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  1. Yep that's great how much and where are you located please Thanks
  2. As title folks what have you got cheers
  3. The auto wiring is all on the left hand side of the car as you probably know by now..... Just take it out start from the loom which foes through the bulk head to engine bay bring it back into the cabin then remove auto ecu just trace all the wires back to the drives side and remove, I removed everything from memory, it's not hard and it saves a ton of. Wiring being left into car....
  4. Don't forget the plug on the throttle body is different so easy to change that loom just as well do it anyway
  5. Nice ride! Boy has she changed... what happened to the swg colour coded scuttle? it used to have a storm si gle wiper conversion with washer jets built onto the arm ..
  6. Looks bloody lovley on those wheels rob!!
  7. yes stolen from buckfastleigh 12th/13th overnight last seen sat night exeter marsh barton @ 10:30 pm grace lane i believe..
  8. hope you dont mind but would like as much coverage as poss on this...
  9. as been said before, rear arches are very very hard to roll with out breaking the paint..... hammer and dolly for the fronts no probs at all but the rears ...............gonna require some paint...
  10. does this cover the g60?
  11. i thought the central locking was vacum operated??????the big plastic orange air hose operates the central locking?? the wires the the handle are the same as the ones to the bonnet washer jets ...as in heated washer jets?? i honestly thought they were heated locks to stop from freezing??
  12. that wiring is for the heated door locks to remove the wiring there is a plug located at the bottom of the door split the plug and then the wire is also clipped on the inner of the door, with a metal retaining clip just prise it off and you will get the handle easy............... any probs give me a shout.
  13. cheers karl, il pass the price on (im searching for my brother) il drop him a bell in the morning got to convert his golf over to a hydrulic clutch as its running a diesel rod change box , very fast but cant take the power its putting out so it will disintergrate very soon if we dont change it!
  14. As title looking for a manual pedal box g60 / vr6 clutch slave cylinder pipe work from slave to gear box gear selector tower gear stick with cables standard vr6 flywheel cheers.
  15. dave nice little update there.. when i fitted my loom i fitted it from engine bay to compartment that way i didnt have to wedge any massive connectors through the bulk head , true the grommets are a pain to fit back in some do some dont at all... we need a definitive guide for different looms as there seems to be a little confusion between certain types , aircon /no air con etc the headlight part which you dont need etc was your corrado a vr6 to start with? only ask because of your sig :) have you got it all working now? and did you get the immob delete done? cheers!
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