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  1. Corrado graveyard on Facebook will have one. Good guy and reasonable prices too.
  2. If you want to replace them, I'd just go with Pagid disks and pads. They're middle of the road as far as performance goes, and I've been fitting them to countless cars over the past 10 years without issue. Have a look on eurocarparts as they're always pretty cheap anyway, and there are discount codes pretty much all the time.
  3. Yeah VW just sell Castrol Edge now. Makes it easier to purchase elsewhere much cheaper, as the Synta Silver was actually a very good price from VW. I've moved to Fuchs Titan pro race 10w50 now anyway though it is much more expensive, but a modern fully synthetic oil will be much better for our old and well worn in engines I think.
  4. Rear axle is pretty easy, just keep the mounting bracket bolts loose until the car is back on the floor, roll the car forward a little as they'll move into the correct position then, and torque them up from there. Front subframe, the only thing worth mentioning as not in the Bentley is to mount the steering rack and connect the pipes loosely before raising and mounting it, as they're an absolute turd to get on in situ. Make sure the rack is centered too and the steering wheel is straight so the column lines up to the groove for the bolt. That's another PITA as the rubber boot gets in the way!
  5. Price? colour? Mileage? Some photos would be useful.
  6. I sold a set a couple of years ago as I preferred carpeted ones (have two sets now). The genuine carpet ones were going for decent money at the time too, though do wish I'd kept hold of them now tbh. 😔
  7. Did I!? Lol, going senile in my old age as I can't remember that! 😂
  8. Too tip with the Gummi Keyo, as your car is stored outside, put it on your door and boot seals as it'll stop them sticking and potentially ripping as they won't freeze. 👍
  9. Hope you get a better result this time mate, I'd be pretty pissed tbh!
  10. Welcome to the forum Frank! Good knowledge base here and friendly bunch who are happy to help wherever possible. Which colour Storm are you interested in (Classic Green or Mystic blue)? The above post is true, though a Storm will always hold sway over a standard 'spec'd' model rightly or wrongly. Keep an eye out here and also on the CCGB Facebook page for sales. Occasionally they come up on the mainstream sites but most of those are dealer cars and they'll add a fairly hefty margin for not always good cars. Buy on condition rather than mileage, and have a look through the WIKI section which has a buyer's guide - though it was written a fair few years ago now, but most things in there are still relevant. Best of luck with your search! 👍
  11. If you PM me your email address, I'll send over a guide I've written for the sprinter magazine on how to test & repair yourself mate.
  12. Looks very original, though certainly showing its mileage. Could do with a good valet too. Be interesting to see what this goes for.
  13. One 10mm cable should be enough depending on how much load and the length you're running, with a sub main at the bottom as it'll be more economical and neater than running 2 X 10mm cables (they're pretty big and expensive). There is a calculator on the TLC website that'll work the cable size out for you if you know the load. Bear in mind that the cable should really be buried (hence the mention of fussy Sparky's). Mine was run behind my fence and supported every 50cm with clips.
  14. Also perfect for the mounting of the aux belt guard. One of mine was missing, so I bought a batch of 5 from eBay and the mounting points are now fully populated!
  15. It's the modern equivalent of the oily rag refurb that you mentioned earlier Si! 😆
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