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  1. products page has been updated with some pics... more coming next week http://www.g-werks.com/products.html
  2. E30 M3 and use the spare cash to improve it :D ...erm, but i wouldn't sell the VR
  3. words i live by. hope you all like it, and my sincerest apologies to darren and everyone else who's been waiting... i'm sure you all know how a chap can get tied up, especially with a few finnicky dubs in the fleet. let darren know what else you want to see up there and we'll make it happen. thanks for all the kind comments guys!!! :oops:
  4. if you can't stop the rattling, maybe put some rubber material on the contact surfaces to help with the noise and vibrations in the floor?
  5. if you have a turbo... and a turbo timer... a) you leave that running unattended... is THAT illegal? and b) if you always use the turbo timer, you are assured that you left the car in neutral... and therefore you can remote-start it without worries. i'm planning on installing both on my turbo diesel. IMO, remote start makes more sense for a diesel since they need a minute or two to get warm for full combustion... and sitting for a minute or two waiting for the turbo to cool is nice on a lazy day, but not so great when late for a meeting :lol:
  6. G60


    hey there tom :) collection coming along well, picked up an '86 cabrio in silver for my girlfriend... got a steal on an '82 rocco for a track project (that i will probably just sell now, you know how we overestimate the amount of 'project time' available :lol: ..and i want a mkI rocco), an '81 cabrio for parts (and i'm gonna raise it about 4", put mudders on there and bomb around with it in the field! ). '90 jetta shell gonna be parted.. trying to sell off all the US beaters... i have a proper scrap yard now it looks like, lots of good hillbilly fun!! getting back to working on building my 'shop' now that the winter is through for good. the roof and garage door are the big obstacles now, then i'll really get down to work on the C with an indoor workspace :D hoping to go get some parts off my '91 corrado parts car (is 8 hours away from me in the states) and finally get down to the full resto on the G60 this summer... thats the plan anyway! hoping to have the corrado done by the time i'm 25 when the insurance cost will drop :oops:
  7. anyone research 'boomerang'? i dunno much about it, but i'll be getting one eventually.
  8. G60


    a quick hello to everyone over there! hello! i have been doing weird things like putting turbo diesel engines into rabbits... the corrado has been neglected as of late :( insurance in canada, specifically ontario (where i'm from) is crazy... its too expensive to drive the G60 now... :mad: (for example, i pay double now what i paid when i was 16, on the same class of vehicle) but the rabbit is loads of fun, and it moves respectibly now with the boost action. i feel like i'm getting back to the vdub roots. when the corrado comes back out to play it will be a whole new experience again. i can't wait. the rabbit got a little 'nudge' from a big mother of a ford truck a couple weeks ago. its going in for body work on monday and i'm hoping to get a full respray in black with clear. will be waxing this summer as much as driving i imagine! i've never owned a black car as a daily driver, but i know how much of a problem they are to keep looking good. but when they are just right, black cars are sooo nice. and... i'm spent. cheers everyone! -Lanny
  9. uuummmm... why is the intake manifold on the FRONT!?!! that isn't right!!!! :lol: lookin good daz, post up some dyno numbers for us to drool over.
  10. G60

    G-werks At It Again

    daz is the man. when you opening g-werks' canadian shop? we need a good G60 tuner over here.
  11. i'm 22. bought my corrado for my 20th birthday... and got 3 more dubs this past december. currently own: - 1982 Golf Diesel (gets me where i need to be, fun and its cheep, like the budgie) - 1990 Corrado G60 (tempermental mistress) - 1986 Cabriolet (girlfriend's runner) - 1982 Scirocco (track project i don't need) currently have my eyes on: - 1989 Jetta TD for parts for above-listed 1982 Golf Diesel > Turbo Diesel conversion - 1975 Golf - has sat since 1978, 100% original, 45,000 original miles - mad old school resto project.. i surely don't need 8)
  12. hehe daz is a little anxious it seems ;) thanks for the kind comments about the site chaps. feel free to send myself or darren any criticisms or advice to help make it even better. i won't say too much more i don't want to give anything away. :mrgreen: ps- hey maybe i should put my name in my signature eh? —Lanny
  13. nice one kev. this is what i have been planning to do when i shave off the license plate light/third brake light (we get them in north america). i want clean lines on the back of the car, but i dont see why you'd want to delete a 3rd brake light and make it more likely to get hit from behind. there is now a proven solution for an interior 3rd light... and that install looks stock! very clean. man wash your car lazy ass. ive been washing the rabbit, underneith mostly, every 4 or 5 days with all the salt the trucks dump on the road!!! aarrrrr
  14. nice purchase 8) give er a tune up. vac lines, blue coolant sensor, spark plugs/wires, injector cleaner, etc etc and see how that helps the petrol smell and pull down low. also, check your timing. very easy to retard/advance. sloppy gear change. try changing the gearbox oil. redline makes a good gearbox oil. MT90 i think its called. get a FMIC or an A/W cooler. change the noisy pullies/belts... they shouldnt be noticable unless you have toothed drive. have fun :twisted: edit: hey cool i can have pics in my sig now. nice one andi!
  15. i've been quite busy and distracted away from the corrado lately so i haven't been around much! i still try to stop in on company time as much as i can. my G60 still has electrical problems from a near fire [replace those dodgy ignition switches please] and i'm waiting until i can get the car into a proper workspace before i start tearing it apart. on the plus side i got my first mk1 on friday. its a 1982 Diesel L - 5 speed, 2 door. it has no rust and original undercoating which is :shock: in canada. i bought it from the 2nd owner who bought that car in 1988 from the original owner in florida. about a month earlier i bought a 1982 scirocco for a track project (that i DO NOT need but it was a good deal) and the next day a 1986 cabrio for my girlfriend. the rocco is a mk2, the cabby isn't mine, it's my girl's... so the rabbit (golf mk1 to those who haven't figured that out yet) is my first mk1. woo! i love it. great little carl. nothing compared to the corrado in power, but the braking is impressive, the handling (manual rack) is tight and responsive, i feel even more connected with the road feel than in the (power rack) corrado. i put scirocco seats into it so the driving position feels similar to the corrado. really i just miss the G60. but the rabbit has it's own appeal. i imagine things will be a bit dfferent with proper suspension, G60 brakes and TD or... TDI i'll snap some pics soon. i really should have asked for a digital camera for xmas. speaking of... i need to get out of the office and finish my xmas shopping. have a good one fellas, here's to hoping santa brings us all car parts. :cheers: ..feel free to say whatever about your mk1/corrado/G60 experiences... i'm thinking if i can find a $1000 G60 swap (they come up now and then) the rabbit might not be a diesel for long.. :D
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