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  1. Hey guys, not long until a Corrado will be mine! Am currently on the lookout for a VR6 but would be equally as happy with a 16v. Apart from the obvious reasons, can anyone suggest what would be better to go for? I've had all sorts of Golfs in the past but am bored of these and am falling in love more and more with a Corrado. I have a budget of around £1500 (loosely) so would like to know what I should be expecting for my hard saved pocket money. I am 22 years old so am fully aware that insurance will be high, can anyone recommend any companies that have served them well so far? I seem to be spending far too much time on the classifieds page but am starting to get lost with what I should be looking for or staying away from. Help would be very much appreciated, Cheers Laurie
  2. You can use any form of paint then stick it in the oven for a bit when mum/wife/gf isnt looking.
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