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  1. If the CVs are good, could just mask them up and rub down/wire wheel the shafts and spray some hammerite on them maybe? Same with sump maybe, and just change bolts one at a time torquing up to spec (25nm iirc) to save the hassle of dropping it with new oil and changing the gasket as well. 👍
  2. Haha, just seems counter productive and much more expensive in the long run with the drive shafts, as they would have been removed to fit the gearbox and hubs anyway. Same with your engine rebuild, the sump would have been off with a new gasket fitted, so seems a shame not to have had it powder coated and new bolts put on is all. I understand you've got to stop somewhere though mate, costs spiral as it is without wanting to change every single component whilst you're there. Everything else just seems so shiny in comparison though! Lol.
  3. There are 2 types/sizes of bolts. If you have an earlier fibre gasket it uses shorter bolts. For the later type rubber gasket, it's thicker so uses longer bolts. Can't remember the sizes of each but I'm sure you'll find them on Zap7VW. 😉
  4. I think the majority will use Facebook for this purpose now anyway. It's only the more 'mature' person I imagine that would likely have been a member here previously, that are likely to think about the forum as an option to sell. I think even fewer would post here for the reason suggested - that they would prefer parts to go to an enthusiast rather than receive top money for the item on an open site. It's a good idea in theory, I just don't see it really making much if any difference in reality.
  5. Yeah it great. I've got it as well as the clay bar, korrosol, autowash, and double speed wax as part of my cleaning gear.
  6. I love Bolt Hamber products, Surfex HD I presume? One of my go to's as well. cracking stuff! 👍
  7. Get those drive shafts powder coated, they're letting the side down! 😆
  8. I used petrol & a neat degreaser with a nail brush and a ton of rags. I know the petrol isn't the safest option and make sure you use it in a well ventilated area with limited time doing it in between breaks, but it worked really well. You could use thinners as an alternative, but I was initially mindful of removing the factory overspray. Wouldn't have mattered in the end as I painted the entire underside anyway. 🙄
  9. Not sure what your blackberry was like when you began that one Chris, but it's a horrific job which I'm sure you understand! I had to do 2 passes of my underside and must have spent somewhere in the region of 30 hours cleaning it all.
  10. If the wipers at just touching when they're Parker, just remove the arms and realign. With the washer, have you touched the stalks/connectors? Is it worth reconnecting the original pump and seeing what happens. All seems a bit odd, but only thing I can relate it to was when I did my MFA stalk and somehow managed to reconnect it a pin out of line. Some of the options scrolled through iirc, but weren't showing the readings.
  11. Thanks Chris. They're back on the car now but it's difficult to get a pic with how it's angled in the garage. I'll get one next time it's out. 👍
  12. Duel Metallising in Birmingham, there have been a few post over the years with people recommending them. I posted mine. As long as you're comfortable stripping the unit down, it's small and light enough to post by recorded and insured delivery. They do state that it's not insured when return delivered though. A bit of a gamble but they arrived back quickly and safely.
  13. Indeed mate. No previous issues at MOT but they were looking pretty rough. I'd 'joey'd' them when I first got the car and when I removed the masking tape, it took a little bit of the reflective coating off with it. I wanted to get them looking original again anyway so pleased they've been done now.
  14. Christ, you're on one tonight Shaun! 😆
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