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  1. That’s pretty rough for that money 🥴
  2. Try here https://www.gryp-3d.com/fr/volkswagen-corrado/474-clips-de-baie-de-pare-brise.html
  3. I replaced the originals for the poly ones. I copied the way the original ones were, so fairly confident I’ve got it right………. Unless the originals were upside down, but I doubt it
  4. Welcome along, there aren’t many one owner cars out there . Would be nice to see a few pictures 👍😁
  5. There is a guy that has remade various parts, including the full rebuild sets. Pretty sure he’s only doing a certain amount of parts then they’ll be gone
  6. I know, I’m massively guilty of doing nothing as well. Life has just been in the way for months now, can’t seem to find any spare time at all. Can’t stay this way forever, work must quieten down at some point 🤞🤣
  7. Toby is on the case, the email you’ll need is [email protected]
  8. You may not get a reply as this thread is 5 years old 👍
  9. Looking good mate, those bushes look like the slipped out nice and easy 👍
  10. Could be the door membranes, I guess you are parked facing downhill? Common leaks points are door membranes, heater fan area, missing grommets in the bulkhead (check the drains are clear of leaves), sunroof drains, same story, check they are clear. Worst scenario is your windscreen area has rusted under the seal, quite common sadly especially if you’ve had a replacement at some point. More than likely yours will be where you see it, the doors 👍
  11. I’ve messaged Toby on the moderator WhatsApp chat, hopefully he’ll spot it and resolve it ASAP 👍
  12. I use my phone as almost all my pictures seem to be on there these days. When you go to reply you’ll see the bit where it asks you to choose files, fairly easy from there, I usually resize to medium 👍
  13. These look fantastic mate, well done. I was actually the guy who placed an order with you as soon as you mentioned it then cancelled it as I didn’t realise there was going to be the full solution. Keep us posted on testing please and I’ll look to take the leap as soon as testing is complete 👍😎
  14. easypops


    Aye, gone are the days of bargains, although I’ve had my fair share. You can’t find anything decent on eBay without finding it’s been shared all over Facebook and you are competing with a lot of other people . No secrets on the interweb
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