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  1. I reckon Andy can do that in 2 hours and fit new hoses at the same time. Gavin
  2. h100vw

    wishbone bushes

    Wasn't keeping it to myself, I thought I was the last to find out..... Gavin
  3. Maybe he was using insulated pliers? I have a pair in my box but as it's 2 steps to go and get them, I always use my hand...... With obvious results. :roll: :shocked!: When you say it's not running correctly, does it rev cleanly or is it miss-firing? Could be the coil pack if it has one or maybe an injector? Gavin
  4. h100vw

    wishbone bushes

    It was more like a Christening kind of thing, than a shower! :mrgreen:
  5. h100vw

    wishbone bushes

    Yeah went to the fountain of knowledge in the end, Thanks Steve. :lol:
  6. Hi fellas, been a while since I last posted from down under. Got a question about wishbone bushes, I have seen some advertised on ecstuning.com, they are advertised as being from another VAG car but are much heavier duty than the std smiley face bush of old. Has anyone bought any, or could someone confirm which 'other VAG' car they come from? Need a couple for an Ibiza but dont want ones that will fall apart or poly urethane. Cheers Gavin
  7. Had a good Christmas and New YEar. Are you getting a VW oil pipe or a gwerks one? Downer about the MX5, better than my daily driver 84 vintage Camry wagon in faded worse than tornado red orange. Just bought a 1600 GTI in Mars red as well while I get the work finsihed on the A3. Gavin
  8. You need to point out it could have been the same money, for exactly the same power as before it went in. That would have been plain silly. In girl's terms: Like buying a pair of shoes 10 years ago, then paying the same money for the same shoes today. :lol: Gavin
  9. Blowing the tyres up is worth a few neddies too. The power is pretty smooth alright. Would be good if the curve was steeper ;0) Seems to be a dip in the torque, might be able to do something with that if you knew what the cause was. Weak mixture, ign timing or cam timing? The 24V has variable timing, is that right? Maybe the change over between low and high speed running isn't as smooth as it could be? In the scheme of things though, the money you paid for nearly 50 crank HP over std, was pretty good. Gavin
  10. Was that connected to the alarm install? Gavin
  11. Gary means use timing to hold the idle speed not the tickover screw. As the engine speed drops the ECU ramps the timing back up to prevent the under swing. You should get yourself the Engine Management book from Haynes by Dave Walker. He has all sorts of useful tricks like that. Gavin
  12. They are just common or garden 40A relays. I got my stuff from vehicle wiring products in ilkeston. R40B is their code for the relay I used. What I started doing with the relays was taking the lids off and sealing them to the bases with silicon, this stops the water ingress from happening. With the main beam relay not working the only lights visible would be the sidelights. Gavin
  13. I asked because I fitted it and the alarm for Lee. There is next to nothing in them, so fixing it would be easy. Did you look at it at all, the lights are utter pants without one fitted. The relays and fuses are about the only things that give up. Gavin
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