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Micky Blue

*Update* Most of these parts now sold. Ignore list. Will make a new updated list soon.

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In this section - Engine, gearbox, wiring , carpets, subframe, dash, crossmember, headliner, rear seats, exhaust, heater matrix and maybe a couple other bits.


Engine. While stripping the car, I partly dis-assembled the engine. Nothing drastic and I was very careful. I'm not a mechanic but I am good with hand tools and I googled everything before taking it apart. It was solely out of curiosity and I had the intention of doing a full strip and rebuild. This was a few years ago now though and it has been sitting in my shed, under a plastic sheet since then. Prior to removal, the engine ran fine. Very slight judder, but it just needed a service. I mean, if you are thinking about putting it back together I'd advise a new head gasket, but I'm a painter/ prepper, so you probably know far more than me to begin with.😄

 I'm looking for £400 collected or £500 delivered. Delivery seems to be very pricey (understandably) and any advice on that subject would be gratefully accepted. I am open to offers.






GEARBOX - When dropping the gearbox out, I obviously tried removing the shafts and steeing rack, however some of the allen key heads seemed slightly rounded to begin with, and then attempting to remove the good ones was difficult as they were pretty tight, so I thought "I'll leave that for another day". So the price includes everything in the photos, however if you don't want the gearbox and just want them, or vice versa, I'm happy for you to come have a go at removing them. 

I'm asking £200 collected or £300 delivered.







WIRING! -  I have removed the horrid black tape, cleaned, organised and cable tied 50% of all the wiring. When originally disassembling, I ended up snipping some wires, but I haven't unplugged anything that I didn't need to unplug. The photos may explain it better. 

I'm asking £150 for the lot collected or £200 delivered





EXHAUST!  -  Right, this whole exhaust system should be fine but it has plenty of surface rust (including inside the pipes) and I just can't work out the quality of it. If you know a lot about exhaust systems then you may be able to inform me. I'm not asking a price, just make me an offer. Bear in mind if I have to send it, it will probably cost me in the range of £50.





Headliner! - I had this re-trimmed when I was re-spraying the shell, but as I never put it back on the car, the edges are peeling away, so a little glue will be needed.... Other than that, the fabric should be 100%. I also have a couple meters of the fabric leftover somewhere.

£50 collected, £120 delivered. Not an easy thing to get delivered. Considering how fragile this thing is, I wouldn't even trust it with a courier. I'd probably deliver it myself. If that were the case I'd just work out the fuel costs +10%. As long as it's UK. I'm good with driving to the top of Scotland. Recently drove to Loch Ness. Stunning. Recommend 100%.





Spoiler control switch. This isn't big, I just missed it when I was adding all the small stuff  -    £8




SUBFRAME! - Rusty as hell. Needs a full on blasting. £50 collected, £100 posted 





CROSSMEMBER -  I sandblasted this at work and just aerosol etch primed it. The rubbers/ bushes actually still look good  -   £30 collected - £70 posted.





REAR SEATS - KARMANN - Fabric. In good nick to be fair  -    £35 collected, £110 posted. 








GEAR SELECTOR - £30 collected - £60 posted.




DASH! - I can't promise nothing is broken on it. Can't find a decent price online. Make me an offer.





OK there's maybe 6 more bits coming, but I'll upload those tomorrow. 

Thanks for your time. Hope you are all well. 












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