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  1. Hey Mate Sorry they have gone also, have removed all items from first post now. Thanks Matt
  2. I am just after a good one please Should leave one for you also, Thanks for the update Jenks speak soon
  3. VR6 Grille Badges please, PM on its way
  4. Hi Ian, sorry yes would like to take it. Feel free to pm me your details
  5. Great thanks mate, feel free to drop me a PM with the PayPal details. I know I prob have them from the bits I sold but just to be sure. Cheers
  6. Hey Chris, yes please if you have them, how much you looking for posted? Cheers Matt
  7. Sounds great more fixings the better, thanks Ian
  8. Hi Ian, Sounds interesting how much would you be looking for on the bonnet hook posted? Thanks Matt
  9. Hi Chris, If you have those bits that would be great, feel free to drop me a PM with what you find. Cheers Matt
  10. As per title looking for a Late Fog Light Drivers Side, doesn't need to be mint, reasonable cost willing to be paid Thanks Matt
  11. List updated Sold items removed, Chrome front and rear badges added, If there is anything that you feel is inaccurately priced then just let me know, all offers welcome
  12. Payment received thanks Martin, will get it boxed up and out asap.
  13. Sorry but this is now spoken for, i will update the list accordingly. Thanks Matt
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