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  1. Sealy 3 layer All Seasons car cover, medium & a perfect size for a Corrado. Used for 3 months only over the past winter so in excellent condition, comes with original storage bag. £50 posted
  2. New old stock & never fitted, these stainless sill protectors are the finishing touch to your Corrado re-build. Also including original fitting instructions £75 posted PM me
  3. Original VW Corrado brochure from 1995 together with the seperate spec list brochure, both in exceptional condition. £40 posted PM me
  4. Clearing out my parts cupboard - original Hella fog/indicator unit in very good condition apart from a hairline crack across the fog lens. £125 posted or offers PM me please
  5. Original VW items - 13 only, all in good condition but the colour has faded on the dome. £10 posted PM me
  6. Cat C as i said - any positive advice?
  7. So, I need to sell my Storm but its Cat C & whilst that wasnt a particular problem to me I, sort of, understand why others might feel its a no-no. For me personally, I wouldnt buy a newish car with that category but for older, classic cars its probably had less bodywork done to it than some other restored cars on the road right now! I bought it based on the overall condition of the car & the amazing history that came with it. What are my options here? Option1: would an Autolign inspection to clear the HPI history make any difference out in the buying world? From my pov, I cant see it would make much difference as HPI is only 1 of the providers of car data & the V5 doesnt change. Options 2: what price would encourage a buyer? Option 3: if I cant sell at a half decent price then the nuclear option is to scrap it for parts - only (half) joking! Opinions welcome
  8. jenkiam

    Rear silencer

    ok, thanks all - just got 1 problem fixed & think I'm all done & then this...😔
  9. jenkiam

    Rear silencer

    never had a problem with them myself tbh
  10. jenkiam

    Rear silencer

    Is there a decent supplier of VR6 rear silencers or will Kwik Fit be able to sort me out? Any suggestions welcome & wats the difference between resonated or non-resonated? cheers
  11. Can anyone point me to a definitive explanation of how to fix or replace the fan/heater controls of a 95 Corrado plse?
  12. Can anyone point me to a definitive explanation of how to replace the electric window regulator on a 95 car? Lots of threads on here with broken links so I'm not having any joy finding wat i need
  13. jenkiam

    Brake feel

    ok, cheers all - sounds like fairly normal then!
  14. jenkiam

    Brake feel

    Just had new brakes fitted all round on the Storm & now the pedal feels really soft with a long travel, is that normal in a Corrado (as suggested by the mechanic)? I've only ever driven 2 Corrado's but that doesnt seem to have been my experience. cheers Jenks
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