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  1. Lookin VEEEERRRRYYYY good Wayne...keep it up!!!
  2. Wayne, where'd you get yours done first off (the place that DIDNT use primer!), need to get mine done v.soon and don't wanna end up at the same place you did!
  3. Thanks Jim, I'll hunt down a switch! Phew, I have to take care of a lovely scratch on the bonnet thanks to some youths and their keys so I'm glad to hear it's cheap!!! Thanks again TGG
  4. Hi all, met a fellow Corrado Fan today and I mentioned to him the I can't LOWER the spoiler when i'm showing it off with the little button under the dash, he can though...I think mine has a problem then! It goes up when I hold the button, but it doesn't go down until I actually take the car for a spin (have to go above 40mph for it to try and raise (the already raised) spoiler then go back down to 10ish for it to lower automatically).... So I'm sure you all understand what I'm saying, I couldn't find a thread on the topic so apologies if I'm repeating a regularly asked query. Thanks all for your help, this is my first thread post on the forum although I've learnt alot already from all you smart alec's! Thanks again guys, GG
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