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  1. 2nd for an extended rear spoiler
  2. Try having a look on the Goodridge site, I brought mine from them some years ago. Or give Vince a ring at Stealth.
  3. Three Corrado’s on my shirt
  4. Fog light covers are available from Renewart ( via Facebook ). I messaged him a week ago or so and he’s making a new batch, once I’ve heard back from him I’ll let you guys know and it’ll be up to you to sort you own out.
  5. Hi all, does anyone know if factory 33 are still trading ? I lent them my Gruvan fuel hose clamps to mock up some new ones, and require them back. And would like there HT lead holder as well.
  6. I’d be interested in a pair, but would prefer carbon/Kevlar as they would be painted. I used to work for a company that made parts for the Subaru WRC Team and the front wings where made from carbon/Kevlar to stop stones going through them and where a bit more flexible.
  7. PM me an address, or contact details and we’ll sort something out
  8. Having a bit of a clear out and found this Sony headunit. I think it was the original headunit fitted to my Corrado, but I maybe mistaken. Does anyone want it for there Corrado free of charge, if not it’s going in the bin. Doesn’t come with wiring loom, but has manual and case for the front faciya.
  9. I know it your car mate, but having seeen this car before your brought it, it shouldn’t be broken for parts. Put a proper ad up for sale, or even on trader or somewhere like that.
  10. Forget the Corrado, and come in the Audi instead 👍
  11. What have you done with your old headlights ? I remember asking you about these some time ago at Coventry motoring festival, if you'd ever sell them.
  12. Dude VR6

    Rotor rubbers

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