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  1. I know that in Kingsweels, but newer used, that's why I'm asking. If I would be sure that is coilpack in 100% I would replace it but I'm not 100% sure.
  2. My VR6 is ill :( For me is not running on all 6 cylinders, probably coilpack problem. I'm looking for good mechanic or garage who know VR6 problems in Aberdeen. Everyone who know something or somebody in Aberdeen give me some directions where to go ?? Please.
  3. Its running on Qpeng and has no MAF :confused4: N75J already ordered, need replace and we will see..... hope my car starts driving as should.
  4. I had replace 4 coils and 4 new NGK spark plugs and nothing helped. Any idea ?? Please.
  5. Have a small, hope it's small problem with my new 1.8 Turbo. Car drives well except one moments on every single gear. When car is going over about 5000 rpm is starting shooting in exhaust and stooping accelerating. Its happening on every single gear. Have You spot it before ?? Have You got idea what could it be ?? I'm thinking it could be a fuel pump, it means there is not enough pressure and engine is not getting enough fuel under high acceleration. Any idea ??
  6. Better later than never. Didn't saw this post in past but nice to see You boys :) Hope we can meet somewhere in next future :)
  7. I'm looking for radiator pipe round seal part number 535 121 687 nr 24 in etka http://www.vagcat.com/epc/cat/vw/COR/19 ... 841312/#24. I have question. Maybe somebody knows about some on-line shop when can I buy this thing ?? If not, only vw-service left ??
  8. I am looking something like this in a link above http://www.corrado-teile.de/shop/produc ... -code.html Do You know some web pages in UK where can I bay it, or some shops in Aberdeen ??
  9. Hello everybody. My name is Maciek, I know is difficult for You. How to read that :) I come from Poland but from 3 years I am leaving in Scotland in Aberdeen. I had Corrado in Poland and now I want to buy it again. foto 036.jpg[/attachment:3hh0jh1w]
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