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  1. Hi dave, the vr6 rotrex bracket where can i buy?

  2. Hi dave are you still doing remaps

  3. Oh and driving in the dark tonight.... Lights are the normal early valver complete joke! Good job I have a rather nice headlight loom at home ;)
  4. Thanks For the heads up Jim. I did my last one with the dash in.... Despite being very careful I still managed kink a Bowden cable and it never worked the same after. I'll ask Chris when I see him next ;)
  5. I don't think it has, no single push window functions going on at the minute.... I have all the loom, control box and regulators from my old car so looks like I'll be doing that at some point, along with the heater matrix (which hasn't been done yet). The windows leave about an 1" of glass above the door when fully down...
  6. LOL! It's the backlighting of the buttons and the LCD display that make it look proper time warp :)
  7. Hi David, It is pretty much all there... although for some reason strange bits of interior trim are incorrect or missing. Good job I have the remnants of my old valver interior in the shed :) I'm wondering if the electric windows have been retro-fitted....they don't come all the way down?
  8. Right then! Progress today and yesterday. Door Handle - Sorted (Cheers Brunye!) Coolant leak - repaired with new from head plastic flange :) changed the expansion tank for a new one at the same time. Flush the coolant and now looking all nice and pink :) Central locking - Fixed... faulty pump... Retro Radio - Fitted. Blaupunkt Atlanta SQR47 ;) 5 cassette tape holder in centre console - Fitted. Complete with tapes....Bon Jovi Slippery when wet, Whitesnake 1987, Deep Purple House of Blue Light, Pink Floyd A Momentary Lapse of Reason & Iron Maiden Seventh Son. Period enough I think you'll find ;) Speaker Grill fitted. Oil flush and change. Spare Wheel - Toolkit plastic holder and plastic screw wheel retainer fitted. Might get brave tomorrow and sort the sunroof slide......
  9. I said that! The Flying Banannas gone to a great home Kippy!
  10. Now the memories are VIVID! The Corrado players certainly did a good job ;) That trip to Germany certainly left us all with a whole new meaning for Corrado Love!
  11. So many images flashing through my mind right now....... :)
  12. Lol! As always... You guys :) It is good to be back, spent most of yesterday fettling! Mic, ya big softy, can't beat a bit of Peters and Lee. It's a 90mm splitter, currently out of stock at VW Heritage. Really want a mint condition one. No plans for a turbo, just want to drive. And the CCGB Welsh road trip is just too tempting to pass up on! So trying to get ready for that at the mo. All good Corrado related fun ;)
  13. Well after just over 12 months away from Corrado ownership.... I've got the bug again! I fancied a tidy car, but completely standard and also something that wasn't so super clean that I wouldn't want to use it.... So here she is... A 1990 1.8 16v with 63k on the clock. The cars had some paint so it's reasonably tidy, still has a few dings and dents but really benefitted from a damned good clean, clay, polish x 3, wax and gloss enhance. Trim is pretty clean, just a few bits of tidying to do.... thats the good stuff.... The central locking isn't working, driver door handle broken (but the little die cast bits inside so can't repair!!), broken NS mirror plastic, coolant leak from the front head plastic (obsolete) pipe, front splitter (obsolete)..... What happened in the last 12 months, all the bits have disappeared!
  14. Looking to buy a pair of door handles. Must have key and working switches..... Let me know :) Dave
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