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  1. Closed at seller's request- no longer for sale :)
  2. Hi, there are a few around- not sure any are up for sale though!
  3. Not really! :lol: But we do have some US visitors ;)
  4. Hi there and welcome! We don't accept offers on here- could you please post a price ASAP, or the thread will be locked/deleted. Cheers :)
  5. As lots of people have already stated, FB has killed loads of forums. For me, the sheer traffic of FB makes it better to sell stuff, however, Forums are better in literally every other way. I collect vintage Star Wars stuff and the go-to place for me will always be http://www.swfuk.co.uk (Star Wars Forum UK). FB has some huuuuge vintage SW groups, but the environment is so different (worse!) to a well run forum. You tend to get loads of repeated questions about basic stuff- due to the crap search, the fact that posts disappear rapidly in a busy group and the fact people are often lazy on FB and expect to be spoon-fed. There is such a wealth of knowledge available on forums, it would be incredibly short-sited for people to desert them. However, they need to move with the times- Tapatalk seems to be quite essential on here. I've never used it, but sounds like loads of people did. Toby?
  6. Looks like a fantastic project for someone! 8) Could you please add a price ASAP.
  7. Andrew, could you please add a price. Ta :)
  8. Looking very tidy there matey 8)
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