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  1. For sale here we have my 1995 9A 2 litre 16 valve corrado in blue. 149 200 miles on the clock and still running very well. There are a few reasons as to why I am selling so I will list them: 1. Just passed my bike license so living in London I fancy moving around on 2 wheels and not sitting in traffic any more. 2. Car only really used on week-ends for shopping so is being wasted. 3. Do not fancy doing insurance again for another year as I am getting the bigger motorcycle. 4. A recent issue with the car has annoyed me and I am not prepared to dump more money into the car - I will go into detail about this shortly. 5. The fuel savings alone will go towards the new bike :smug: So let's get started. I bought the car last year and it was in a bit of a state as some of you who read my readers ride thread will remember. I paid £1500.00 for the car and ploughed another £2500.00 roughly into getting it to the present condition it is in. Work carried out on the car involves the following as far as I can remember: OEM steering wheel OEM gear knob New centre console as the old one was damaged New dash vents New headliner as the old one was soaked from a poorly refitted windscreen New sunroof seal Drivers door handle repaired New stereo fitted as car came without one New tyre as one was knackered New ABS sensors done yesterday Service done recently - Air filter, Plugs, Oil filter, dizzy and cap Other small bits done that I can't remember right now New complete exhaust system New throttle control thing as the previous one was broken and the cable was cable tied in position! Brand new JOM coillies but the ride is pretty crashy if I am honest as it sits very low Uprated headlight wiring loom - not fitted but will come supplied New FEBY wiper motor New TT wiper arms and blades New washer pump New alarm fitted after the TOAD one packed up All in all this car is in very decent condition having benefitted from a previous re-spray which I may add is not the greatest but it does look rather fresh. This car has run pretty faultlessly over the nearly 12 months I have owned it apart from once when it gave up the ghost and refused to start, turned out to be a fuse for some strange reason, and no issues since. Yesterday when I finished work (or should I say 3am this morning) the car decided not to start again. Very annoying at 3am when all you want to do is go home and sleep. So I left the car at work and returned at 11am and what do you know, she started no problem. Got home and took the car for a wash and miraculously it refused to start again and after 5 mins fired up again. I am at a complete loss as to why it has done this but after all the money and time spend sorting the car I have decided enough is enough which is why I am selling up now. More than likely it will turn out to be a sensor of some sort but I don't have the patience to be dealing with it any more in all honesty. Now although the car is in pretty good condition there are a few issues the potential buyer should be aware of: The exhaust rattles against the rear beam I think, easy fix but I aint bothered to be honest. Humming from the o/s rear wheel - think it is a bearing and I have a new one but no time to fit it so will come supplied to new buyer A few dings as would be expected for a car of this age and a few rust bubbles, easy fixes I think for the person with the means and time. Electric mirrors do not work, I have investigated but can't find out why Fan switch works on 2 and 3 but intermittently on 1 - sure a clean up of the contacts will remedy this Sunroof tilts and slides as it should Boor spoiler works as it should automatically and manually from the button 2 keys present and 2 remotes for alarm I have lots of paperwork but never really looked through it Car has 6 months tax MOT due in October Now the price. I am after £800.00 ovno if I MOT the car or if someone takes it ASAP I will let it go at £600.00 (not negotiable) and if you come here trying to get me below that £600.00 mark I shall thank you for your time and send you on your way. Here are pictures of here taken today. Thanks for taking the time to read my advert and please......no tyre kickers or time wasters please as this is a genuine reason for sale and I am keen to get my big bike E-mail: [email protected] Mobile: 07838825558 (office hours only thanks) Car is located in North West London So evening viewings or week-end viewings only please.
  2. Thanks mate. If I don't hear back from The_Dude soon I will take up your offer for sure.
  3. Yes please. I think I need 4 of them for that tray? PM me payment details and how much you want for them mate. I need to put that console back together as the missus is grinding me gonads about it now hahahaha
  4. Yes those are the ones mate.
  5. Under the drivers side dash there are those plastic "split" pipn type clips that are square. I need some please if anyone has for sale. Please pm if you have and a price including postage. If you could also post a pic on here so i can confirm it is the right thing i am after that would be great.
  6. I also have a brand new unused one.
  7. Anything is possible stu mate. I am just glad she is running now. Had the bloody ABS light come on too but it appears it was a dodgy fuse connection somewhere. I am slowly now switching out all the old original fuses for new blade ones and it seems to have sorted the ABS light.
  8. Got her running!! Can anyone explain to me how the hell the fuse for the sunroof and spoiler blowing is the cause of the car not being able to start???!!! Put a new fuse in and bang she started no problem. Took the fuse out and nothing. Replace it again and bang she starts.
  9. Big up to daveb142 for the throttle body. Nice smooth transaction and arrived very well packaged.
  10. Damn dude, I would piiiiiiiiiiised! Hope you find the culprit, can't believe they didn't even leave any details!
  11. As per title, after the plastic bit that clips into the top of the handbrake lever.
  12. yeah it does. Just tried the spare key and still does the same. Now my battery has also run flat :-( That's me till next Sunday unfortunately.
  13. How would I test for that mate?
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