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  1. I’ve got a set of doorpockets with the switch blanks. Taken from an early VR6 with early interior, electric windows, switches on the doorcard as normal
  2. When you write anything you’ll get this bit, fairly straightforward once you do it, I do it from my phone and resize the pictures, usually I set them to the medium setting
  3. Well done, I was absolutely delighted when mine started after the rebuild, so I get it 👍😎
  4. easypops

    vr6 crossmember

    They are different mate, the VR6 one is more pronounced where the front engine mount goes, the valver one is straighter . Can’t help you on this though mate as I only have one that I need 👍
  5. Please add a price mate, no point in saying send offers if no one knows how much you want. Pictures and a location will help as well 👍
  6. I saw some of your rust issues on Facebook , mine was very similar, sadly the underseal is now hiding the problems instead of preventing them 🤣 The fuel tank is an awkward beast, especially if it’s got a decent amount in it, definitely easier with 2 bodies
  7. You will be fine as you described, I usually put the jack underneath it and then loosen the straps but if you are only doing it to reroute the pipes then you might get away with just releasing the back bolts, dropping it slightly then doing what’s to be done. Just watch the pipes that are on as you don’t want to stress the connections at the filter or the pump . No need to touch the rear beam
  8. This is what I used for reference,(thanks Tony), although I think I ran it closer to the step and behind the heat shield. I’ll get a picture later if I can still fit under the car 🤣
  9. easypops

    Vr6 belt tensioner

    I’ll have one for sure, I’ll confirm tomorrow as it’s not the easiest looking in my shed in the dark🤣
  10. Same here, you would need to be a contortionist to get in there now, I might try once the car is at ground level 🥴
  11. I’m not quite sure of it’s purpose, dodging leaky brake fluid sounds good to me. I had this piece left over when I had my engine out but now I know where it goes/how it sits 👍
  12. I might have identified the random plastic bit with a picture, if it’s the bit at the back I can get more pictures to help. I’ve definitely helped myself......... really should have checked the breaker before I gave up on it 🤣
  13. Excuse the mess and the rather conspicuous manifold 🤪
  14. I’ve got a similar shelf in mine, but the top has been made to look sort of factory, hold on and I’ll get a picture or 3. It’s been solved from above, although I do still have speakers in it
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