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  1. I've got a Jetex catback on mine. It's pretty good Tbf. Good value too! Can't help on the manifolds though.
  2. Mines a 92 VR6 and only 92k miles!
  3. Haven't been able to get any of these in the end, so bump for this please!
  4. A good set of Borbet's as you've got I'd say £400, maybe not if they need a refurb though... If they were all 9's probably nudging £500.
  5. Right finally got my pictures fixed. Haha. Fecking dropbox!
  6. Haha cheers Stu! Have cleaned up the coils today and they don't look too bad. Sadly the Passat gets much more attention than the Corrado. Especially with that exhaust on it!
  7. It's a fantastic thing it really is. I think I probably have more fun driving the Corrado though... Not sure why the photos aren't working On my phone. They were on my laptop.
  8. Finally got my Rado out this week to go and get MOT'd after a good 2 years in me garage! Excited to finally start using her again!
  9. Evening all! This was my first Rado, loved it, some of you might remember it as I did post a decent thread in 2010. Haha. Thread is here anyway: http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?45617-Dark-Burgundy-Pearl-16v-Update-16x8-s-all-round&highlight=jonny777 Thought i'd finally start a thread for my VR6. Have had it for 3 years now and haven't done a great deal to it! Just given it a full correction detail, fixed some basic stuff and MOT'd it once. Otherwise it's been sat in my garage. It's done 92k miles and it is pretty nice for what it is. I got it for a silly deal and I plan on keeping it for as long as physically possible! Moonlight Blue Pearl, fairly basic spec, just early VR kit. It's all in pretty good condition though. Mods wise its got a Jetex Exhaust and a K and N air filter for dirty VR noise. Some pictures: After the correction detail: Plans are to get her back to how she should be, definitely needs getting off the standard Rado stilts and a decent set of suspension on. The heater matrix is dead sadly which will be the biggest job but that'll be soon. Wheels need a refurb and then its just tarting her up a bit. Thought a few of you might be interested in my daily too. Bought it last year and flipping love the thing, Passat R36 Wagon. It's bagged too on an Airlift Performance Air Ride and has pretty much all the options ticked for an R36, just no sunroof! I'm sure most of you lot know how rare R36's are and there's only 135 ish left in this country. I can post more pictures if people care! Haha. Anyway, the VR6, will hopefully keep this going properly now that I've got started on the Corrado again and can at least get some progress pics and build thread stuff sorted out! Have put up a couple of wanted threads for some parts, ideally after some aftermarket suspension and bigger brakes for her so if you've got any give me a shout. Comments etc welcome. Cheers!
  10. I've just put a Bosch S4 on mine, is absolutely perfect and a decent price from ECP!
  11. Bumping this up as I never got around to sorting it. Finally putting the car back on the road 3 years later. Oops. Does anybody have the part numbers for the sensors I need? Cheers guys.
  12. Afternoon all, Just wondering if anyone has any aftermarket uprated suspension for a Corrado VR6. Not bothered if its shocks and springs or coilovers. Finally looking to get mine off the standard stilts! As close to West Yorkshire as possible! Cheers, Jonny.
  13. Cheers for that Dox, probably a bit too much effort, looking for straight fit really. If anyone happens to have a a 288mm set up I am still interested too! Ideally one that I could pick up Monday/Tuesday!
  14. I've got tons of wheels so that's not a problem. Haha. I know they don't fit under 15s. Pads and discs are easy, how much you after? Is there a thread with How To fit the brakes? Have searched and couldn't find anything!
  15. Whats the difference with fitting the 312 as opposed to the 288? You have everything I need to do it? :D
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