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  1. 51ngh


    HAHA Maybe but i think the time is right for me at the moment. will be a cracking car for someone to put their stamp on and take to the next level! most of the hard work is done!
  2. 51ngh


    Thank you, Can't seem to be able to put a "For Sale" add up yet, do i need to go through moderators?
  3. 51ngh


    Passed MOT no issues, infact the only issue the tester could find in the last MOT was a slightly loose indicator on wing... I'll take that...
  4. 51ngh


    Based in West London / Twickenham
  5. 51ngh


    I purchased it with the engine conversion done but have spent the last few years working through the niggly bits, refreshing what I can and adding some choice mechanical upgrades which I feel have transformed it and made it into the ultimate fast road car I set out to build! I have literally been daily driving this and used it to drop my daughter to nursery so has needed to be as reliable as possible using genuine or OEM+ parts I recently had the wings, bonnet, front bumper resprayed when I was getting the windscreen done, whole car has almost been painted now as the previous owner was a pilot and spent alot of man hours going though the car and sorting all the common areas. I was planning on having the drivers door painted, minor dents taken out and rear quarter blended in to bring it all 100% as this is the only area which has not been done . I literally have hundreds of pics and previous build threads all documented and arranged in a large folder, loads of old parts receipts and general documentation. New windscreen and seals (as it had a crack), had very minor spot of rust which was treated and whole area painted, Lights have been wrapped in laminx film, uprated loom and bulbs. Fogs all work. Current Spec below: External/ body Genuine VR6 shell (original K plate/1993) with private plate C6 VRG LC3U dark Burgundy metallic Front bonnet / Bumper / Wings resprayed last year, whole car detailed New front windscreen Mechanical and Drivetrain: Mk5 Golf R32 'BUB' engine (I was told engine was on 10k when it was first put in - very quiet and responsive) using standard Bosch engine management. CanBus all working and diagnostic port works as per OEM. Most work below completed in last 500 miles!!! - 02s 6 speed gearbox with a Wavetrac Diff, all new bearings and seals - Rare to find Seat Ibiza Cupra 6k2 5 Speed 02j Shifter Gearcables Gearstick Tower - New genuine LUK clutch and lightened flywheel from Marty (you may know him as 'hotgolf' from his company 'GasNGears'... ) - Stregthened clutch arm and new release bearing - Dub power 6 branch manifold and decat pipe - Magnex Stainless system which has had rubbers refreshed and reseat at style dynamics. - BMC CDA carbon AirFilter - poly front engine mount - New cooling hoses, new metal crack pipe and all cooling system refreshed (thermostat hardware/flanges) - New NGK SparkPlugs (BUB correct) - NEW 6 Coils - new 4bar fuel pump and refresh of fuel hoses/clamps - oil change with genuine comma 5W30 - New steering rack just before I purchased This has been remapped by a very well known tuner on the scene, Eddie AKA Toyotec who has literally 'Awoken' this beast, it really sings on full chat. Was originally tuned and dyno'd by Vince at Stealth racing, the print out I have shows "290.8" hp at stealth however the car didn't drive to my liking. The map now is very linear and responsive...it has not been to a Dyno in my ownership as my focus was drive ability and real world road feeling. - KW V2 coilovers - R32 front control arm bushes - new genuine topmounts - 288mm front disc upgrade with ferodo ds2500 pads, motul 660 fluid - VW Polo rear genuine stub axle conversion with all new discs/FAG bearings, which gets rid of the constant issues with tightening /greasing the rear bearings. - Very rare Genuine BBS CH 17" 5x100 wrapped in fresh Michelin PS4 tyres all round. Just been set up for fast road use by Ian (VW doctor in Watford) This above work has really transformed the car (all documented with pictures/receipts) I think my time has come to an end with this now with other focus in life so will be putting it up for sale soon
  6. 51ngh


    Hi All... Have had my Deep Burgundy Corrado R32 for approx 2.5 years purchased from a Pilot on this Forum! It had lots of teething problems namely a shudder at low speeds (which i believe Stealth could not map out) and an intermittent loss of pedal both which were diagnosed and fixed
  7. Hi All, As swiftkid mentioned, I purchased this, will be starting a thread when I get a chance, only driven a few times since purchase as it seems to have got the dreaded pedal problem, was driving and no response from pedal.. need to get it on vagcom. I have a replacement pedal already and have taken the ECU out, checked for water ingress and it seems fine.. may need to source another BUB ECU, but seems weird this has had the same problem a few times before. I did speak to SWICT for any wiring conversion diagrams however they couldn't provide. Things I will be doing (or in the process of): 6speed conversion (already have the gearbox) Wavetrac diff (already purchased) New discs and pads all round (brembo and ds2500 already purchased ) Will be getting new tyres Sourcing rear polo stub axles with the stronger rear bearing... Hesitation at 2k rpm I'm not happy with, will be going to Eddie (aka toyotec) who will be entrusted to sort map out I would like recaros of some sort General tidy up of engine and inspect/ clean/ refurb parts Rear standard lights have been sourced and put back Front inpro will be up for sale soon, I have sourced original front lights which will go back on.. Need to sort out alittle rust by the a pillar near windscreen and source and fit a new screen (if anyone has Need to source a 90mm front splitter Bonnet and wing will be repainted to match condition of rest of car.. Had lots of people comment on it and offer to buy whilst it has been out 🙂
  8. Interested to see how you did the Mk4 climate control! creature comforts are a must for me or I don't want to drive the damn thing...
  9. now sold, admins please close thread
  10. Hi all, looking for a front windscreen for a later shape Corrado and also a 90mm front splitter IF anyone has a SWG front rain tray or any other bits like fog light ducts, carbon bits, please DM me as i am also interested at the right price...
  11. Front headlights and windscreen wanted for a late car, cash/PayPal waiting... Please no scene tax .. Also interested in front foglights and 90mm front splitter if anyone has..
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