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  1. Anyone else not heard back from Chris as soon as they transfered their money? Been waiting 10 days since I sent the money and emailed twice, strange though as my enquiry was replied to almost instantly! I have also been trying to call the numbers registered but the landline goes dead and mobile always to voicemail. Wondered whether I am the only one and he just takes a while or have I been done? ---------- Post added at 6:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 6:47 PM ---------- Now I've just done a search and there is a thread on Passionford about him scamming people - DO NOT SEND THIS MAN MONEY. BE WARNED! He is also still trading on eBay as kristoff25
  2. M Plate Mystic Green storm spec at Sainsburys petrol station Chelmsford not sure it was a Storm as thought they were all on an N plate? Had cream interior and correct BBS and looked freshly polished! I was in my GF's Mini tho lol
  3. Happy new year! That was me - You were coming on to the roundabout at the exit next to me coming away from Braintree! Its a Midnight blue VR6, Looks black though :-)
  4. I have a copy - looks lovely but its got a fair few miles on it which surprised me! *Edit* 189,000 miles
  5. Superb! Any ideas how to change language to English?!
  6. Tinted mine previously with lense repair film but it wasn't a great finish! Any ideas where I can get a proper set??
  7. Can anyone help with this? My wheel ad seems to crash when I edit it to add the pics. The one time it didn't it then flashed up an error code for each pic (5 of them) but only for a second! Then it was back to the 'my classifieds' section
  8. Mine received last week and fitted this weekend with a new earth wire! Spot on, thanks for organising!
  9. Thankfully only a few charred wires down to the back of the fuse box which was all repaired and the earth replaced. New switch in and all is well, until the next thing.. Hahaha
  10. From first inspection the other wires look OK so fingers crossed. I need to drive it about 10 miles to get it sorted tomorrow so am hoping that with all fuses to do with lighting removed and the switch out I will be safe! Needless to say my new switch and wiring will being going in with a fuse...
  11. Right, better stick me down for one after my smoking dash fun this evening! Gracias :-)
  12. Well I am latest on the list... Bought the in line fuse months ago and haven't fitted it, today the switch crumbles away and smoke bellows from the vents. @RSE. Butchered a vent out and grabbed the CO2 extuingisher but the smoke stopped before I opened fire! Battery now disconnected... So I guess I now need to order a new switch and loom.. Is the loom likely to be completely fried? Am I OK to drive the car round to my garage as I pulled the keys out and didn't want to put them back in! Finally, who's good at soldering and likes free beer :-)
  13. Same happened to me with fairly new plugs, smell of fuel etc. Turned out to be a sh*te coilpack, put the old original one back (with cracks all over it) and she started first time with another set of plugs. Think they were fouled up from it not starting and keep cranking over.
  14. Dorking (I think!) High street last Sunday around 11am gleaming black VR6 with white leather and a private plate.. Bit of a drop on the speedlines, lookin' good!
  15. Thanks for your replies, going to just sell the current adapters and wait until I find some cheap ones with m12 threads, don't really want the hassle of getting them drilled out and then finding the right type of bolts. The fronts I have are 15mm and too narrow for the long Merc bolts anyway, I would have had my front wheels locked with anything less than 20mm... Still, lesson to be learned is either: Measure and try and trial fit everything first or keep the bloody thing standard!
  16. Cool, I have the longer bolts just they are too small for the threads and too long for my 15mm front adapters.. think Im going to need 20mm at least anyway or get someone to take the ends off the bolts. The wheels I have are below: ...so it can be done I just appear to have ballsed up adapter sizes presuming there are 2 types of the same adapter?
  17. Also with adding the studs to the adapters would any wheel bolts that size be ok?
  18. Banan0r that looks possible though I would rather not have another seperate piece to worry about tightening. The only thing I can see i've done is order the wrong size adapters is 5x112 Audi and Mercedes but with different sized bolt holes? I may have bought the Audi type ones? Nobody ever mentions this in any advert it seems and I've had mine for about a year so will have to sell them on I guess.. So close to new wheels finally on I thought I was :-(
  19. Have a 2 sets of 5x100 - 5x112 adapters (15 and 25mm) for my VR and a lovely set of old Merc SL Monoblock type wheels to go on, finally. Only problem is the Mercedes wheel bolts ive aquired do not screw in to the adapters the thread is too thin. The original VW bolts screw in and don't go through the hole in the wheels due to some kind of sleeve which I'm not sure is part of the wheel after attempting to knock out? Bought the longer Merc wheel bolts of Stueyb though I think he ran H&R adapters - could they have different threads? I was advised I would need these longer bolts. So who is running Merc wheels on a vr and how have you done it please :cuckoo:
  20. Well, slight update... Its only freakin' working and running smoother than it ever has! Turns out the coilpack that was brand new from GSF last year has failed. Tried a cracked ancient Beru one I got my hands on and it fired straight up. Its weird as we tested the sparks to each cylinder and the test plug lit but when testing the bare plugs laid on the manifold and cranking over, they never sparked. Obviously very weak but just enough to light the tester. As for Mickey mouse coilpacks... the results are there in black and white. DON'T DO IT! Will see how this old one lasts and prepare to purchase a new geniune one. Where is the cheapest place for a Beru? The oiled plugs I am putting down to constant turning over trying to get it going and no spark messing the plugs. Thanks for all your sound advices... Until next time :)
  21. The old ones may have been but the ones I replaced them with are OEM Beru ones .. more reason not to damage them! Think it may be a garbage coilpack but not sure.
  22. Buy a complete engine and just swap it over, no messing around!
  23. Is there a special way? Need to take my brand new leads off to try another coilpack and when I removed the old ones half of them ended up breaking off inside the coilpack..
  24. I know someone with it who I can sort out a drink for for a reading but was under the impression not much shows up on it? I'm Based in Chelmsford, Essex. On another note, all 6 plugs were a mess when I swapped them out today, not just 1 and 6.
  25. Compression test next weekend hopefully. Sounds like a 3cyl Daewoo Matiz! - Not sure which ones aren't firing if I'm honest though, how do I tell? Have found a possible donor engine now but like you say that is extreme if its something minor.
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