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  1. make sure all the parts for the top mounts and plates are present. There should be a washer below the top plate on a G60/16V set up. I had the same clunking on mine a few years ago... Turns out a garage hadnt fitted all the bit back together when the top mounts were changed. If they are missing theyre about a pound from VW
  2. Yes the service intervals were terrible using a 50mm pulley, about every 10-15k and that was with updates bearings and seals. If you're going to go smaller than 65mm with the pulley I would also recommend getting a billet displacer for the charger. I've now gone away from the g-lader and have a BBM twin screw in the bay instead... No servicing, no seals to worry about a done hell of a noise.
  3. Hi guys Im trying to find out what other engines used the same crank as the G60. ETKA lists the part number as 026105101E... If this is true then there are loads of options. From the limited information i have found via google search there seems to be a conflict of opinions as to whether any of the other cranks are suitable due to a wider rod and bearing shell in a g60. Anyone able to shed some light on this?
  4. 240ish BHP is achievable as john has proved with his 1.9l beast. it can be done with a 1.8l engine, this requires a big valve head and a decent cam. matched inlet and exhaust manifold. To get up around that figure you really need to overdrive the supercharger (not for the faint hearted... rebuild times are quite extreme) I ran mine with a 50mm pulley!!! The last R/R result i have before going for a complete engine build was 247 BHP with 260ftlb torque @ 4700 rpm.
  5. owen g60

    G60 bottom end

    Hi guys I'm after a G60 bottom end. Lower mileage to better... Bores and crank must be good. Will be fitting new rods and Pistons to it
  6. It's a lysholm charger so no oil feed to it from the engine
  7. Went to remove the pump to check for blockages. Noticed a bit of play in one of the rods... Turns out sone of the bearing shells had turned 90 degrees!!! This is due to the bottom end rebuild not being done correctly. There was no torque on the connecting rod bolts!!! New bearing shells and bolts fitted along with the pump. I suspect this would be enough to send the sensors mental as the crank can't pass oil causing low pressure where the sensors need it. New filter fitted too as it was full of metal from the bearing shells. Going to run it in and see how things go
  8. 2 new sensors installed plus a separate pressure gauge. Separate gauge values change for a few minutes then stays at 7 bar. Still getting both warnings. Looks like I'm going to have to flush the engine and check the pump for blockages
  9. When the engine is cold I get none of the above issues. I have semi synthetic 10w40 in there at present with the shorter polo g40 filter to clear the crossmember due to a mocal cooler. The exact same set up I had previously.
  10. I have the blue sender in the head with the blue wire going to it. There is a white sender in the filter housing with a yellow wire. This is exactly how my previous g60 (pg) engine was set up. I will be making a test light to confirm the correct operation of the 2 switches. As stated the issues only occur as the engine reaches and passes operating temp.
  11. The sensors are the correct way round and came off my old engine. No pressure gauge fitted at present I will be fitting it by the weekend to confirm what is going on.
  12. Hi guys I've been away from the forum for a couple of years now . I have just gone through the process of transplanting a forged Rallye 1H engine and big valve head and lysholm charger into my G60. Most of the running in has now been done, however I am getting some strange things happen with my oil alarms. I am getting both low and high pressure alarms. Low pressure at low revs and idle. High pressure when the engine is running down from high revs and continues below the 2500 rpm threshold for the sensor. This only happens when the engine is above 88 degrees oil temp. Help greatly appreciated.
  13. I am awaiting its arrival at present. Should be the middle of next month
  14. Wow 9 months without a post. Only thing to add... Lysholm, watch this space.
  15. Had a few strange noises coming from the engine over the past couple of days. Then lost all boost pressure yesterday morning!!! So charger removed and a fresh one fitted. Once I started looking I found this... Stripped a fair few teeth from the timing belt, fearing I had wrecked the internals I took a look Thankfully no damage to anything... Just a fair amount of oil on the inlet side. Inferior seals supplied with the aluminium displacer are to blame here as they're a looser fit than I would like. Another charger on the shelf needing a rebuild it is then
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