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  1. I got a good result without spraying by applying the last coat with a sponge, dabbed on. Once you get the mixture right, this gives a great 'satin' finish and avoids the inevitable lines from brushing.
  2. Yeeeeeeessss!!!! She heard me and just behaved out of spite to my cynicism!! Car ran flawlessly and has passed over to its new owner without protest. New owner, Darren, seems decent kind of guy you would want to sell to, so very happy that its gone to a good new home. How could I ever have doubted! Now then. G60?
  3. After six happy months of ownership, I've almost sold the VR6 (I always planned to sell now). It's taken six weeks or so of adverts, dozens of emails and only one viewer and today the prospective owner comes to buy. Question is... will it behave? In the last six months the car has been virtually trouble free. But, like for the previous owner, Phil, will it be spiteful? When I travelled 400 miles to buy it, it wouldn't start without twenty attempts. (once home, I found poor relay connection and its behaved ever since.) Will the sunroof pack in today? Will the sump collapse and dump oil over the drive? Will the heater matrix explode over our feet? Place your bets quick- he comes in half an hour. Odds as follows:- Exploding heater matrix 20-1 Ignition barrel switch seize 30-1 (its new) Sunroof wont open 15-1 handbrake jams on 40-1 (fitted new cables) Just wont start 23-1 Heater controls snap 13-2 Heated seats in flames 10-1 VIN proves its a 16v instead 55-1 (I've checked) Wish me luck!
  4. Yeah- buy mine- it's only a little more than 2k! http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/2776539.htm
  5. Ok- I know its not the right thread- sorry- but I've tried three days in a row to post a classified ad but for some reason it keeps crashing on the upload? Please see the ad on http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260795598961 Happy bidding- please ema[ATTACH=CONFIG]47157[/ATTACH]il if you want more info........
  6. Don't know them, but good looking for a 'rado IMO!
  7. Yeah- G60 is a great motor and probably the best all round, but that VR sound is hard to resist! As for the chains- I spent a while buying my VR and though there is a few 'bad' ones out there, I think it's fair to say that poor maintenance is the issue and it tended to show all over the car. Mine's had a million owners, but the chains are as quiet as a tomb...........ok, thats a bit far, but you genuinely can't pick them out in the sounds, whereas bad ones stand out big time. It's the old story, don't buy one 'till it feels right (and you've checked everything!)
  8. After stirring up so many to the defence of the car, I felt I had to give it some loving and set about it today with felt tape, grease, WD40 etc, tightened, greased, oiled, adjusted everything that moved/squeaked and got it so that there's little noise now at all. Still a good old crash or two on the potholes, but that's unfixable- avoidance is the only answer. As for the handling, I did say it was really good at the limit, and I was being unfair to a 15 year old car- it does handle really well, it's just that I remember the rave reviews when it was new and I had a picture in my mind as to how good it was. I regret having to admit that a few days ago I checked the tyre pressures for the first time and found 25/27psi on the front, 30 on the rears, so I take it all back. Pumped them up, then took it for a blast- it's fantastic- doh!
  9. It's so easy, it would be a sin not to! Open the door and there's a screw or bolt on the end of the door in line with the handle. Screw it out (some are reverse thread for some perverse reason), slide the handle to the side away from this bolt (left or right depending on the door) and it just swings out and comes off. Grease better than oil for this cos it lasts longer.
  10. Since last posts here I've refurbed seats- they came up great and I'm really pleased. Also did the door cards at front, fixed drivers door handle that felt like it would break but now perfect, adjusted passenger one that was hard to latch shut but also now perfect. I've swapped the crystal rears for OEM lights, fitted Sonar twin headlights to the front and replaced the front grill. Dash switches all now have new led's in original but brighter green. Carpets shampoo'd and came up pretty good, still to do headlining though as it's a bit grubby after 15 years. Centre tunnel away to be leather clad, should get it fairly soon. Next major item is paint- rear arches less than perfect and a few little bits to tidy up, so I'll fix these, then I'm done. Car now really pretty good all round- drives great, all the clunks are gone, engine has been faultless after the ISV was fixed and it's just great fun to drive. In truth, it's at its best either cruising along at modest speeds with the effortless torque (and low gearing) or on full song, where the engine just screams like the banshee a VR6 is. Maybe time to sell it!
  11. Got handle repair kit and set about fitting it today, but when I took off handle and realised how short of grease everything was, I didn't fit kit yet- oiled and greased all parts, adjusted the door pin to perfection, glued in the window runner rail (notorious spot weld had rusted away like they do), refurbed the leather parts of the door card, refixed the trim, put it all back together and now have a door that opens and shuts sweetly- you can almost hear angels singing its so bloomin' glorious! Happy days :thumbleft:
  12. Yeah- it was Donjons pic that reminded me to ask- mine never had one when I got it and it was only when I saw pictures of other engine bays that I realised there was a bit missing there- well spotted defender of Donjon............
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