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  1. No, that’s what the buyer paid
  2. I bought a MK3 VR6 due for its first ever MOT from BCA auctions back in the day, in the same auction was a white Corrado VR6 a few lots later and made £2K more - its one of the biggest regrets of my driving life. Prior to this I had an alpine white MK2, when polished the flies loved it, they'd sit on the autoglym'd paint for days just pooping black marks all over it, I swear to this day they were stoned on the polishes fumes.....
  3. I’ve heard Heritage Obsolete Parts Dept have him on speed dial
  4. Lol, I own 2 cars with black leather...................
  5. Black leather is murder in summer even in a car with aircon
  6. I'd fit a gauge to see what's going on, there's more to oil pressure than the pump - it delivers a volume of oil, the pressure is created by the tight tolerances between the crank and shells (big ends and mains). Get a hose pipe and hold your thumb over the end, the pressure created will send the the water over a reasonable distance, remove your thumb and the pressure drops as does the distance covered. Engines don't need massive oil pressure, they do need enough volume to make the crank journals float on the oil without touching the shells that are made of soft lead / tin alloy (white metal). Its difficult to measure oil volume, but really easy / cheap to measure pressure hence why its used industry wide. I fitted a higher volume oil pump 20 years ago to my 8V GTi, bought from TSR, I think it was meant for a turbo diesel mk2 - the extra volume was needed for the oil feed to the turbo (maybe Vince could help with more info and supply).
  7. If the car goes in gear with the engine off ok, but struggles with the engine running you have a clutch drag issue - the plate isn’t clearing the flywheel. a clutch bleed is an easy fix if there’s air in the system
  8. I doubt you’ll get 10mm to fit as the boss on the rear disk is 18 - 20mm or so. 56mm will bind before the wheel meets the spacer?
  9. I was going to add rim width makes a difference too, a rim with the same offset but 2 inches wider would poke out an inch further out and an inch closer to the strut, nothing is straight forward....
  10. https://www.classiccarauctions.co.uk/events/2020-auctions/cca-september-live-online-auction-2020/cca-september-live-online-auction-2020/classic-car-sale-19th-september-2020-from-11am/1995-volkswagen-corrado-vr6
  11. I’d be surprised if it sells, bare in mind an auctioneer car run bids up to reserve and you might not get a real bid. I’ve bought from historics and watched a few online, many don’t sell live, but have offers accepted afterwards. Estimate can be different to The reserve too.
  12. https://www.historics.co.uk/buying/auctions/2020-09-26/cars/ref-145-1996-volkswagen-corrado-vr6-sb/
  13. My next door neighbours lad put his M140 through a hedge 12 months ago
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