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KR Coolant/Heater pipes

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I think the rubber perishables on my corrado are eventually going to lead to my early demise...



So, the first 2x pictures are of the hose that's split, and the next 2 are from ETKA, my hose has an extra bit with some kind of balance setup, and it doesn't list KR as one of engine styles for either hose option.


Anyone got any suggestions for which is right?


1990 KR


Part Numbers:

191 819 371 E - PG

1H0 819 371 - 2E,9A,ADY

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If you're referring to the bit that you're holding in the second pic, it's a bypass valve as the early cars had a weak heater matrix so at higher than normal pressures, it'll open up to stop your feet getting scolded. It was a recall by VW back in the day so may be why it's not on etka for your car as it left the factory.

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Damnit VW! :p


Any suggestions on which hose to get?


I would imagine it would be PG and then cut down if I'm keeping the bypass. (Which there's no real need to as I replaced the heater matrix a few years back)

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