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  1. MODERATORS PLEASE RELOCATE IF REQUIRED I posted a while ago now with a pic of a cushion that the other half had made for me and it generated a bit of interest and a few people asking if she was taking orders... well now if we can get enough interest, then the answer is yes These are test runs and she has made 2 each way up: All are made with the MK2 rainbow fabric and the standard dark grey bolster material to the back. She is now looking to see if there would be interest in these cushions and to see if we could get an order together and what people would be interested in? Currently to make it worth her while, she would need to charge £40 per unit or £70 a pair. The costs are high due to the cost of the VW fabrics and how many cushions can be cut from each section. Interestingly the blue Edition One would be cheaper at the moment due to a sale. Some of the Westy fabric is also a little cheaper. So with Christmas coming and assuming we could get costs down a little is there any interest?
  2. I will have to have a look tomorrow and see what runs where. First stop will be to see if the sensor is reading on the dash
  3. Sorry for the lack of info, its a VR. I almost hope its not the temp sensor as that would mean I have a second cable missing!
  4. Hi All, I have an unidentified broken wire in the engine bay. The cable in question runs down the drives side wing along with the other wires cleated along that side. The cable ends behind the drivers side headlight near the hole for the carbon can. All my lights are working or at least accounted for, the only thing I know that is not working is the speedo but if that is the cable in question, i have a fair amount of cable missing. The cable in question is a single brown/yellow cable in a sheath on its own. Anyone have any ideas what this could be at all? Thanks
  5. I have drilled and flush fitted 3mm amber 12v leds into the ends of my mirrors. I have used ultra brights so should be no issue with that. The wording of the mot is that they have to be the right color and visible from the side of the car
  6. All joking aside, yes she is. The only problem is they work out quite expensive because the material is bloody expensive and there is quite a bit of wastage due to pattern size. If people are interested they would end up about £30 each unless we can work a way to reduce costs a little. A pair could be done cheaper. Other fabrics may also work out less. If anyone is interested, please reply and I will see how serious she is about being this idea off the ground.
  7. The other half has been playing with her new sewing machine. I got some MK2 Rainbow upholstery and this is the result:
  8. Up for sale is my MK4 GT TDI 150. (52 plate) This car has been my daily drive for a few years now and never misses a beat. The car has covered just over 147500 miles (as can be seen in the pictures) The car runs and drives well, pulls well and sticks where it should whilst being good on fuel. I have maintained the car all the time I have owned it and have carried out the following upgrades and modifications: Solid flywheel Coil overs EGR removed Cruse control added. The car has been well serviced with annual oil and filter changes along with a recent cam belt change. There is around 10 months left to run on the MOT NOTE: THE STEREO WILL BE REMOVED BEFORE SALE! The car has a few scratches and dents as shown in the photos and could do with new front tires soon. Viewing can be arranged and a test drive if you have proof of insurance. £800
  9. Hi, I have a pair of stock VR handles but i have stripped the mech out of them. If your interested I can get some pics etc on Sunday Alex
  10. Yeah I tried all the right things to do as well. The design is not great and they are always going to fail at some point but I guess at 20+ years, i can accept that sort of life expectancy.
  11. Well gents! I had an order conformation, I had a dispatch note (early this morning) and then at 17:15 - as in too late to phone them and rip a strip, I get an email telling me they are out of stock! I have to admit this really ****es me off. They had 3 listed on eBay and even told me that it had been dispatched before they actually check the stock. In this day and age, its not on. They are on a 3-4 week lead time so given some of my previous experience with Heritage could easily be 3-4 months if at all. So gents, what you got? I will gladly take. thanks in advance Alex
  12. Thanks Jim, I have just found this and ordered however the main site states that they are on 3 week back order. Guess i will just have to wait and see
  13. So I have snapped the tightening screw on the trumpet for the bonnet pull. Does anyone have a lead where is best to get a replacement from? Heritage are on back order and I would rather keep the momentum moving at the moment. If anyone has a part number that might help. I did think that ECS did STST versions of can anyone confirm at all?
  14. Hi easypops, Do you have any of these left please? I will take one if you do please Thanks Alex
  15. So its been slow progress of late with having to do much workings but its still making some progress So had it out in daylight Still need to get another door on! Test fitted the lights Looking good Front end on What we think?
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