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  1. Hi there, Does anyone know of any good suppliers for the VW wire end connectors that go into the terminal plugs? Not the plastic terminal connectors themselves, but the metal pins (and round rubber seals) that fit into the terminal connectors? Would be nice to get a variety pack of different sizes
  2. And a special milestone today too...
  3. So, not the best pic, but took this on a day out at Harewood House in the Autumn. It needed a good clean at the time (as did the wheels!)
  4. Not too sure to be honest - when I did it (a long time ago now), one side fell off as it was so worn, and the other invoived some swearing. A gear puller may do it?
  5. I can't seem to send PMs, but PayPal is [email protected], and I'll get it in the post on Monday. I completely understand the need to get it perfect, don't worry!
  6. Hi mate, I saw you post this last week and I was hoping someone else would reply! The linkage you sent me last year is still in my spare parts stock in the garage. I've been keeping hold of it as I've had one of these go on me before (worn bush), and now that it's obsolete I know I'd be absolutely screwed if the one on the car went. But it seems a waste keeping a brand new part on standby when someone needs it, particularly since mine was replaced a few years back. So.. Would you be up for a swap? I can sell you back the one you sold for the same price (£16 posted), if you can send me the used one you have? That way I've got a spare if the one on the car breaks, and you put the new part to good use?
  7. So Yellow and Black temp senders are now changed. I changed the black one for a brown one as I want to run aircon at some point. The gauge is now working again, and the fans appear to be coming on and off when they should. I made a nice list called 'things that bug me about my Corrado, the plan is to work through and fix these when I get chance! Rattly exhaust/back of car Hot start woes Starter not engaging/disengaging correctly Getting the kids in and out is a ballache Temp gauge not working Oil temp works when it wants NSF knock Scatty idle, sometimes Squeaky front brakes - right Slight pull to left Passenger window temperamental and not aligned properly Lack of cup holding solution Climatronic just too warm Passenger door doesn't close properly unless you know how Rust on rear arch needs cleaning up Sunroof panel looks crap and needs painting Sunroof not quite aligned Passenger door paint is a mess Rear panel paint isn't much better 1x Wiper nut cover is exposed, one is faded Wipers not quite aligned properly No bluetooth Steering just feels a bit woolly A bit juddery when you boot it Engine bay is a mess Full closure doesn't work No aircon
  8. Ha, I have happy memories of doing that mod too!
  9. Thanks, I usually try to go with Lemforder first if VW aren't avaialble/are prohibitively expensive, Febi sometimes too but they can be hit and miss. I know Meyle haven't got a lot of love on here, but when I had my Fabia VRS they supplied some really high quality parts, on a par with Lemforder, particularly their HD range. Unfortunately, not even the 'OE qaulity' aftermarket parts seem to be available. I've got a Vibratech front mount - it increased vibration a tiny bit, but it made the whole front end seem a lot more connected (though that was compared to a worn original mount). For the high price versus seemingly little benefit for the rear mount, it's proabably not worth it. I'll go for the JP Group one. I agree on Topran, in my Mk2 Golf days (going back 10 years now) the quality was awful and lots of parts just didn't fit or failed as soon as they were put under working strain. That said, I fitted a Topran crack pipe and ignition swith about 8 years ago, and they're still going strong! I would always only use as a last resort now.
  10. Part number 1H0199262K This is showing as obsolete at VW and is not listed at VW Classic parts. The only after market ones I can find are Topran (sigh), JP Group or Mapco. Does anyone know of another source? Or which of the brands listed might be the best quality?
  11. Just on the question regarding which way to turn the key in the door to lock/unlock - afaik it behaves like most other door locks on cars/in houses - turn the side of the key closest to the lock mechanism up to unlock, and down to lock
  12. Have you ruled out the Crank sensor? I'm not sure if a faulty reading stops the spark, but it definitely stops the fuel
  13. I'm trying to sort out my top mounts once and for all. Currently running non-VR spring plates and non-VR top mounts with H&R springs, as the spring plates originally on the car were the late VR ones and didn't fit. I beleive that the part number above will let me run the H&R springs with the VR top mounts? Anyone got a pair lying around?
  14. Hi there, I seem to have uneven pad wear on the 288mm front brakes. The pad is wearing faster on the inner disc near the hub than the outer disc. Any ideas what might be causing it? I think the calipers are the ATE ones off a late mk3 golf gti. Discs and pads are pagid.
  15. By the way, the main reason I removed it again was because the light isn't shielded/directed - it meant at night the rear brake light would light up the whole of the rear of the interior of the car in red light
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