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  1. I had my fuse box all the way down to allow removal of all the old security stuff, OBD2 conversion, Teves20 conversion and to wire in my heated/moving seats. When I tried to put it back it was a horrible job, I’m still crossing my fingers that everything stayed in place as it was very tight
  2. As usual, life constantly gets in the way of car tinkering. I’ve been super busy recently so very little done. I removed the rear axle again, tidied up a few areas of surface rust, found a few other bits where the underseal had split so I had a few small patches to weld, nothing pretty but now solid. Also managed to fit the the front brakes and refit the rear axle
  3. I’m not sure, if they are indeed 57.1 centres then I guess they’ve had some work done? Are Subaru not a bit smaller? I don’t think there is much in it
  4. These ones Dox https://www.gumtree.com/p/wheel-rims-tyres/vw-corrado-mk1-mk2-mk3-golf-alloys-16x7-5x100/1379618413
  5. Thanks mate, I’ll keep this in mind, I’m going to go with the easier one that Fla posted. I do like the idea of a cabin switch but as the car hasn’t actually started yet I’ll get it working first 😁👍
  6. This I think I can just about manage, any idea of diode size I should be buying? Also, total layman’s question.......what does the diode do? Is it like a non return valve for power? 🤣
  7. Superb mate, thank you 😁
  8. 🤣 I’ll need to make a cuppa before I try looking at that 🤣 Let me look and I’ll see if I can find the post/posts on Facebook 👍
  9. Thanks mate, I’m ideally hoping for an absolutely idiot proof guide 😁👍
  10. I’ll look at eBay to see if I can find a plug, Sharan is a good shout 👍 No idea about the brackets, I bought these years ago. Yes, ideally I want it to run like factory 🤞😁 Long time no speak mate, you still in Glasgow? If so I think you might have been spotted a couple of times........posts on Facebook stating they’ve seen an unidentified green Corrado about the Clydeside expressway 😁
  11. I’m having a bit of an issue with how to wire my slimline fans. I bought the set up years ago, with wiring already attached. This seems to incorporate the radiator switch leaving no place for the original wiring to plug into. I’m hoping for an easier/simple solution that allows me to plug the rad switch plug in as normal. Both fans have a blue and black wire(+ and - I guess) . I would like somehow to attach these to the original fan motor plug. I’ve had a search but still unsure. Do I join the 2 lives from the slim fans and then split them into the 3(stage 1,2,3) lives on the plug ? Or into one and then bridge the other 2? Then join the 2 negatives and put them to the earth in the plug? Obviously it would be nice to locate the correct opposite of the plug to make it tidy, sure I read that there is one from another vw but I can’t find the old thread I saw it in? Many thanks as always if anyone can help 😁 Pictures of the wiring I have installed on the fans
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