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Sunroof refurbishment - diagnosis and what parts?

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It slides back fine and tilts up fine but when you tilt it back down to close it, the interior panel (the headlining) is pushed away from its place beneath the sunroof panel and stops the roof being closed.


Can you guys tell me what the problem is and what parts im likely to need before i tackle this?


Also. any other parts i should replace while im in there?





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both sides of the sunroof mech are some shineyish magnesium alloy bracket type slider things


remove headlining

remove black rectanglular plastic plugs from the end of the sunroof mech guides at the rear of the mech

slide out the sunroof panel might need a little tug push be carful of it snagging so hold the flappy bit down


then you can see the mech properly from inside the car, open roof close roof the magnesuim bits are more than likely snapped or there are some little not very noticable brackets off of them which are probably snapped which aid the roof panel to go up and down




short version the mech is shagged and you need a new one


not fixable.



(well probably could be by someone very patient and if the parts are available ? but when you see what i mean you will end up just getting a new mech.



hope this helps?




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to add to the confusion in a closed position the shiney bits look perfect they crack along the most ridiculous bit and when you open the roof they then seperate

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Thanks, thought that might me the case.


I just called the dealer to order a new mech but the guy said that the mech doesnt come as one single part so i would need to know which bits to order.


Is this right?

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