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  1. Hi I do have a box off a door I bought Will check it's big enough Postage, I'll say £20 roughly but may well be cheaper Drop me a text on 07891310898 as I'm not on here very often now
  2. Somebody must have a saggy headlining which needs replacing.... 😁
  3. Still got this open to good offer..
  4. From memory I think the numbers are fine I'll go down the garage and get some photos Drop me a text later on 07891310898
  5. Black tailgate in very good condition No rust I can see, even under number plate lights, rust free Complete with glass, lights, a very good plate plinth, spoiler and tailgate struts Ready to wire in, all cables present As always, open to offers
  6. I have one but there's a bit of wear on it Would be fine getting it re-leathered at a trimmer tho Dave 07891310898
  7. Good used standard suspension set up for vr6 If any use to anyone going back to standard Offers
  8. Apologies, it's a mk 3 golf shelf Please delete...
  9. Text or WhatsApp me for some pics...
  10. Wheels sold to cressa
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