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  1. It's been a few years since that many were for sale, but not that long tbh. Consistently mid twenties on eBay alone til about 2018. I'm sure all those factors will potentially have had an effect, but remember these cars are generally second or third cars and most owners have had them for a long time so they owe them nothing. Coupled with the fact some may have wanted to sell for a couple of years but lockdown meant it wasn't feasible, there will be a surplus now. Prices through the roof with used cars at the moment so worth cashing out now if you are considering selling up.
  2. I had it when a guy turned up with his Dad to look at the Aqua one I used as a bit of a parts car. He was really positive and loved it, but his Dad kept knocking him back saying about the mileage (circa 160 iirc). It was for sale for £1500 and absolutely worth that, even at the time. I told him if he didn't want it, there were a queue of people wanting it. He went away and said to give him a call if it didn't sell in the next couple of weeks. It sold the following day so when he called me the day after that saying he would have it after all, he was left very disappointed for having listened to negativity about mileage rather than condition.
  3. Those reflectors look great, good to see they've stood the test of time. As far as blades go, I can't remember I've got a feeling it's 19" & 17" blades that you need. If you offer up your originals, you'll see how the sweep is and you should be able to tell what you need. As long as they don't foul the seal when vertical you'll be good.
  4. seanl82

    Bbs RS 301

    Last time I saw a set for sale was a couple of years ago (though I don't search for them), and they sold very quickly at £2.5k. I imagine it would nearer the £3k mark now.
  5. It's a bit grubby from being in the garage loft amongst other bits and pieces, but nothing a bit of APC wouldn't fix. It's wood lined with fabric/carpet
  6. Wow, they look incredible! Genuinely like new, fair play o the guy. 👍
  7. It's not bad threading it through. I pushed the heat sleeve in the bay down a bit and did everything else from the filter end. I taped a bit of string to the old one and pulled it out, then attached it to the new one and pulled it back through, but I didn't encounter much resistance to be honest. Probably better safe than sorry though!
  8. It's not the arm rest, it's an infill for the first aid kit mate. It was in my car when I bought it, so no idea if a first aid kit wasn't specified from factory or it's been made afterwards. It looks OE quality, though I thought they were standard fit....
  9. I've not heard 80 as a replacement, but 167 superseded 67 so either are compatible. You can strip it down and clean it up. Usually just becomes a little sticky with carbon build up so a bit of break cleaner then lube with a very light coat of electrical grease may work. You should feel it energise if you stick your finger on the case whilst you turn the ignition on.
  10. The starter solenoid would still need to be energised so sounds like a short with the wiring. Could be a simple fix, but either way it must a scary thing to see when it randomly just happens and smoke starts spewing out of your engine bay! Always had a few handy quick tools in the glove box - just in case! 😆
  11. Haha, note on the seat, just incase you forget! 🤣
  12. seanl82

    Electric windows

    Indeed. I use my ctek battery charger on supply mode with a pair of wires with spades for this very purpose. Inbuilt trip so no need for fuse. 👍
  13. Oh yeah I know that, but he is a genuine good seller is what I meant.
  14. Hi Hasan, yes they're still available. I'll PM you now. 👍
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