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  1. :shock: :cuckoo: Although just due to pure jealousy :lol:
  2. Yep, is it more to do with sponsorship or drivers that will compliment each other? :wave: Pity if there is no British Grand Prix next year. :ignore:
  3. Will Rosberg ever be consistent enough? He ain't no Vettel. :notworthy:
  4. Do Mercedes think Rosberg and Heidfeld are champion material? :cuckoo: Be interesting to see what happens with Mclaren, are Mercedes still going to let them have an engine? :scratch: My problem with Button is that it always seems to come down to money. He's been one of the top paid drivers for years, turned down offers from more competitive teams due to Honda upping his millions. Waz haggling with Brawn over next years millions. :camp:
  5. Thats sad news mate. But as you say, a car can be fixed/replaced but the loss of a friend is totally different and puts everything into perspective. :salute:
  6. VW Passat Estate :( Diesel :( 1.9tdi :( 110bhp version :( :sleeping: Replaced my Corrado G60 :luvlove: :notworthy:
  7. What about a Polo mate if you are after something cheap and cheerfull?
  8. Definately Gary mate, got the name on the bottom of the letter from them. :D Always had no problems with Brentacre and they are knowledgeable about VW's, just this new guy who really wound me up. First time I rung up to enquire he asked if I could ring back because he wanted some lunch! :bad-words:
  9. Who did you speak to at Brentacre mate? They've got a new guy, think he's called Reece, complete NUMPTY! Rung last Tuesday to change my insurance over, he told me there would £45 admin charge and the policy would be no cheaper going from a 200bhp G60 Corrado to a 1.9 TDI estate passat! :shock: Rung back Thursday and asked to speak to Gary that I'd spoke to before, no admin charge for change over and £25 quid back from the policy. :clap:
  10. Flushed my system once, topped up, but it would just boil over everytime. Checked every pipe all ok. Was baffled. Ended up taking it to the local garage, who were also scratching their heads until they though "lets try the basics". So pressure tested the coolant tank blue screw on cap. Somehow in my cack-handed way I'd crimped a small bit of the rubber seal. New cap ordered and put on. Problem solved! :clap: Probably not this, but always work a look.
  11. Not sure I need any help, Corrado ownership and tears seem to go hand-in-hand! :D
  12. Yep, thats what I thought, surely the plod will pull someone with completely illegal plates before mine with legal german style plates and a motorbike style plate on the front. :scratch: Looking like its the only way to sort and still make the front look ok. Just don't want the Mrs getting pulled over for the plates, as I may be missing a few body parts the next day. :shock:
  13. Hello mate, You seem to have done all the research for running legal plates, so can I just clear up a few things, as having no luck on the DVLA website. Wanting to run a front number plate on a side bumper hanger, like on Alfa's, but from reading your posts motorbike plates are not legal on cars? Even if the spacing, lettering, background is legal? Is it legal to cut the ends off a normal reg plate to shorten it while still being within the letter of the law? The full length number plate I'm running at the moment looks daft and not in the right proportion to run with it daily to show off the smoothed bumper. :scratch: Cheers for the advice. :salute:
  14. Thread resurrection ahoy! Did this work? Bought a load lugger and the former keeper was a smoker, tried the Autoglym interior shampoo which seems to have got rid of all the stains but just can't get rid of the smell when the car has been locked up for a while. :( Valeting the only way to go? The old man has suggested sticking Charcoal or Coffee Granules in the car overnight. Usefull or 'old wives tales'? :cuckoo:
  15. Have you thought of Breakdown Cover. :ignore:
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