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  1. Bigg red do rebuild kits including pistons for most calipers
  2. Ha, it's the only engine/bay bolt I've not got a replacement for! Think I'll just spray it with a bit of silver paint now! Lol. Aren't they reverse thread as well?
  3. Not all heritage parts are cheap, a lot of them are genuine VW, you just have to check the description. They can order specific parts from VW classics as well which if you're willing to wait up to 3 weeks (their scheduled shipping dates) then you'll save on the postage from Germany. They've also done a lot to get parts NLA remanufactured both by VW and aftermarket, and they're great to deal with and very helpful. Some parts may not be of the highest quality but we suffer with a bit of a lack of options on a lot of things, so it's pot luck where you get parts including eBay. I ordered a set of TREs off eBay (listed as lemforder) and when they arrived they were topran. I sent them back as the seller said the lemforder ones were out of stock. If I couldn't wait I would have paid a premium for substandard parts imo. It's a one stop shop for a lot of Corrado parts, but if you're willing to shop around and make multiple purchases for multiple parts each with their own postage price (don't kid yourself that it's free, it's offset against the item cost) then that's fair enough.
  4. Plenty of time mate, no need to rush. I'm not planning on having mine on the road for a fair while now. Was hoping for May but I think late summer is more likely. Shame as it won't have long until it'll be tucked back up for the winter!
  5. 205 is right. You'll get a little stretch depending on which tyres you go for, but next step up (215) will possibly rub.
  6. Good work, keep it up and I look forward to watching this progress. The cable connectors at the top of the struts are for the front ABS sensors. One goes down to each front hub and the other side of the connector joins the ABS loom.
  7. Ello stranger! Hope you're well mate!? Yes forum is subscription unfortunately. Only real way tbh as Tapatalk died, image hosting sites began charging, no one could upload photos and the wiki was out of action. Unfortunate for the casual poster as you say, but only real option to keep the forum alive. Are you thinking of returning to ownership then?
  8. They're not Vento cups, they were 17" 7J compomotive MO5 speedlines. That was what the group buy was.
  9. Check Robrados members gallery. He has a set of them fitted. They're 17" and look fantastic with a decent drop
  10. I concur with the VW international guy. I recently bought a set of drive shaft spacer plates and they're a different shape now (rounded rather than square at the ends), so questioned it. He replied that they most certainly are genuine and have recently changed bit in quite a shirty manner.
  11. Found two Martin. One is part of the front ABS sensor loom, and the other I think is interior somewhere as it has some splicing in on the cables so imagine it was from the god awful stereo install that was in my car when I got it. Send me your address mate, and I'll get them in the post early in the week. 👍
  12. I've got a bunch of plugs with tails Martin, I'll have a look tomorrow to see if I have what you need mate
  13. You can replace the whole handbrake with a MK4 Golf with minor mods iirc. I had one a few years ago but decided against it in the end after finding a decent beige trim.
  14. Seller was probably quite relieved going by previous posts
  15. seanl82

    Just a few items...

    Have you tried Heritage? Pretty sure they have the scuttle clips and grommets, or can order them for you. They might have boot seal too. I bought mine a few years ago from ARZ tuning in Germany. Cost a fortune for shipping but I got a ton of NLA bits so offset it against that.
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