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  1. It was rear sills which were repaired for mot twice but rotted again 2 years later. Needs to be properly repaired and a full respray. Stealth rebuilt the engine with a rebored bottom end. 6k is a joke really but if that's what they are asking up to them I've washed my hands with it.
  2. Jon_vr6

    stock vr6 cams

    I have some of these were took out of my car when I went 263 cams.
  3. Hi. Do you still have parcel straps for sale ?

  4. Just thought id update this thread as ive just found an 8M roll of this which i never used. 8M will do the 2 front doors with a bit of trimming for excess. Will post on my for sale thread if anyones interested http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?110024-Corrado-parts-for-sale
  5. He's made me an offer but I havnt accepted.
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