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  1. Dan7690

    Corrado wanted.

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2314395841916001/ My g60 is up for sale 😢
  2. I think I’ve got a 90mm splitter
  3. Il have to check next time I’m at my workshop mate and il let you know
  4. I’ve got one off of my J reg g60 if it’s any good to you?
  5. Yeah still got it mate. Send me a pm
  6. I believe I have everything you need. if your still after these parts pm me
  7. I’ve got half a rear bench I would sell if it’s any help?
  8. I’m selling up my mass collection of corrado parts. Mostly g60 parts. The genuine carpet is in great condition, no fag burns, rips, tears etc. Can come with boot carpet as well but happy to sell separate. Looking for £100 without boot mat
  9. Hi mate, I’d let the Ecu go for £150 plus p&p if your interested?
  10. Not really sure buddy, pm me with an offer if you want.
  11. I’ve got a full loom and Ecu from my 92 g60 mate
  12. Dan7690

    ECU Wanted

    I’ve got an Ecu, not sure on part number. It’s off a 92 g60 though if that’s any help??
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