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  1. Thanks for the warning, I was a little suspicious when he stated if the wing is damaged in transit it isn't covered by the postal insurance... I think I'll stay away from them
  2. Thanks, tried this guy but then he just stopped messaging back...
  3. Yes am trying to avoid going through my insurance, seems that emergency vehicles are covered by a slightly different style of policy to normal vehicles and they are trying to set up a repair that doesn't go anywhere near my policy (which is nice) but their usual repair place wont touch the car because it's classic... lots of different factors coming into play, worst comes to worst I will pay for the repair myself, hence looking for a nice-ish wing to start with
  4. I have just rang vw and the guy told me discontinued '07
  5. I'm after a late passenger wing, as straight and rust free as possible. An Ambulance decided to reverse into mine :( [ATTACH=CONFIG]96784[/ATTACH]
  6. This is what I'm trying to work out, it is black but seems to be 20mm where the bushes are, the bushes I got were 17mm.
  7. I have a 93 vr6 and the anti roll bar bushes I have bought don't seem to fit, does anyone know what the standard thickness should be? Thanks
  8. Offers welcome on these, I have no use for them
  9. After recently changing my wheels to 16" I have for sale 4 205 50 15 Toyo R888r for sale I think I paid around 105 a corner looking for £200 for all 4, don't really want to split them, would prefer collection. All four tyres have around 3.4mm - 3.8mm tread left.
  10. Spot on with this post bud, thanks for the reply, had already worked out it was this relay giving me grief but hadn't had chance to reply yet, it's a bit of an odd situation having to wiggle the relay to get things to come back on, I have taken the case off the relay and it all looks fine inside, any chance it could be the female connectors in the fuse box?
  11. So to cut a long story short my indictor relay burnt out on me today and after diagnosing that and replacing it I now have no front wipers or washers and my abs light stays on, I have checked the fuses and relays for these and they seem fine, I have also tried removing the new indicator relay and putting the old one but in but still no luck If anyone has any ideas that would be great, mot booked in for Friday morning then out of the country for 6 months on Monday...
  12. In that case I would guess the oil drains from the cooler when you drain the car, or maybe even when the pump is inactive, in any case no I have attached a drain plug to mine, I just always assumed the oil would drain when I drain the car.
  13. Are your hoses at the top or the bottom of your cooler?
  14. Is your oil cooler lower than your sump? Because if it isn't the will it not drain when you drain your sump? and if it is I would be worried more about it hitting the floor... What would be the need for a drain on the cooler?
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