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  1. I bought this gun as I thought it would be up to the task, I have a decent compressor but that bolt just laughed at it . I may well add a battery gun at some point but I hope to never face anything that tight again 🤣
  2. Thank Dox, I ended up jamming the crank with a couple of strategically placed bits of wood. I have had the flywheel lightened and balanced so didn’t really want to go down that road as I would have almost certainly killed it 🤣 Anyway, it’s off, long breaker bar with 6ft extension plus 2 people -one swinging , one holding 💪🤣
  3. Pictures speak a thousand words, looking good indeed mate 😎
  4. I’ve not been completely idle, I decided to retrim the saggy headlining, I used black 4 way stretch carpeting, which has turned out quite well
  5. Thanks mate, can’t really take any credit for the cosmetics as it came like that 😁
  6. Photos are a bit out of sync but I’ll get things in better order as I start getting myself better organised 😁
  7. Ok, An update is well overdue. I have removed the engine from my red VR6, doing the chains, tensioners, clutch, cams(268’s) , OBD2 conversion, teves20 conversion, gearbox has had the 5th gear swap plus a wavetrac lsd, got a Shrick manifold(OBD2) to compliment the cams, lightened flywheel. I’m currently stuck as I failed to crack the crank bolt before I removed the engine, schoolboy error as it’s now on the stand. A solution will appear I’m sure(don’t be shy to offer advice😁)
  8. Testing out the new forum , haven’t updated in a while. I’ll see if I can work out how to add a picture 😁
  9. No worries mate, just message me once you are needing it, I’ve got a few left so you’ll definitely get one, no need to rush :)
  10. Yes, the cable fits onto the existing handle, you need to retain the sheathing that runs across the slam panel and both trumpets
  11. I still sell the cables, hopefully the one you’ve ordered sorts you out. If not fire me a pm http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?94884-Bonnet-release-cables
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