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  1. Can I just add that Tony(tonedef) has helped me massively with this, in fact, without his input I doubt I’d have gotten there........thanks mate 😎👍...........although I’ve yet to fit the rear sensors, hopefully they fit ok but I guess I might end up with the spacer issue
  2. The servo you’ll have is no use, you’ll need one without the pedal position switch. I used a b3 or b4 Passat one, looks identical to the VR6 one except it’s not got the switch. You need to be careful which one you get as the pedal end needs to be the fork type and not the ball type. I removed the system I had from a Golf VR6 but swapped the servo to make the pedal situation easier
  3. Tried a wee test fit of the fibreglass wings, they will need a little fettling but not much, I’ll need to clear the chassis of the old sealant used to bond the original wings in I think but it’s difficult when you can’t get the doors open properly........looks like I’ll need to get it out of the garage 😁
  4. I put mine together in the last couple of weeks, fortunately mine has worked ok. I’ll get a few pictures of what you want tomorrow if you can wait until then. Oops, my bad, I misread, I don’t have a one way valve on mine. Daft question but is your fuel filter facing the right direction?
  5. Welcome along, sadly the radiator support is a very common thing to rust away, best to put up a wanted ad, there are a couple of corrado breakers out there. Chris Ferry aka Lilfuzzer. Facebook has a lot of activity and is probably a better place to locate parts. You can contact Chris through there, not sure he’s on here much these days I’d suggest you strip the front end off to be sure the front crossmember is ok as you’ll need to be in there anyway and check what else you might need. Check the wings, sills- especially at point it joins rear arch, fuel cap area as all are common rust spots 😁👍
  6. Watched it many times, and will probably tune in again.......kind of fortunate that I have seen it in the flesh as many times as on tv 😁
  7. Absolutely mate 👍😁
  8. Thanks mate, I was rather nervous 🤣
  9. Thank you mate, you helped me massively with some great information and pictures, so I’m in your debt for sure. On first run of the engine the abs light has stayed on, however I remember you said I’d need to disable the airbag bulb in the switch, although again I’ll hold off until I can scan it, plus I’d like to get the wheels turning before I can be sure it’s getting a signal from each corner 😁👍
  10. Thanks mate, great information that, I’ll hold off changing the MAF until I’m sure it’s up to temperature. I do have a few spares so it won’t be an issue to check 😁👍
  11. So, great bit of progress tonight, got the brakes bled(they’ll need done again) plus the power steering bled, but most importantly, the engine is alive, idle is a bit high, MAF seems faulty as no difference when unplugged, ill swap it out soon, couple of other gremlins but I’m absolutely delighted that it runs. OBD2 conversion seems to be successful........Teves20 is yet to be confirmed but hopefully I’ll know about it once I get rolling 😁
  12. Ha ha, that made me laugh 🤣 It does happen to be a genuine Corrado reservoir 😎😁 I’d love to say where/when from but it was just there, I get the feeling it came with the last parts car but not sure 🤔
  13. Thanks mate, I got another few wee bits done this evening. Ecu fitted, Schrick controller wired up and vacuum pipes sorted, also thought I’d best clean the windscreen and fit a set of Lupo wipers 😁
  14. Absolutely stunning 👌
  15. Great work, this is the first time I’ve had a chance to use that gauge I bought a few years ago, totally forgot I had it until I saw your picture 👍😎
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