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  1. g6t

    My corrado g60

    very nice mate looking good, wish my red paint looked that good,
  2. i may be up for this too, a chance to meet some peps and say hello,
  3. i,m based in witney!!! wow theres seem to be quite a few people close by, i,ll have ago at organising somthing soon then if peole are intreasted,
  4. pressure washed the arches and got the rears rolled ready for the new rimage and coilovers in a couple weeks time,
  5. just though i,d see if anyone on here was from the oxfordshire area, maybe if there anuff we could organise a samll meet and get some photos and have a chin wag,
  6. g6t

    non start problem

    yeah old starter was definalty goosed too confrimed that today with a bench test, it was the ignition switch at fault along with the starter too, ive currently just lubed it up for now and is holding out but will need changing sooner rather than later, change to new type what this? if i replace am i best going for newer type then? thanks everyone for help so far
  7. g6t

    non start problem

    sorry yeah should used the search dont think of it when your in a rush to get an answer, all sorted now though seems it was the ignition barrell bit of a lube and a whck hey presto were back on running terms for now!!
  8. g6t

    non start problem

    right huy need some help and advice please! i have a 1990 rado g60, two weeks ago it just stopped starting off the key now when you turn the key there if nothing no clicking or anything, you can here the fuel pump buzzzing away, had a freind come round and tried to test the starter by shorter it out still nothing so got a new starter, and fitted and still nothing, it has an imobliser but it will start with a push and run so i kinda took that out the equation, any ideas guys the battery has plenty of life in it but i guess still could be possible cause,
  9. as title stay i,m after the steering wheel cowling as the screws in mine keep dropping out clips are broke, in black please upper and lower, pm me if you have these items
  10. g6t

    The Rising

    stunning car looks very clean and tidy mate nice work and give me inspiration to get my looking as good,
  11. well i,ve always wanted a corrado so after selling my mk4 astra gsi i decide to have a hunt round, i wanted somthing alittle tatty that needs some work to keep me bust at weekends, and before i knew it i had a h plate g60 in red sat on the driveway, i have a few plans on where i wanna go with it and how i would like it to look, some may like some may not, today i picked up a set of keskin kt1 alloys in 9x16 for it thay need a refurb which will be a job over the winterblack center polished lips, well here it so far havnt really done much to it a yet just a basic clean but there a fe wimperfections in the paint so i need to get the 3000 grit out along with the mop and trat it to a full detail,
  12. hopfully get time this weekend to have a play and sign in the club section,
  13. wow what a stunning build was an amazing thread to read and a big hats off to ya sir that is alot of hard work gone in to that and the fact that you did it all yourself makes it more off a project build, nice one very nice work,
  14. is the late vr6 seats and doorcards still avalible if so any pics please can collect asap
  15. g6t

    g60 starter motor

    wow great response got one sorted know cheers to all
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