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  1. Excellent - many thanks for your help! Will sort the tool now. Cheers
  2. Please can someone kindly help with my confusion.... What is the actual size of socket needed to remove plugs. (Lead removal tool no probs). The NGK 3964 BKR5EKU as below (and as ordered), indicates a 16mm hex socket will be required. Thread size at 14mm. https://www.ngk.com/product.aspx?zpid=9315 However the following thread, and some others, indicate a 10mm for the VR (which seems rather small) - http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?28720-Spark-Plug-Removal-What-size-socket-for-a-VR&highlight=spark+plug+removal So is the thread on standard plug 14mm with a very small hex.at 10mm and a 5EKU with a 16mm hex. Just need to get the right sized plug socket to remove and install if different sized hexes on the plugs. Thanks
  3. Hi All - So just had my passenger side wing mirror smashed (outer case and all), by an artic swinging out into my lane this cold and frosty morning, cause he didn't see me!:scratch: Looking for a replacement please - anyone got one lying around or know a good source, other than new at vw heritage for £255. Colour not too much of a problem, but off a green storm. Thanks
  4. Hi Chris ...So is the price still 89 euros including shipping, noting on your ebay listing it's 89 + 36 shipping. A great deal, unless of course one has already ordered via ebay! Please can you confirm, and perhaps help for those who ordered a tad too eagerly. Thanks
  5. Many thanks - Here's the broken bolt. Given its a Hex bolt M10 x 73 (N90305901), there's about 25mm of the thread in there - and its at an angle! so will see how drilling goes. May need to try flattening the tip of the thread left inside to try and get a good bite with the drill. But of course working pretty blind. [ATTACH=CONFIG]93357[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]93361[/ATTACH] Library image. [ATTACH=CONFIG]93359[/ATTACH] Great stuff - many thanks - will give this a go. Did not want to risk tackling the other three for fear of being grounded. No heavy journeys planned, thankfully. Nope - but broken bolt and part number/description indicate around 25mm left in. Re the 'structural chassis leg' - looks like a thin panel below the air filter (which is not of course where the thread is actually bolted), so considered a small 50mm cut out would be ok - this would give visibility and hopefully access from above. Maybe not? Anyone familiar with that particular cross section (as a back up to aid method of attack if drilling fails)? Thanks
  6. Hi All - in attempting to remove front bumper, one of the four 17mm bolts sheared off (95 VR) - driver side rear one as in pic (bolt head has been removed). Main thread shaft is still in. Understanding (from the various front bumper removal threads) that car should not be driven without front bumper assembly intact - I assume the three remaining will be sufficient and the car safe to drive until I can see how to remove broken thread? The other bolts are all intact, including the small central ones in the bracket each side. Plan to remove was to cut a hole in panel under filter box to access top of broken thread, given its deep in from underneath due to bracket profiles/bush etc. Any other suggestions welcome. What do you think guys? You advice would be much appreciated. Thanks [ATTACH=CONFIG]93351[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]93353[/ATTACH] .
  7. HUGE Thanks Dave, kit arrived promptly this morning and I now have a working drivers doors handle! Awesome service as ever mate!
