fuel and ecu relays are pushed all the way in / pins are clean. Wiggle the ignition key to try and replicate the fault
  7. Is the motor 100% dead? Its a simple job to test, only 2 connections at the motor, simply reversing the connections makes the motor change direction. Check / grease the window rollers whilst you're there and seal the door apperture plastic membrane afterward to prevent water ingress.
  8. Mine did that before the clutch slave failed completely a month or so later. Easy job on an 02A, 2 m8 bolts and the hydraulic hose then bleed
  9. They look rather old, even the ceramics are stained?
  10. Cold starts running on heavy mixtures (choke in old money) and long idling doesn't really create enough heat to keep plugs clean. You must have heard the scenario of the car owned by the old guy who never revved above 1500 RPM, only used the car to supermarket or church leading to rough running, then the new owner uses it normally and after a few week of normal use the car has a new lease of life? In a similar vain the ubiquitous Italian tune? Petrol on long runs cleans off contaminents off the back of the inlet valves too, build up here traps vapours and creates droplets instead. DPFs in modern diesels need heat from a fast run to burn soot trapped inside the DPF to turn it to ash
  11. I assume the car's not road legat ATM? Idling isn't good for an engine, much better on a long run at light throttle and under load - my VR6 hates starting and idling after having the battery reconnected
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