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  1. Same really about 30-31. But at the other end had it down to 7mpg before lol
  2. I know they are a bit chavy but for the smiles per pound ratio a scooby sti can do no wrong, drove one the other day and made my standard storm feel like an escort lol. But a evo 6, vx220 turbo, s2000, or a s1 elise would be my choices, looking outside vag.
  3. No had the engine re-built, but then cause the engine got so hot had problem after problem after problem and went to far to go back!!!!!!!!!!!! Before you say it, I know..................
  4. DON'T DON'T DON'T Take your vdo clocks out cause the faulty oil alarm keeps going off and is pissing you off, (and totally forget you have a small water leak, that turned into a big water leak) so that you have no warning you have no water in the rad and then drive 130 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! £4600 later..............................................
  5. Hi guys, as above can someone explain wot it does and how to fix it???????? My 94 vr6 sometimes turns over a bit to long before it starts, cleaned the ISV but still does it?????
  6. Yep your right its moonlight pearl, just spent ages looking for it on google. oh got spaghetti tyres aswell tastes nice though.
  7. 18 inch Well they do rub a bit ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. ha not to new to owning Cs this my second and had this one for about 3 years, oh yeah well used to having an empty wallet, since the re-build anyway lol
  9. but don't you think blackberry is abit of a girls colour!?!?!?!?!? lol only joking!!!!!!!!!
  10. you mean midnight blue was the best colour lol!!!!! looks black in the pics tho!?!?!?!?
  11. yeah i wanted coilovers but a bit short of cash as i've just bought a house. yours looks real nice, lovely colour
  12. wot colour is the drivers door mate, not midnight blue buy any chance?????
  13. 1994 Vr6 Re-built engine, 18' RS4's lowered 35mm de-badged grill fk rear lenses.
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