  8. G550 *** Black on A607 Leicester at junction of Sainsburys - might have been LHD
  9. Part Two due to character limitations.... With the greatest of respect – ….“an excuse to have a moan” – really? – Certainly cannot recall stating to you that Steve said it would take over an hour to remove it – because he did not! See my OP. You stated that you were in ear shot of the phone conversations - not sure what you were listening to or where – “on a number of occasions” / “messages” came from? Called at every stage of the job and often got an answering machine…mmm…..You left one voicemail one message on the 8th You will also then be able to note that the summation of your calls amounted to the following; 1. C&R called at 12:10 on the 7th March stating that the thermo housing parts (3 components, seals plus crack pipe) required. 2. C&R called on the 8th March at 11.40 (missed call), Returned call at 12:10 – C&R explained Steve had found some corrosion between the water pump and block, and if it was ok to do this work. Confirmed ok and asked of car would be completed later that day. Roy stated due to parts (gasket), not until Weds. 3. I called on the 9th March at 14:04 to check status – Roy stated car ready, was just making bill up, 1 hour should be fine for pick up. If there are others – then strangely they did not reach me. Firstly, ‘been told’ – think you’ve got this wrong - I requested all genuine VW parts once my understanding was clear on the VW parts availability – as per my leak thread. “Seemed ok with it” Please do not mistake my calm manner on the phone with being ok with it. You make it sound like I am naïve when it comes to asking to be kept informed (what needs doing, costs or otherwise). Not sure how clear one needs to be. It’s an easy one for a garage to avoid – huh? I never asked for components not directly related to the leak to be changed either – in any business you have a duty to be clear about what you are doing and how much it will cost. A fairly reasonable expectation from a garage - unless of course you are living in another world. I expect all your other customers drive supercars and are not concerned with costs. May I draw your attention to several other threads right here in this very forum about your communications / costs record – so do not think I am talking out of turn. The reason for my OP was to give a balanced opinion, drawing to people’s attention the fact that they need to be clear and explicit on costs in any dealings. If you cannot get hold of me – does not mean to say you make the executive decision to spend my money. Some strategic logic is required - how do you know the context – ie. that the car is not being scrapped or sold in two months or that the customer has other plans that do not warrant further investment on the vehicle. When your car is in bits, it’s the garage that has the upper hand, the art of which many garages have unfortunately have excelled in. No doubt you have some long standing customers, but would also say you have through a lack of understanding of certain basics, lost a significant amount also. Bill is very misleading and unclear – Quantities are confusing - states 1 / 2 which actually does not mean half but an hour and a half (explained as system peculiarity apparently when setting up the invoicing software). Roy admitted that when discussing the invoice with John – he thought this was too much for the customer, and John agreed to take off one and a half hours labour. What was the concern or discussion taking place I wonder? - the number of hours labour or the number of parts changed, or simply the nagging feeling that after the fact, it had dawned on you that you hadn’t diligently updated or informed the customer as best you could have. Granted we are all humans and everyone makes mistakes - I will chalk this one up to experience – and suggest you do the same and hopefully you can learn and improve on your communications and dealings with customers. Had someone taken me through the invoice – in an adult and business manner, rather than a temperament befitting a back street garage, notwithstanding the fact that much of it was ambiguous - with a clear explanation of what was done or required and why –(a simple courtesy one expects at the very least given the amount) – it may have helped gain a better understanding. As a business owner, the C in C&R is there for a reason and as such carries certain responsibilities regardless of the sh*tty day we may all have had.
  10. It’s good that you have taken the time to give an explanation and understandably as a business would expect you to respond to the post. I don’t propose wasting too much time on this, think this has cost me enough. I have no axe to grind, and nothing to gain - what has happened has happened. Where I have questioned things below – they do not require responses. Nevertheless, there are some factual issues which do need addressing. Firstly – you will note that my OP was posted immediately upon my return from your garage on Weds 9th, not after discussions with John or Roy the following day. You nearly broke it due to your 'red mist' – it is a relatively simple clip on / off – and after 35 years in the business, you will have known this – it’s just that you thought I did not, that your attitude changed. Not entirely sure why your stormed off into the back room when we were in mid conversation. I cannot read minds nor do I claim to know what people are up to behind closed doors – I take people at face value and treat people as I expect to be treated. I greeted you warmly and with friendship. Not once did I moan about you doing ‘a job properly’ or otherwise – Roy offered “would I like to speak to Steve to explain…”, at which point, and after being presented with a bill of over 800 quid – I said of course. To be clear - no one is complaining about the quality of your workmanship. This is about comms, customer service and garages making executive decisions at customers’ expense. On the obsessed front - not sure where this came from – If anything you may recall from your reaction, it was you who made the big deal about this by having your ‘temper tantrum’ as you put it. I should not need to tell a garage every part that is not fitted or removed , nor do I expect them to buy a replacement without checking, especially if the part is not directly related to the problem the car came in for. Proactive indeed and no doubt done with good intentions, but in that approach - why did you not also replace the protective plastic fan cover that sits above the rad, which I had also removed for your convenience? Understandably sundry parts will be required - it's about a judgement call and about what is considered resaonable and at which point do you need to escalet this to a customers attention.
