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  1. Makes things a hell of a lot quicker. Especially if working underneath. Not exactly an air impact gun either. Even still with wood iv seen many dodgy underneath. I was clearly stating it had never been improperly jacked up causing crushed sills like many suffer!
  2. Sadly was raining the day i took it down for its MOT so got slightly dirty. Didnt get a chance to clean it so today sorted that. Got the brake that i fitted painted up to match the rest as well. Cleaned in the spare wheel well as it had rusty brake dust from when i first used it when i got the car.
  3. So all the work finally payed off and it rolled out with this today! Fresh MOT till next April! No advisorys and got a load of comments about it at the garage i got it MOT'd
  4. Caliper was causing improper brake balance on the rear so whapped off the rear caliper and fitted another which was working perfectly. Once the old one was off noticed why it was being caused,the rubber boot for the piston was mangled so dirt must have been getting in. Nice fully functional caliper fitted and all back together now. Excuse the photos,ended up working till after dark last night to try get it all done. Just need to get the caliper paint out again now so the caliper ties in with the carrier and the other 3 brakes!
  5. All ready for its MOT in the Morning so took it a wee drive and gave it a quick rinse ready to go. As always im a big picture person for threads so heres a total picture overload since i never really got to put ones up of it finished. Had intended to take the manifold off again and spray it to freshen it up as i reckon it would really improve the engine bay but never got around to it. Here goes:
  6. Unlucky mate your not having much luck with it! You got that sticker on your drivers side front window? Surprised you managed to get the car onto that tow dolley! My 8" wheels on my golf were not tow dolley friendly with the RAC cant imagine what the 9s wood be like.
  7. Corrado prices really do seem to be all over the shot the now. Iv not seen your car personnally but with mint bodywork it will be a major bonus and can see why youd be able to push for that little extra. I sold my nugget rado which was immaculate,fine it was only a KR engine but it was fresh paint(not a half arsed job), immaculate interior and Schmidt modernlines for only £2200. Iv just put my storm up for sale and can only hope with the time of year the market decides to pick up with the better weather coming now.
  8. Have to say the ones your friend took look so much more proffessional than the actual photographer. Cars looking gorgeous mate. Only thing im not keen on is the sprinter vent, rest is perfect.
  9. Up this morning and on with what i still had to do to get the rado completed. Got the new oil cooler and crack pipe,thermostat housing and thermostat fitted no bother. Glad i did the oil cooler as looked a bit scabby and past it. More nice new parts on it. Flushed the coolant system before the new parts were on with coolant flush and then filled it back up with 2 bottle of G12++ and water. Nice and pink again! Got pics but there sadly not the best as light was very poor in the garge and was raining outside. here goes: Old cooler about to come off,crack pipe off already: One nice new oil cooler fitted: New thermostat housing ready to be fitted back on with sensors all in with new o rings. Gave them a clean up as were a bit grubby.: Fitted: All new bits fitted: Fresh pink again: Took a pic of the under bonnet sunproofing as well as relised how good nick its in still! All ready for its MOT now so thatll be next week when i get time to take it down and wait as i dont trust leaving my cars with garages. Shall get it taxed start of april for any potential buyers as well. Pictures once the sun comes back out as i also finished machine polishing the front bumper and grill and wax and sealed them with the same stuff i used on the car.
  10. Wont be cheap for a fuel pump from vw i bet! What caliper is it needing? Suppose thats not too bad if all it needs though.
  11. Good luck for the MOT man, hope they look after it when its in, i never trust garages with any of my cars thats why i do all the work. Come MOT time i book it for a set time and take it there and wait so its not getting arsed about with.
  12. Lol yeah man as much as i love it i do this with all my cars,pile lots of money in and get them the way i want them and sell them to get stuck into something else. Did it with my nugget corrado and my last vr6 golf as well as you may have seen. Next on the cards will be a mk2 golf project, 20v turbo or vr6 turbo build thread. Im in no rush to get rid of this though as i know it will hold its value with the condition its in.
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