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  1. As has been said, pictures/location/rough price you’re hoping for. And what category of write off is it?
  2. Not Furniture Clinic, it’s Gliptone (Liquid Leather). As for time, it was done over a weekend, I had to re glue all the door cards as the leather was loose most of the way round. I used contact glue for that. Then scrubbed the seats with various lotions and potions, but soapy water and a sponge/cloth will do that. Then a clean all over with isopropyl, then 3 coats of dye applied with a sponge and a small brush. It was pretty easy and very forgiving and dried fast . All done outside as the weather was decent. Once it had a day to dry properly I went over it with conditioner
  3. I eventually got round to doing this after a few years 🤣 I used the Scuffmaster , I’ll attach a picture of the actual dye. Be aware though that I did the whole interior, not sure a repair wouldn’t stand out a bit as it’s very likely not going to match 100% a well worn set. I liked the results that much I’ve bought a 2nd bottle as I have another cream interior (Recaro’s) as I sold the standard one after I’d got it all dyed etc. Plus, I’ve got a bottle of the grey (sent a sample in to match) so I could do the other interior at some point
  4. Welcome back mate, no one really goes away 😁
  5. I’m surprised mate, but you’ve had a long time, best of luck with whatever you decide 👍
  6. Aye, looks like obd1 to me…….. I wonder if he’d sell the flap mechanism separately? 🤣
  7. Welcome along mate, look forward to seeing some pictures 👍
  8. Ha ha, yes, finally, 5 years it was in the body shop. To be fair I did say I was in no rush and I never pushed the guys. They moved premises and it moved with them and they got really busy so it just went onto the back burner. And it was ok with me as I knew it was safe where it was 😁
  9. Ok, so blink and another year has slipped by, not exactly sure how that happened. Last year was a bit of a write off with some family stuff and work getting extremely busy. I have high hopes of getting this on the road for the spring……….. although I probably said that last year and the year before, however, I had to evict it from the Garage as a long lost friend came home 🤣
  10. Hi, Welcome along, I’ve moved your request to the wanted section, hopefully someone will be along to offer you one 👍
  11. That’s pretty rough for that money 🥴
  12. Try here https://www.gryp-3d.com/fr/volkswagen-corrado/474-clips-de-baie-de-pare-brise.html
  13. I replaced the originals for the poly ones. I copied the way the original ones were, so fairly confident I’ve got it right………. Unless the originals were upside down, but I doubt it
  14. Welcome along, there aren’t many one owner cars out there . Would be nice to see a few pictures 👍😁
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