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  1. The lower chain guide has 2 metal ring inserts the allow it so seat on the guides, my best guess would be it’s one of these
  2. Well, I’d love to say that was fun, but it wasn’t, getting too old/rigid to be creeping about on my knees 🤣
  3. No, normal thread, just unbelievably tight. I’ll need a new one I guess 😁
  4. I had real trouble with the crank pulley as well, in the end it took 2 of us, breaker bar with 7ft pipe extension, crank jammed up with a few bits of strategically placed wood, when it cracked it was like a gunshot, wouldn’t have surprised me if the bar had snapped or indeed the bolt but thankfully not
  5. Carpet out. Various jobs to do in here. Add soundproofing Run speaker wires to the rear Fit heated seat loom Fit Recaro loom Then the fun starts 🤣 Remove the Dashboard, remove the heater box/matrix, remove the ABS and associated wiring, remove the old alarm(‘s) Fit refurbished heater box, new matrix, new speakers,Run the OBD2 wiring to the fuse box, Fit Teves20 (I’m optimistic 🤣)
  6. Not sure if it’s just me but I can’t see your photos mate?
  7. Fantastic mate, many thanks. PM on the way 😎
  8. I have put a different plug on the both seat connections as they have matching female plugs, so if I don’t find the ones I need I’ll just change the plug on the seat base
  9. Wrapped the original loom and laid the copy beside it
  10. Thanks mate, fingers crossed. My bet is they are used in a few places, I’ve just to find them 👍😁
  11. Thanks mate, I’ll definitely keep that in mind, you must never be done finding stuff 😁
  12. I’ll find the necessary lengths of wiring in this mess 😁
  13. As you see it’s not complicated, just those plugs will be the issue possibly.
  14. Thought I should do something in the time of isolation, so I looked out the seat looms to fit to the car. It’s a job that needs done so might as well. However, I recently picked up a set of cream Recaros and I don’t have the wiring for them, so before I fit the one I do have I guess I should try to make another one. I am short of 2 plugs though, so if anyone knows where else on the car they are used that would be great, I’m sure I’ve seen them but they all do look alike 😁 part number 191 972 752 . 2 required
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