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  1. Yeah I love the 964 too. Think it's the wraparound rear light strip that I like so much which is common on both. I remember as a kid, my Grandads mate had one and took me out for a spin. The butterflies in my stomach as he accelerated had me hooked then! Lol
  2. Those nice shiny bits in the bay were fitted in 2014/15. I had to run it as a daily for about 3 months in 2016 which was a bit upsetting at the state of it afterwards! 😞
  3. I agree mate, really frustrating when if you do have to run it in the wet, the filth ends up coating even the bonnet soundproofing it's so bad!
  4. The 993 is in my top 3. Absolutely love them, S2 turbo with a whale tail and I go weak at the knees! Lol. Don't think 15k would have cut it even in 2012, the cheapest I've seen in the last 5 years or so was about 45k, and that was some time ago!
  5. John @ JMR has entire underfloor protection front to back. Not sure if it's all CF, pretty sure his diffuser is though. He probably made and moulded it himself I'd imagine as well rather than modifying something. He might be open to sharing what he did, could be worth a phone call.
  6. Right in the centre at the bottom. Should be a little metal joining strip, which is what rots in the first place and causes the rust to spread to the lip.
  7. Haha, but the Renault 5 turbo was awesome too. Possibly the only one I really hankered after. I liked the Rocco at the time, but always thought it was a bit grown up for me! Lol. The one I wanted mostly (please don't judge me!) was the MK2 Astra GTE. Think it was the Digi dials that had me! Lol.
  8. seanl82

    More needed items

    If Chris doesn't sort you out Cressa, I have a driver's side trim. 👍
  9. It's a date! Lol. I've just spent the last 2 years working in MOD Abbey Wood at Filton too, left there in May though unfortunately. I'm sure I'll make the trip up in her before too long. 👍
  10. She lives!!!!!!!!!!!! Great feeling and I'm chuffed to bits! Started out by topping up the brake fluid and bleeding all the brakes, then had to buy a 20L Jerry can to top up with fuel. Took the fuel pump relay out and cranked a few times to build oil pressure, then put back in and anticipated it running like a bag of spanners but wasn't bad at all. Sounded very tappy until I had a look around and realised I hadn't pushed any of the leads home. Doh! All in and purring away nicely now. ABS light is staying on so I'll connect it up to VCDS tomorrow and scan. Hopefully just a sensor not connected properly or something and not the pump - though I have a spare. Ran up to temp, and PAS fluid & coolant bled. I've had a positive day so leaving it til tomorrow now. A few minor bits & pieces to sort then get it booked in for MOT next weekend. I'm away during the week until 7th August which is a bit of a pain as I'd like to get it out to blow off the cobwebs sooner but hey ho. Can't wait to get it out for a spin! 😁
  11. Sorry pal, all late model Corrados came with ABS as standard which mine is. UK VR6s have a single connector at the reservoir cap. I think the G60s may have a dual one though can't say for certain. Can you not trace it in the wiring diagram in the Bentley manual?
  12. Cheers chaps. Martin, yeah past parts. It came to £166.50 incl VAT & postage back. Not cheap, but lack of any other options forced my hand really.
  13. Oooh it's back!!! It's been a long time coming (6 week turnaround) but finished work a day early so fitted already. Gonna fill it with fluid and bleed tomorrow, and need to get some fuel before the first attempt at firing it up! Exciting times! 😁
  14. Sounds like a poor earth or a simple connection problem at the fusebox. There is a sliding rod at the rear that locks all the connectors in place. Probably worth checking that first mate
  15. Yeah looking at the bolt heads on the PAS pulley, it looks like it's centred to the outer side if you get what I mean. Flip the pulley round and it may line up.
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