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  1. Hi sprinter 53 93 VR6 is in need of under bonnet sound proof foam. Please PM me too! Thx
  2. Hi all Am looking for an undamaged 1993 RHS door, would appreciate any help. Also, if anyone can get me in touch with Chris Ferry I would appreciate it. Thx 4 looking
  3. Hi all The driver's side window failed to lift a while ago so. after an epic struggle to get the motor and regulator arms out the reason for the item's failure was clearly the cable snapping, at the bottom end. Taking the cover off the winder, was also a revelation as the snapped cable had jammed the worm gear. (hence the problem dropping the window to remove the mechanism). The motor checked out as still fit for service. All the parts are serviceable so I figure that a cable repair kit should sort the problem or failing that sending it to a professional The 2 ends of the cable (lead barrels) fix into the drum in the winding mechanism. The cable engages with the arms via another lead cube fixed half way along the cable's length. I wonder whether 49 strand light yachting cable and crimps would fix it.........?? :scratch: Comments more than welcome
  4. Hi DMA 1984 - Only a few of them in regular use in Jersey. Mine is the only white VR6 over here but there is a white G60 too. Owned mine since new in 1993 and am in the middle of replacing driver's regulator but am looking at a cable repair possibilities instead. I am about to open a thread to see what comes of it
  5. OK JC. Game on. Consider them sold Just trying to figure out how to PM you and then Paypal you the£75
  6. Hi there ....I'm in Jersey. Any interest in posting them?
  7. Just on the MPG numbers for a 95k mile VR6, I just did 1600 miles through France mostly 80-90 with lots of 3 figure and lots of town driving. Measured from full to full worked out at 30.2MPG. Before the rebore it was at 18/19mpg. Excellent job from Vince @ Stealth Racing + high lift cams + Remap. (together with careful checking of all air hoses !).
  8. Still want those wishbones and bushes all separate if you're game on.......
  9. Hi all

    I've owned my VR6 since '93 and 83k miles. After 3 years an ignition lag was resolved with a dizzie cap replacement. There was a recall on the '93 cars due to failing piston rings. The work failed so I looked for someone to do a full top-end rebuild. The car also suffered from ignition lag and low speed misfire. Stealth Racing kept on cropping up and eventually I travelled from Jersey to meet Vince. After rebore with standard pistons and high-lift cam and attention to valves/seats and about 5000 miles of running-in I have just taken the motor back to Southam for remapping and service. I don't know how far off the original 191bhp the Corrado had dropped to but after the work and running in and prior to remapping she had returned to 185bhp. After ECU magic it was up to 199.5bhp with another 5-10bhp to come as it loosens up. Brilliant work at a reasonable price and totally dedicated experts in the cars we all love. Respect and thanks! Rene

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