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  1. I’m interested to see how you find it....... I’ve been toying with a similar purchase for a while, got to say that fear of it falling on me is the main reason for any reluctance. I’d love to raise the roof a bit to allow a proper 2 post ramp but I fear the Council will not allow a decent height gain
  2. Yes, and looking very nice 😎
  3. Welcome back, the pictures for me are simple, it says down below where the paperclip is. Have you paid the joining fee? Might be that?
  4. Happy new year 😁👍
  5. Is this it? https://www.heritagepartscentre.com/uk/191803483-fuel-filler-neck-support-bracket-repair-panel.html
  6. You don’t know the half of it mate, I emptied one of my sheds today as it’s leaving to be replaced by a bigger one. 5x sunroof assemblies 6x wings 2x doors 2x windscreens 2x dashboards 3x rear quarter glasses a set of rubber mats and a set of new mats 🤣
  7. I like them in black 😎 As for the shims, I’ve never used them before but that means little. They never came with the ones I’m going to run although they were present in a set I stripped and forgot about a few years ago........still in a box I occasionally move 🤣
  8. Merry Christmas everyone, nice to see you here Wullie, how are the ants? 😁
  9. If the green plug and the grey one reach the earth is really close to the actual fusebox 👍
  10. Another picture of the fusebox, the 2 red arrows are the green block and the grey/blue one as mentioned better above and the other picture is the relay end and you’ll see the other earth there as well
  11. There is a wee yellow arrow top right that shows the earth block that’s hidden behind the dash 👍
  12. Mine arrived as well, very nice, thanks to all involved as I was lucky to hop on board at the end 😁😎
  13. I’m still here as well, still trying to get a Corrado on the road 🤣
  14. Ha ha, I’m not sure I’d have told anyone if I had won it, not sure I could cope with the abuse 🤣😁 I’ve been fortunate many times on here and on Facebook........the perks of being self employed and on my phone too much I guess, sadly the bargains are few and far between these days 🤔😁
  15. I bought a couple of tickets, I’d have been over the moon with it, sadly they somehow picked the wrong number????? 🤣
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