  11. Just to give a balanced viewpoint - I've used them before - appx 13 years ago. 'OK' service. However as some of you may know, I've been having coolant leak issues - http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?93891-Thermostat-Housing-Leak Anyway, after three (unsuccessful) attempts to get the leak sorted decided to take it to C&R. Must say, over the phone sounded like they weren't keen on even looking at it. Explained the context and that I was happy for them to replace the thermostat housing parts and crack pipe with genuine VW parts in an effort to resolve the leak. Also to fix a broken drop link with my Meyle part - which was going to be sorted separately but thought might as well get it fixed while its in with them. I will stress, I clearly asked the guy on the desk to keep me updated! Car went in on Monday morning. Researched the genuine main parts - total appx £130. Car ready this afternoon, apparently fixed (will see if it still leaks in the morning) - bill.........wait for it...................... .......£810.89. £400 in parts plus 275 in labour @ 55 / hr plus VAT. To say I am p*ssed is an understatement. They have changed so many parts without even getting in touch. Also (as just one example, there are more but hopefully you will get the point) ---- I had removed the cowl which fits over the housing (which covers the 3 sensors), as it was only going to be removed again. They had ordered and fitted a new one (no comms). When questioning the part on the bill (ie don't need it) with Steve C - (ie, one of the two partners who carried out the works) - he said he did not know I had it and so didn't see why it needed to come off the bill. I reiterated I didn't need it - and Steve said he would need to take off the fan / and other parts (or word sto that effect) to remove it!! Bear in mind I was coming from work and had a suit on, I think he assumed I knew diddly squat about cars. I said it wasn't complicated and that it simply clips into place - after which his attitude completely changed, rammed his hand down by the housing, ripped it off, stormed into the office, threw it across the counter shouting at the office guy - and I never saw him again. This from an experienced VW professional. Sorry guys, am sure you've had great experiences with C&R but if this is the attitude - doubt I will ever be going there again. Will trust and hope the workmanship is spot on, but as I say will see in the morning. Brilliant customer service? Make you're own mind up - but if you choose to use them be crystal about keeping you informed on costs - and I mean crystal, though even that may unfortunately not help you in avoiding costly surprises.
  12. Thanks and noted - also re the seal, will give iot a go. Well - I just checked and have no blooody clue why I used topran / thermex, or Meyle parts for that matter, now or in the past - when VW genuined are readily available - yes, albeit at a slightly extra cost. But would have been more than happoy to have paid for such a vital part. I was under the mistaken impression that these were NLA. Vey strange as sometimes the first port of call is aftermarket. Nevertheless don't fully understand why VW Heritage are using and sending out non-genuine parts to customers when VW part exist.
  13. So do you know whether they were stamped VW? I will try VW and or TPS in the morning. Thanks
  14. Gruven parts looks good IO must admit - yes expensive but worth considering if necessary to resolve this. Will also search for the ss version of the pipe. RE genuine or real 'VW' parts - other than VW Heritage who suply Meyle - what are we actually talking about here. Are genuine VW thermo parts still out there? Thanks
  15. Thanks - Apologies though - my facts were wrong! The new parts were actually Thermex and Meyle (and crack pipe Topran, from 2014) with the Meyle parts direct from VW Heritage - I do try and order any parts from them becuase of some of the 'other' aftermarket quality issues.. GSF for the Thermostat Housing part no. 179VG0500
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